Advanced Dry-Fire Firearm Training
Yes! Your Tactical Dry-Fire Training Can Be More Fun… AND Effective!

Admit it…

You're not getting to the gun range as much as you “should be”, am I right?

Hey, I get it… life is busy and who wants to wait in line down at the gun range for the chance to shell out some major bucks for a live-fire lane, ammo, and targets, eh?

Well, I hate to break it to you but I learned in the military that the “maximum effective range” of an excuse is 0.0 meters!

Fortunately, you can get (almost) all the training you need in your own home using dry-fire drills – and I promise it will be more fun (and more effective!) than your best day at the range.

At least it will be after you listen to this week's podcast episode where Sgt. Nick Rians shares his best “at home dry-fire tips” for you to use right away!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Stop the procrastination! Here's how to make dry-fire training a regular practice!
  • How to transform ANY room in your home into your own personal “dry-fire tactical range”!
  • Several ways to make your handgun training as realistic as possible (without breaking the bank)!
  • How to simulate an “attack in public” at home with dry-fire!
  • Force-on-force! Pushing the stress, pressure, and realism through the roof with a training partner (or even solo)!

I can never get enough dry-fire tips and it's always a topic of conversation when I'm speaking with other trainers.

Put these tactics to use right away and take your firearms training to the next level!

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