He invaded your home… he endangered your family… he threatened your life…

Now YOU'RE the one fighting for your life in PRISON?!

Sound crazy?

Well every day, confused, uninformed, (even stupid) juries — not to mention equally confused, uninformed, stupid judges — render CRAZY verdicts that punish good people – upstanding citizens like you and me – who are just defending their homes, their families, and their properties.

All it takes is just one tiny mistake on your part to give a prosecutor all they need to put you behind bars for good.

Like even the name of the gun you use to defend yourself…

Legal Self Defense Gun

I know it's hard to believe…

… that you could be spending the rest of your life among the violent scum you were defending against in the first place… unable to see your spouse… your kids… your grandchildren – all because of the weapon you used to defend yourself.

But don't make the mistake of thinking this can't happen to you!

You see, jury verdicts are often more about human psychology than the facts of the case and prosecutors will twist, distort, and redefine your case to the jury to make you look like the “bad guy.”

For example, the very name of the firearm you carry can have a considerable (often subconscious) effect on a jury.

“Plain Jane” guns are less likely to tilt a jury against us than one that looks or sounds ìsinisterî or ìscaryî to them, like these…

  • Nighthawk's “Predator”
  • Kimber's “Raptor”
  • Bushmaster's “Pit Viper”

A prosecuting attorney may argue that you chose your “widow-maker” handgun with the intent on living the life of a vigilante – a “human hunter” -just looking for the opportunity to shoot someone (whether justified or not).

This is something to keep in mind as you select your personal or home defense handgun or other weapon.

But here's the problem…

Even if you pick a “jury-friendly” gun, you can't change basic human psychology and the court is going to be looking hard at what training you received BEFORE you were forced to fire.

This is known as the “Reasonable Man Theory” and it's something every gun owner needs to understand now if you want to survive the legal battle AFTER a shooting!

Yet most armed citizens simply aren't aware of the legal mistakes most people make in their personal defense planning that can land you in jail even when you were in the right!

Remember, it's the District Attorney's “job” to put you in jail if there's any wrong-doing in how you defended yourself – and that's not about “justice”… it's about how the story is presented to a jury and your fate lies in their hands.

And the gun you choose… the ammo you loaded… even what you say to the police when they show up…

All of these factors play a role in whether you get to go home to your family at the end of the day… or you spend the rest of your life in a jail cell.

Know how to protect yourself before, during and after a self-defense shooting.

Your family is counting on you to get this right!