jeff-andersonThe home invasion is a different type of crime than any other attack.

While a burglary happens when you're gone and will only be about valuables, the home invader will strike when someone is at home.

While it can be about money at times, there is also the thrill of attacking your family and, in some cases, this can be about raping someone or even committing murder.

This is why knowing and understanding home defense tactics are going to be vital so I got on the phone with legendary firearms expert, Massad Ayoob and he shared with me his…

3 Common Home Defense Mistakes That Can Get You Killed!

Home Defense Break In

Home Defense Mistake #1:
Inefficient Locks and Alarms

Many homes use low quality alarms and locks to keep them protected.

Although they may seem like trivial pieces of protection for your home defense tactics, they remain very important.

If you have the right tools, you reduce the risk you and your family face when someone breaks in.

The reason is they provide you with the reactionary gap, a time when you are able to efficiently prepare for the attack.

Home Defense Mistake #2:
Telling Everyone You Know About Your Valuables

For some reason, people like to spout off about the valuables in their homes.

It doesn’t matter what your collection actually is, if there is any kind of value to it, you should never take the time to let others know about it.

People are going to talk to others and at some point a criminal is going to find out you own it.

In some cases, it can be a betrayal of trust in someone you know, or a violent street thug may learn about your collection and burst into your home, doing all they can to make it theirs.

Anytime you give a criminal the chance to learn about what you own, it's like sitting in a pool of sharks and slicing your hand open.

Home Defense Mistake #3:
Opening Your Front Door to Strangers

The last item is quite possibly the worst mistake people make.

This is opening the door to others that result in home invasions. In all reality, you should never open your door to someone you don’t know.

While there was a time when home intercom systems were only affordable to the rich, modern technology has allowed these systems to be sold for rock bottom prices.

It will be with this device that you are able to help reduce the risk to your home, if you end up in a home invasion scenario, since it puts a damper on push in robberies.

This is a robber where the criminal hits your door at full power and has it open and on you in a matter of seconds.

You have no time to react, so the home defense tactics you know won’t be useful.

If your family and they do not have the same awareness, you aren’t able to afford these mistakes.

Make sure you have installed quality alarms and locks before they are needed.

Additionally, have an intercom installed.

This will increase your chances of survival and not doing so, could cost your family their lives.

What Other Home Defense Mistakes Do You See Other People Making?

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