Ok, maybe just a few funny ones to get you started…

You might be a “gun nut” if…

  • You can't remember how many firearms you own
  • You spent your honeymoon at a gun show
  • You call out the names of guns in action movies
  • Your gun safe costs more than your living room set

But did you know that there are some not-so-funny things you may be doing right now that really could make you out to seem like a real-life “gun nut” if you were ever forced to defend yourself in court after a lethal shooting?

See If Any Of These 4 “Gun Nut” Legal Traps Describe YOU

Are You A Gun Nut?

1. You reload your own ammo for practice

I get it… ammo's pretty damn expensive and reloading is a passionate past time and a real sign of someone who is serious about firearms, right?

To a jury though, it may seem a little bit “too serious”.

2. You have a “We Don't Call 911” sign on your home

Will your friends laugh when they come to your door? Sure.

Will burglars choose a different house because they're afraid of the heat you're packing? Maybe.

Will a prosecuting attorney hold up your sign to show a jury that you were just waiting for your chance to shoot the burglars who didn't heed your warning? Most definitely!

3. You own “man-killer” ammo for your guns

What's the point of putting a bullet in your gun that doesn't promise to stop your attacker, right?

Unfortunately, the more “deadly” the ammo (or even the name of the ammunition you use, ex. Hornady's “Zombie Max” ammo) could sway a jury into thinking you didn't just want to “stop” an attacker… your goal was to kill him in cold blood.

4. You own more than one “defense gun”

Guns are like potato chips… it's hard to stop at just one.

But to a jury, you owning a badass semi-auto pistol… a tactical shotgun… a deer-hunting rifle… and a “man-hunting” AR-15.

Throw in a sniper rifle and now get a good vision of each of those firearms being paraded in front of a jury – one at a time – with a dramatic look of shock and awe on the prosecuting attorney's face as he knows he's got them right where he wants them.

Why This Should Be A Serious Wake-Up Call To All Gun Owners…

Look, like it or not, all of these seemingly harmless “mistakes” can be used against you in court if you're ever scrutinized in a defensive shooting – even if it's in your own home against an armed intruder!

You see, the prosecuting attorney will use facts like these to label you as a “gun nut just waiting for someone to break in so you could kill them”.

And unless you know how to save your ass in court, the jury just may believe the prosecutor and decide to put you away.

Don't scoff at that… it happens!

Now, I'm not saying you can't reload your own shells or use ammo with max stopping power.

But you DO have to know the steps you need to take NOW in order to overcome these accusations in a court of law.

Waiting until you're on the stand ain't gonna cut it my friend.

Few gun owners ever realize that – until it's too late.

This is why every single gun owner needs to get a copy of this “tactical” DVD – to protect yourself, before you ever pull the trigger in self-defense and have your actions reviewed by police and a jury.

You must understand that stopping an attacker in your home is only half of the survival equation.

You're no good to your family if you're put in prison for defending them and one wrong word or mistake can make YOU look like the “bad guy” if you don't take the right precautions now.

What Other Common Mistakes Do You See Gun Owners Making That Could Be Used Against Them In Court?

Please Share Your Observations Below Now…