Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Sometimes, movies scare me for all the wrong reasons.

Last weekend I was re-watching a couple of those Gerard Butler “Has Fallen” movies.

You know, Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, etc., where he fakes an American accent and personally stabs to death every single terrorist for a 10 mile radius?

But there was a scene in one of them that reminded me of an article firearms expert Greg Ellifritz wrote not long ago.

His article was all about the danger of evacuating into parking lots and other obvious locations – and seeing a scene like that in the movie really chilled me.

Because, honestly, I wonder sometimes how many terrorists and active shooters out there are watching these movies and taking notes…

Are Terrorists Taking Notes On This “Active Shooter” Evac Danger?

Active Shooter Evacuation Danger
Active Shooter Evacuation Danger

Now, just like the movies show (and as the article I mentioned discussed in depth), the primary reason you need to be careful not to evacuate into a parking lot in an “active shooter” (or even a bomb threat) situation…

…is because terrorists might anticipate that, and plan accordingly!

In whichever Gerard Butler movie it was that I saw (honestly, it's all a blur), the bad guys mount a major attack.

As first responders and law enforcement start to gather in a parking lot, outside the place where the attack has happened…

…the cars in the parking lot start to EXPLODE!

You can imagine the type of horror that would be – with people who are trying to rescue and treat the wounded suddenly coming under another attack.

The thing is, this is not a new technique.

Terrorists have long known that constructing a one-two punch can drive victims into a “kill zone”, with the two attacks amplifying each other.

This increases the devastation, making both attacks together worse than they would be separately.

But if you hadn't seen this in a movie, would you know to worry about it?

That's my point.

The public didn't know to worry about hijacked planes being used as missiles before September 11th, 2001.

But at some point, the people who conceived of that attack had to imagine it.

They had to sit in a room and figure out how to find new ways to create social chaos.

And THAT is why I spend so much time sitting at my desk, imagining new ways that your life could be endangered by social chaos and collapse – and how you could escape and evade that danger.

You could drive yourself nuts watching movies, reading books, combing the news, and staring at YouTube “conspiracy” videos, trying to anticipate these dangers so you can prepare for them.

But you don't have to, because I've done it for you.

My “urban escape and evasion” manual shows you how to protect yourself and your family from social chaos, active shooters, terrorism, riots, and other threats that can erupt without warning.

(It's LOADED with sneaky tips, methods, tactical strategies, and moves for dealing with ANY situation in which you're in danger of attack by individuals or a group of people during collapse, riots, civil unrest, and martial law, too.)

These threats are only too real – and it's NOT just something movie producers think about.

The terrorists, the nuts, the “lone wolf” active shooters, and even entire mobs of violent protesters are all out there, just waiting for their moment.

Learn how to protect yourself and your family now so you don't get caught unaware by these dangers.

It's the only way to survive in this new, violent world we're living in.

How Worried Are YOU About Terror Attacks In The United States? What Precautions Do You Take To Protect Your Family From Them?

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