Like me, many of you can still remember it…

…the monthly drills in school where we were instructed to hide under our desk in order to protect our precious craniums from the effects of a nuclear blast.

These drills went away as world leaders with nuclear capabilities began to fully comprehend the long-term devastation a radioactive wasteland would have on everyone’s way of life – including the tee-times of the high and mighty.

But when you watch the news coming out of North Korea, you can see that things are getting really, really dangerous.

Before, we had Kim Jong Un celebrating North Korea's inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) tests,

The North Koreans have missiles capable of reaching deep into the guts of American soil , so how long do you think it will be before our kids are once again desk-diving in preparation of a nuclear attack?

With Kim Jong Un's recent health problems, people are also speculating that he's no longer in full control (or that he might even be a “body double”)… and his crazy sister is getting more and more aggressive with South Korea and the “hermit nation's” other neighbors.

The fact is, as much as we don't want to admit it…

We’re Just One Red Button Away From A Downpour Of “Black Rain” Fallout!

Korea nuke attack
Steps To Prep For N. Korea Nuke Attack

It wasn't too long ago that we interviewed nuclear watch-dog, Joel Skousen, about the true “no b.s.” threat of a Russia or China strategic nuke attack.

Back then, North Korea’s elderly leader was still on a relatively short leash.

Not anymore.

With daddy dead and gone, #1 son, Kim Jong-un went on a power-hungry tantrum trip to show the U.S. that he could play with the big boys.

Then, he disappeared for a while… and when he resurfaced, surprising the world by being “still alive,” his sister was always in the background, looking on “adoringly.”

Trust me folks, this ain’t your typical political posturing or harmless sabre-rattling we’ve seen from countries in the past.

The North Korean leadership, whoever it is, is bat-sh*t crazy… and experts have warned that they couldn’t care less about the consequences of pressing the button that could end life as we know it in a matter of just a few hours.

Our government knows this is true, which is why we’ve been running military drills with nearby South Korea and elements of our nuclear fleet of ships and subs have been positioned for fast-action in the region.

But “nasty tweets” and military might only serve to tease the bloated “leader” into one-upping us with new nuclear tests to show he’s serious… and capable of carrying out his threats!

(Plus, we have NO IDEA what motivates his sister.)

And my friend… I truly believe this IS serious!

We could be looking at a nuclear attack a decade from now… a year from now… a month from now… or NEXT WEEK!

No one really knows – but failing to take action now is only putting your HEAD in the sand… and your FAMILY in danger.

Now, I’ll shoot straight with you…

If you’re located in the direct blast area of a nuclear missile, nothing short of an underground bunker is going to save you.

Fortunately, the REAL threat most Americans will face is from the 2-3 weeks of “black rain” nuclear fallout that comes AFTER the blast – and this is something you CAN survive (quite easily actually – if you take just a few simple precautions.)

I’ve already prepared my family for what may come – and here’s a quick “cheat sheet” at how YOU can prepare too…

1. Food

I’ve always said that it’s best to have a good 1 year’s supply of “survival food” hidden away in plastic kits for a crisis.

But to get started, be sure to have at least a 1-month supply for every member of your family that you can have on standby if you have to shelter-in-place following a nuclear attack.

I like survival food packs the best because not only do they have a 25-year shelf-life, but they also travel much better than heavy canned goods if you need to bug-out of your area.

2. Water

Even more important than food, is your ability to gain access to clean, drinkable water.

(Your tap water will eventually be contaminated until clean resources can be made for citizens.)

As soon as you hear word of an attack, isolate and protect your home’s current water sources — such as turning off the intake pipes to you hot water heater and filling up a tub with the currently safe water.

Stocking up on bottled water (or having a large container you can fill up) is another option.

3. Medical

Hospitals will be overrun with wounded and those suffering from not protecting themselves against the radioactive fallout.

That means you had better prep now to “be your own doctor”.

Basic first aid skills and a stockpile of any necessary prescription drugs will help, but for a nuclear attack, I also recommend you pick up some Potassium Iodide tablets.

It’s not a “magic cure” for radiation exposure, but it will help to protect your thyroid from radioactive absorption following an attack.

4. Air

This is probably the most overlooked factor in surviving a nuclear disaster.

Once the air is contaminated with fallout, there will be nowhere to hide – or breathe – for most people.

But you’re not “most people”.

The secret is to seal off an area of your home to keep the fallout outside… and not die of lack of oxygen at the same time.

This is pretty easy to do with a “clean air generator” that filters out the contamination from the breathable air your family needs to stay alive inside your improvised “fallout shelter”.

5. Shelter

I’m guessing you probably don’t have an underground shelter in your backyard, right?

No worries… most people don’t… and it’s really not necessary.

As I said earlier, it’s really easy to create your own improvised fallout shelter inside your home if you know how.

(The details are too long to get into here, but that podcast outlines the basics.)

Do this for yourself and your loved ones, and don't get caught unprepared!