Reader Best Firearms Training Tips

I've said it a million times…

My favorite tips come from the readers and listeners who are willing to share their best advice with me at the various shows I attend or speak at as well as online.

In this week's follow-up broadcast, we switch from “survival” to “firearms” with 5 cool tips you can put to use right now to become better trained and better prepared.

And don't forget… if you have your own incredible survival, firearms, or self-defense tip, you'd like to share, just go to and let us know what it is.

If we post your tip in any of our media channels, we'll send you a free “thank you” gift for being our valued “expert” of the week.

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Here's what you'll find in this week's episode…

  • Woody's “yellow zone” strategy for protecting your gun hand from an ambush! (This is a really good tip for our “hot zone” military listeners!)
  • Phil's “field expedient shooting trick”!  Add this one item to your bug-out gear and increase your chances of bagging game… or defending your life!
  • David's lightning-fast “tactical reload tip”!  You'll wonder why you didn't think of this super simple strategy yourself!

  • EJ's “3-stage back-up plan”!  I started working toward this the same day he told it to me!

  • Ken's “active shooter” training tip to add more realism to your training!  (This one comes with a free gift so grab it below!)

Thanks to all my “field experts” who submitted tips and make our community so special!

Resources From This Week's Episode:

What's YOUR Best Firearms Training Tip?

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