MCS 315 – Combat PTSD: Myths, Misconceptions & A “Cure”

MCS 315 - PTSD Myths, Misconceptions, & A "Cure"
MCS 315 - PTSD Myths, Misconceptions, & A "Cure"
MCS 315 – PTSD Myths, Misconceptions, & A “Cure”

This Friday is Patriot Day in the United States.

Coming up, I have a very personal, patriotic message to share with you…

…about life's realities for the MOST patriotic among us.

As we prepare to rebrand from MCS to “Warrior Life,” we're looking for like-minded people who want to help us accomplish what we're working toward.

We want to learn from you even as we help YOU learn.

And that's why this message is so important.

Jeff Anderson just got back from one of our retreats, designed to help combat veterans with PTSD.

Our mission is to end veteran suicide, and we need YOUR help.

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Jeff Anderson talks about the retreat, Operation Warrior Resolution, Operation Save Our Soldiers, and what you can do right now to help these soldiers suffering from PTSD.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • What our charity work is all about.
  • Why PTSD can be so devastating.
  • What “rapid resolution therapy” is all about.
  • Jeff's thoughts on why he's chosen to help his fellow veterans.
  • What you can do to help soldiers suffering from PTSD right now!

Our soldiers have put everything on the line for us. Let's pay them back by showing them all the support we can.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

Will YOU Help Us Stop Veteran Suicide?

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ARRESTED for Defending Yourself: What Would YOU Do?

By now, you've probably heard about what happened to the McCloskeys.

You know, that couple who protected their house from a violent mob?

They were worried their home would get burned down, and while it looks like they made quite a few mistakes, nobody was hurt.

But the prosecutor in their city STILL wants to charge them with FELONY crimes.

Now, the McCloskeys have money, so they can hire the best lawyers out there.

(Their governor and the attorney general in their state have indicated a pardon might even be on the table, so they'll probably be okay.)

But what if YOU were charged with a crime like this… and you didn't have the benefit of widespread media coverage?

Because I hate to tell you, amigo, but us “regular people” don't do too well when the government tries to grind us down over our gun rights.

A LOT of the people in charge hate gun owners, in fact.

For a long time now, these same anti-gun dictators have been using the law to hassle gun owners.

Whether it's requiring insurance, passing laws that say gun owners can't buy insurance, or suing and prosecuting gun owners into bankruptcy when they do use their weapons, these efforts are all built on you being all alone when they come after you.

Well, that's where Tim Schmidt's United States Concealed Carry Association can help.

I've been a friend of Tim Schmidt's for years (since before he even founded the United States Concealed Carry Association).

But more importantly, I've been a USCCA MEMBER for years!

Look, you and I both know that the courts aren't always “gun friendly” and you can't count on your “Cousin Vinnie” to get you out of jail after a self-defense shooting… no matter if you were 100% legally justified or not.

The attorney bills alone could sink your family's entire savings – even if you're found innocent!

That's why you need a strong legal ally like the USCCA to have your back AFTER you were forced to protect yourself.

And now's the time to sign up, with the political winds shifting toward even MORE anti-gun laws and bans.

7 Reasons To Join The USCCA

Gun Rights / CCW Legal Defense – USCCA United States Concealed Carry Association

Unfortunately, owning a gun or weapon just isn’t enough to protect your family…

…their future and everything you’ve worked for is STILL at risk in the aftermath of a self-defense incident like a robbery or a break-in!

So, what can YOU do?

Arm yourself and your family with the best self-defense education, training and legal protection available from the USCCA.

You see, when you activate your USCCA Membership you INSTANTLY get access to:

1. Expert Legal Protection When You Need it Most…

As a USCCA Member you’ll have access to incredible benefits like up to $2,250,000 in up-front legal protection, a 24/7 award-winning Critical Response Team, AND a nationwide legal network.

2. Your Subscription to Concealed Carry Magazine…

The “ultimate resource for responsibly armed Americans” and the official publication of the USCCA — your membership gets you INSTANT access to print and digital issues.

3. FREE Admission to the Annual Concealed Carry Expo…

Join thousands of like-minded individuals every year at the #1 destination for American gun owners. You’ll experience 3 days of guns, gear, and expert training you can trust.

4. Industry-Leading Education and Resources…

Learn from industry experts in the fields of legal defense, current events, and the concealed carry lifestyle.

5. World-Class Self-Defense Training…

Take your training to the next level with the USCCA’s videos, broadcasts, and scenario-based training series.

6. Exclusive Discounts and Member-Only Perks…

Who doesn’t like new gear!? Every USCCA Membership comes with exclusive USCCA and industry discounts from top name brands.

7. 100% American Based…

We take pride in our country, and we prove it with our people! Contact our 100% American-based staff any time day or night. We’re standing by 24/7 to take your call.

When you activate your USCCA Membership you’re doing so much more than joining a community of over 300,000 like-minded individuals…

You’re becoming your family’s ULTIMATE protector.

And don’t forget, your USCCA Membership always comes with a 100% Money-Back Bulletproof Guarantee…

If you’re not happy for any reason, just call our American-based Member Services Team for a full refund — no questions asked!

It’s literally ZERO risk…

…and ALL reward!

Don’t wait until it’s too late; activate your risk-free protection now.

Are YOU Concerned About Your Gun Rights?

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CCW News: Dumbass Vigilantes Attacking Concealed-Carry Gun Owners!

CCW concealed carry vigilante citizens attacking gun owners

The floor rushed up to meet Clarence Daniels with a rib-grating crunch.

One minute, the 62-year-old man was walking into a Wal-Mart to buy coffee creamer.

The next, he was being tackled to the ground by a man 20 years younger!

As Clarence struggled with the maniac who was putting him in a choke hold, he had a deadly decision before him:

Should he pull his gun and shoot his attacker off him?

He didn't deserve to have to make a life-or-death decision just shopping at Wal-Mart, but Clarence was a victim of a disturbing new trend:

Dumbass Vigilante Citizens ATTACKING Concealed-Carrying Gun Owners!

CCW concealed carry vigilante citizens attacking gun owners
CCW concealed carry vigilante citizens attacking gun owners

Clarence Daniels had a coffee creamer label in his pocket when he was attacked in a Brandon, Florida Wal-Mart.

That's all he was looking for.

The problem is, another guy – Michael Foster, 43 – saw Clarence get out of his car and walk through the parking lot.

After assaulting Clarence and screaming, “He's got a gun! He's got a gun!” Foster struggled with his victim until the police finally separated them.

(Clarence, meanwhile, shouted, “I have a permit!”)

I have to tell you, this CCW holder showed a LOT of good judgment in not shooting Foster.

He kept his head, and as a result, it was Michael Foster who was arrested and charged with battery.

See, Foster stalked Clarence through the parking lot, waited for him to enter the Wal-Mart, and then physically attacked him – because he thought he was stopping a mass shooting.


Because when Clarence Daniels got out of his car, he took the handgun he kept in the vehicle and tucked it behind his hip, under his coat.

A LOT of gun owners do the same thing.

A lot of us grew up during a time when people owning guns, carrying guns, keeping guns in their cars – even in racks in the back windows of pickup trucks – was a perfectly normal part of life.

The problem is, more and more people today don't think or feel that way.

They've grown up being told by popular entertainment that owning a gun is a bad thing that makes you a bad guy…

…and many of them don't even realize that private citizens can carry guns concealed in most of the United States.

Because of that – and because of news coverage that has Americans convinced they're all a heartbeat away from a mass murder or “active shooter” situation – when a lot of people see a gun, they think they've GOT to act.

Now, I'm not trying to blame Clarence Daniels too much.

Michael Foster was the one in the wrong, and Foster was sentenced to a year's probation for his crime.

(He was also told he could have no contact with his victim, that he couldn't own guns, and that he had to attend anger management classes.)

Fact is, though, if Clarence had kept his roscoe out of sight, none of this would have happened.

When you and I carry concealed, we NEVER want our guns to be visible to anyone watching.

For one thing, seeing a gun scares people like Michael Foster, who don't realize there are some of us out here legally carrying.

For another, if a real criminal sees your gun, he now knows exactly what he has to do to stop you from drawing it.

Your gun might even make you a target, because there's nothing criminals like more than stealing guns from other people.

The Legal Issue Of Concealed Carry

Keeping your gun concealed means more than just not taking it out of your car in public, like Clarence Daniels did.

It also means carrying your gun in a way that it won't”out” you when you least expect it.

Too many armed citizens are walking around with holsters they think, WRONGLY, are “good enough”…

…and these el cheap-o specials are the kinds of things that print or “out” the gun when you least expect it!

All it takes is one moment where your gun is visible, and one of these vigilante “heroes” like Michael Foster will be on top of you.

You can't afford that kind of attention, and that means you need a CCW holster that will help you keep your gun out of sight AT ALL TIMES.

More importantly, though, it may even be a legal requirement where you are that you keep your gun out of sight.

Remember what happened to Clarence Daniels.

If you want to stay safe, and you want to stay on the RIGHT side of the law, you've got to understand ALL the legal issues surrounding concealed carry.

That means it's on YOU to learn the rules, and the laws… and to follow them.

But it isn't enough just to know the rules; you've got to follow up in your day-to-day conduct… and that starts with keeping your pistol hidden!

Are YOU Worried About The Legal Issues Surrounding CCW?

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CCW Gear & Tactical Flashlights: You NEVER Want To Say, “Oh No! I SHOT My Kid!”

This Tactical Light Feature Could Cripple You In A Gunfight

“I no… I shot my kid!”

Every gun owner has worried about accidentally shooting the wrong person.

It has happened multiple times, too…

…A father hears a bump in the night…

…He gets his gun…

…He spots an intruder, and fires into the darkness…

…And it's his own child who has been shot!

The reason this has happened more than once is that most attacks happen in low light.

We're biologically programmed to fear threats that occur in the darkness… but we also can't see to identify the threat.

This is why tactical flashlights are so important to gun owners… but I'm seeing a potentially HUGE problem with some of the new lights gun owners are buying.

Read on and I'll explain…

Why This Tactical Light Feature Can CRIPPLE You In A Gunfight

This Tactical Light Feature Could Cripple You In A Gunfight
This Tactical Light Feature Could Cripple You In A Gunfight

Lots of gun owners understand that without a tactical light, they can't positively identify a target in low light.

Since that's when most gunfights are going to happen, carrying a “tactical torch” – and having one with your home defense gun – is super important.

But there's a new wave of super-bright LED lights on the market that are designed by people who love flashlights…

…but who don't understand “tactical” features.

And the single worst feature I'm seeing creep into more and more supposedly “tactical” lights?

It's the on/off switch on the barrel of the light.

Now, back in the day, if your Mom kept one of those awful aluminum flashlights in the kitchen drawer, it probably had a switch on the barrel.

That's how lights were designed until the first tactical lights, from companies like SureFire, came along.

Those lights had the switch on the tailcap, because in a fight, it's much easier to hit the switch with your thumb.

It call comes down to adrenaline.

Under adrenaline, and in the stress of a real use-of-force encounter, you're going to want to clench your fists.

Your dexterity will be a LOT worse, too, again because of the fight-or-flight reaction your body is having.

It's much easier to thumb a tailcap switch under conditions like that.

But if you have to adjust your grip on the light and hunt for the on/off switch, you're at a HUGE disadvantage.

Plus, if you hold your light in your fist, you can use it as a striking tool.

You CAN'T do that if you're holding your light to hit the switch on the barrel.

For these reasons, you should ALWAYS buy a tactical light with a tailcap switch.

But here's another problem: I guarantee the lights you own are almost obsolete unless you just bought them.

Light technology moves FAST, and the newest, brightest tactical torches are TONS BETTER than the ones of just a few years ago.

For example, the Light Saver tactical torch from Liberty Technologies has tons of great tactical features… is super compact… and will melt your face with how bright it is.

But it doesn't cost much, and it's even rechargeable so you don't go broke buying batteries.

You can see how a proper tactical light should be set up in the linked video below:

You can also check out the Light Saver on this page.

But, look, it doesn't matter to me which tactical light you buy…

…as long as you buy one that will serve you well during the stress and adrenaline of a real-life gunfight.

Your life depends on it… and so do the lives of your family members.

From being able to identify “friendlies” in low light, to being able to take down some methed-out rapist home invader when the cops are too far away to help…

…a tactical light is a MUST HAVE for any prepared citizen and home defender.

Be safe out there.

What Tactical Light Do YOU Carry?

Please Share Your Best Tips Below Now…

MCS 314 – Kyle Rittenhouse & Kenosha: Reality Check

Kyle Rittenhouse Kenosa Reality Check
Kyle Rittenhouse Kenosa Reality Check
Kyle Rittenhouse Kenosa Reality Check

It's like something out of a movie.

A 17-year-old kid with an AR15 goes to volunteer at a political protest…

…And by the time he's done shooting, he's been charged with murder.

There are a lot of people hailing Kyle Rittenhouse as a hero.

There's no doubt that he was the more skilled shooter in Kenosha.

But there are some “reality checks” we should talk about where his story is concerned.

Especially because his entire life could be ruined, and his family put in danger, as a result of what happened.

This is sure to be controversial, but we DO need to think about ALL realities of a shooting like this.

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Buck Greene sits in for Jeff Anderson to run down five “reality check” points concerning Kyle Rittenhouse and the Kenosha riots.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The one thing that could have prevented all of this from happening…and why it's the one thing Kyle didn't do.
  • Why the legal battle over murder charges is only the START of the threats Kyle now faces.
  • A sobering “what if” scenario that almost nobody is talking about after Kenosha.
  • Why Kyle's family is now in danger, too, even though they had nothing to do with his actions.
  • A disturbing reality of “WROL” situations that you NEED to remember.

Whether you think Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero or you think he simply should not have been there in the first place, this is sure to be a thought-provoking episode.

Listen now so you'll be better prepared if YOU ever find yourself under threat the way he did.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Would YOU Do If You Were Attacked At A Protest? Would You Go At All?

Please Share Your Thoughts Below Now…

Ambush Attacks And Bathroom Safety: How To Deal With Sudden Street Fights

“Not today, motherf—er!”

Those are the words that Kelly Herron screamed as her “battle cry” when she was attacked without warning.

The homeless sex offender who dragged her to the floor of the bathroom beat her bloody as he tried to rape her.

But Kelly Herron wasn't finished — not by a long shot!

And while her attack was horrific, it can also help teach us…

How To Avoid A Street Ambush Attack!

How To Avoid Ambush Attacks and Sudden Streetfights: One Woman's Rape Defense
How To Avoid Ambush Attacks and Sudden Streetfights: One Woman's Rape Defense

Kelly Herron was standing in a public bathroom off a Seattle running trail when she realized she was in danger.

“As I was drying my hands, I became aware that something was wrong,” she told the news.

That's when Gary Steiner, a 40-year-old registered sex offender, attacked this 36-year-old marathon runner.

Gary Steiner

Steiner had been hiding in a bathroom stall in the ladies' room, just waiting for a victim!

He immediately took her to the floor of the bathroom, wailing away on her with his fists.

Kelly fought like a woman possessed.

At one point, she crawled into a bathroom stall, on her back, and tried to kick the door shut with her foot.

Steiner climbed under the stall door from the next one and began beating her in the face.

Kelly started to feel like she was going to black out.

That was bad, because as soon as she was subdued, Steiner intended to rape her.

That's when Kelly had what she later described as a “moment of clarity.”

She thought to herself,

“This doesn't have to be a FAIR fight!”

So she started to claw his face.

Fighting her way clear like a demon, Kelly punched him again and again, telling herself never to give up.

Finally, she managed to escape the bathroom.

A passerby, who had a carabiner keychain, used it to lock Steiner in the bathroom until the cops could arrest him.

And just like that, this lone woman had not only defeated a street ambush… but she had managed to get her scumbag attacker CAUGHT!

Better yet, Kelly Herron's story beautifully illustrates three tips you can use to avoid (or fight off) a street ambush:

1. Search Your Surroundings For Ambushers

Kelly's “sixth sense” told her something was wrong when she was standing in the bathroom.

The problem with that kind of intuition is that it's usually too little, too late!

What she should have done was check the bathroom when she first entered, to see if she was alone.

A quick glance under the stalls would probably have shown her Steiner's pants and shoes, which would have looked out of place in a ladies' room.

You should get in the habit of checking your surroundings wherever you are, including when you get into your own car (to make sure nobody's hiding in the back seat).

2. If You're Attacked, Fight Like A Rabid Animal

This is the thing Kelly did “most right.”

She fought, and fought, and fought.

In describing the fight on her Instagram account and in interviews after the assault, she spoke several times about the mindset she had.

She refused to give up, refused to let Steiner have his way with her, and refused to become a victim.

When it was over, she posted the picture you see here of her stitched, scarred face.

She wasn't looking for sympathy.

She wanted people to know that you CAN fight back against an attacker… and that mindset of survival and determination is what saved her from rape (and worse).

3. If You Go “Out” Or They Take You Somewhere Else, It's Over

Kelly understood this, and it's why she got the “burst of adrenaline” to finally fight back and escape Steiner's grip.

She knew — and spoke about the fact — that if she blacked out, she was going to be raped (and maybe dead).

That very real fear is what gave her the power to keep on fighting past her limits.

And that, honestly, makes her one hell of a woman.

She's somebody we can all learn from when it comes to fighting back against an attack.

I just want you, and your family, to be safe.

Don't wait until it's too late to get this information.

Learn how to protect yourself, and your loved ones, now.

What Would You Do If You Were Ambushed?

Please Share Your Best Tips Below Now…

Survival Gear: Tiny Survival Gadget BEATS Much Larger Versions

Survival Stove Gear Review

With everyone worrying about disruptions in the food supply chain – as well as other problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – we've all been gearing up like crazy.

I've talked to people around the country who are focused on getting what they need to survive more than ever before.

(And no, the shortages aren't over – I was in the grocery store just yesterday and everybody was complaining that the paper towels were gone again.)

One thing that almost every survivalist and prepper has in common is that he or she has a bug-out bag… and that means needing a stove to cook your survival rations.

There's a good reason for that.

If you've ever been camping deep in the woods, or (especially) if you've ever been in the military, you already know how important a hot meal is.

Let me tell you… when you're stressed out, wet, tired, cold, and miserable, a hot meal can really soothe the soul and give you the mental break you need to push on.

But, here's the thing…

When it comes to a survival scenario – especially as the result of a nation-wide crisis like the pandemic, or even a grid-down blackout – you've heard me say that you need to look at your situation much like a “military mission”.

Your goal should be to lay low and stay hidden as much as possible so the “enemy” doesn't locate you and target your supplies.

Unfortunately, starting a fire is a dead giveaway of your location.

Some people pack a “backpacker's stove” that uses propane to heat up food and water.

As cool as these things are, they're pretty damn expensive (as much as $30-40) and when you consider the fuel canister you need to pack, it's pretty bulky and heavy.

As you know, I'm not a big fan of “bulky” or “heavy” when it comes to my survival gear.

That's why I pack a tiny “survival-stove” in my bugout bag instead.

Mine is an older version of the newest pocket stove from Survival Frog.

Survival Stove Gear Review
Survival Stove Gear Review

It's only about the size of your palm, but quickly folds open to allow you to set a pot on top of it, or cook your food directly over the long-burning “heat tabs” that fit inside.

And while it costs very little, it EASILY beats much more expensive, more elaborate “survival stoves.”

When it's time to eat, you simply pull the stove out of your side pouch… light the candle… and in no time, you'll have boiling water in your canteen cup.

Then all you need to do is drop in your survival food (like freeze-dried meals)… stir… and in just a few more minutes, you have a hot meal ready to give you a well-deserved break from your stress.

I can't tell you how much of a difference this can make in your peace of mind and decision-making.

You wouldn't think it does, but trust me… there's a big difference.

I've tried several different stoves over the years and I've always found “simple” to work the best (and it's also the cheapest option).

I highly recommend you pack one of these small “pocket stoves” into each bugout bag you have (yours and family members) as well as keeping one in each car with a meal packet just in case you break down in the middle of nowhere and need something to use for heat and cooking.

For a limited time, you can get a discount on these stoves from my favorite survival goods resource here…

Check it out and see how simple and efficient the latest version of this little gizmo is.

What Do You Carry For Cooking In Your Bugout Bag?

Please Share Your Best Gear Tip Below Now…

Sniper Training For Survivalists: Why Every Prepper Needs Long Range Shooting Training

Sniper Training For Survivalists: Why Every Prepper Needs Long Range Shooting Training


What do you think of when I say the word, “sniper”?

If you're like most people, you get that mental image of a soldier covered in a camouflage “ghillie suit” ready to pull the trigger on an enemy combatant…

…A tactical SWAT marksman ready to end a hostage-taker's stand-off…

…Or a clandestine spy positioned in a window, about to completely disrupt some country's political system with a single bullet.

But while YOU may not be some state-sponsored covert assassin, have you ever thought about why you SHOULD consider becoming a “sniper”?

If that makes you scratch your head a little, then let me share with you…

5 Reasons Why Every Survivalist Needs “Sniper Training” To Be Prepared…

Sniper Training For Survivalists: Why Every Prepper Needs Long Range Shooting Training
Sniper Training For Survivalists: Why Every Prepper Needs Long Range Shooting Training

1. Intelligence Gathering

As they say, “knowledge is power”, right?

Well, sniper tactics are as much about doing reconnaissance to gain valuable intel on an “enemy” as they are about precision shooting.

A sniper can't pull the trigger on just anything that comes into his crosshairs.

90% of the job is being able to detect, identify, and confirm targets, and developing these skills will make you far more aware during times when danger is around you and most people don't even know it.

2. Survival Hunting

In any kind of “collapse”, food shortages will hit within the very first few days.

It's a fact.

That means you're going to have to find food for you and your family – and you're only going to get 1 shot at that deer, rabbit, or squirrel that's 300 ft away in that corn field.

You better make it count… or you'll go hungry like the rest.

3. “Next Level” Marksmanship

At long ranges, every little mistake makes a BIG difference in how close your bullet hits to where you were aiming.
Sight picture… breathing… trigger squeeze… follow-through…

The training required to become “super-accurate” as a sniper can help you fine-tune ALL of your shooting skills – no matter whether it's a shotgun, rifle, or even a pistol!

4. Stealth & Concealment

A sniper's success doesn't just rely on his (or her) accuracy.

You have to be “sneaky”.

You have to be able to creep into an optimal position without being detected… become “invisible” in any surroundings (even urban areas)… and be able to haul ass out of a “hot zone” without leaving a trail.

Hmmmm… sounds like just the kinda skills that could prove helpful for escape & evasion when the sh*t has hit the fan and the “wolves” of our society are prowling around for helpless victims to prey on, eh?

5. SHTF Defense

If worse ever DOES come to worse, you know that your family's defense is going to entirely be up to YOU… and ONLY you!

Being able to hunker down in a safe location – and STAY safe – is going to require you to have someone standing watch 24/7 should some sneaky bastard start looking around for his (or their) next victims.

It's always best to assume that the “enemy” is armed… and in ANY firefight confrontation, distance is your friend.

Being able to engage an enemy (foreign or domestic) from 500-800 yards away will help ensure your own survival… and force them to find their loot elsewhere (if they're lucky enough to leave).

So hopefully this was all you needed to convince you that this type of training really IS useful for survival purposes.

So now, “what's next?”, right?

How To Get Started As A “Survival Sniper”…

1. You're gonna need a weapon. Sniper rifles can get pretty expensive and if you ever go to a gun show, you'll see them all the way up to about $15,000 or so.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure my dog would have my side of the bed on a permanent basis if I ever dropped that much on a rifle.

The sneaky trick used at these gun shows is to make the rifle “look” like a badass military weapon with a lot of inexpensive add-ons. In other words, they're selling the “look” so you feel like you're the next American Sniper.

I recommend (and have) a Remington 700 .308 caliber bolt-action rifle.

These come super accurate and reliable right out of the box and I've used it for hunting as well as long-range shooting.

Another option is an AR platform in .308 because it's a familiar “feel” and deployment as a standard AR-15.

(Note: More on your gun in a few seconds…)

2. Next, you're gonna need a good scope. These can also run you a ton-o-dough, but it's a very critical factor in sniping so the more can spend on it, the better… but don't go overboard.

I recommend a “FIXED variable” scope for long-range shooting.

An “adjustable variable” scope is one where you can adjust the sight picture very tight, which actually changes the power of the scope.

This allows you to get a very fine-tuned sight picture at varying distances, if you want it to.

However, a “fixed variable” scope has a fixed magnification so the power of the sight picture doesn't change.

That means you don't have to mess around dialing in the precise magnification when you’re trying to engage multiple targets… and for defense and survival purposes, that can mean the difference between getting a shot – or not!

3. Finally, before you go attaching all kinds of whiz-bang gizmos to your rifle, you're gonna want to get in some “super accuracy training”.

Don't worry… there's no need to shell out a few thousand dollars for some “tactical sniper school”.

One of the best training programs out there for dialing in “super accuracy” with a rifle is through “Project Appleseed” (

This is a national non-profit “marksmanship heritage” group of volunteers using a standardized set of special skills for training youth and adults in how to achieve superior accuracy with a rifle – just like the American colonists who out-shot and defeated the British forces back in 1775.

I've attended their courses and put all my sons through it as well, and I can't say enough about the professionalism of this group and all of the volunteer instructors who help keep this patriotic skillset alive and well.

And the best part? The training is free!

Of course they're not going to give you actual “sniper training” because that's not what they're about, but it'll lay a strong foundation for what you need to take things to the next level.

Then There's Your Gun…

A buddy of mine is well-known in the firearms industry for showing patriotic survivalists how to easily build “underground guns”.

You can get his FREE DVD here for just the cost of shipping it to you.

Untraceable guns like this are often called “ghost guns” because they use a little-known “invisibility loophole” that doesn't require them to be registered with the government like other firearms.

Trust me, this is important…

You see, if there ever was ANY kind of crisis that triggered civil unrest on a grand scale, it's a very real threat that the government (federal or local) could impose a mandatory “gun confiscation” program to take peoples' guns.

Yes, I know this might sound like paranoia, but it's already happened during scenarios like Hurricane Katrina.

And I mean, just watch the news…

Personally, I think we're scary close to seeing more and more violent protests in the near future as we become further divided as a nation!

Are you seeing it too?

And with more mass-shootings and more gun-hating politicians taking office, anyone who is serious about their 2nd Amendment rights should be VERY afraid of the possibility of a knock on the door by a uniformed soldier with a clipboard, asking you to hand over your guns for the “greater good of the community” during a violent crisis.

So why take the chance?

Get equipped… get trained… and get prepared while you can.

What Is Your Go-To Long Range Weapon?

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TACT Bivvy Survival Gear Review: 3 Ways This “Body Bag” Can Save Your Life!

TACT Bivvy Review

You may remember me raving about one of my absolute favorite survival gear items…

The TACT BIVVY has become an essential part of my emergency plan, whether it's a natural disaster or a national crisis, I wouldn't feel prepared without it.

I can't stress enough how amazing this thing is and I have several of them – one for each family member in our bug-out bags, as well as a few for use while camping with my son.

These things can be a real life-saver for you or a family member no matter what survival scenario you may face. In fact…

Here Are 3 Ways The TACT BIVVY Can Save Your Life In A Crisis…

TACT Bivvy Review

1. Signals For Rescue

The TACT BIVVY has 2 sides to it: An orange side for signaling for help and a reflective side (for keeping you warm when inside the bag).

If you're lost or injured in a remote area, both sides of the BIVVY can be used to signal to search aircraft.

But depending on the scenario, you may not want to be found…

2. Hides Your “Signature”

Sometimes you may NOT want to be found, right?

This may seem strange to you, but during times of crisis, you never know how you'll be targeted and by whom.

One of our readers, Kevin Dowd, had a great suggestion in how to stay hidden…

Kevin said…

“If you turn an emergency blanket with the silver side towards your body, and cover your face, you can defeat most ‘flir' <from aircraft> and thermal imaging devices <even some smartphones can find your heat signature>.”

The TACT BIVVY is perfect for staying covert when you don't want to be found because the reflective part of the bag is already on the “inside” and it's fully enclosed so it doesn't “leak” your heat out like a regular emergency blanket does.

Plus, the outside is NOT reflective (like most blankets) and won't give away your location by shimmering in the moonlight.

3. Lightens Your Load

In a forced-evacuation scenario, if you're ever forced to get to safety on foot, you want your bug-out bag to weigh as little as possible.

A sleeping bag is a complete waste of space and can add an additional 5-7 lbs that will only keep you from reaching your destination.

I personally have a TACT BIVVY that fits right inside of my bug-out bag's 8″ side tactical pouch, right next to the poncho I use as a shelter.

I use this every time when I go camping with my son and it keeps me warm all night long – even during colder weather.

Highly recommended!

Have You Switched To A Bivvy Yet For Your Bug-Out Bag Survival Gear?

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MCS 313 – Reader Gun Training Tips

Reader Gun Training Tips
Reader Gun Training Tips
Reader Gun Training Tips

Last week, I covered survival tips from our readers, listeners, and followers.

This week, we're talking GUNS.

And I've learned some incredibly useful gun training tips from YOU.

Remember, as we transition away from the MCS brand…

…we're looking for your input now more than ever.

And these 5 gun training tips represent just how much knowledge YOU have to share.

That's right:

As much time as I spend training and learning about self-defense, these are just 5 of the tips from our readers, listeners, and followers that made a big difference for me.

In this week's podcast episode, I describe these 5 tips and explain how they changed my own approach to these aspects of self-defense and firearms training.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The simple gun training tip that can take you out into your own driveway.
  • How your hatred for a specific television character can help you train with your gun!
  • How to use your bedroom door to refine your draw against an armed attacker.
  • A dirt-cheap way to simulate the effects of adrenaline in a real gunfight!
  • A trick for figuring out if you're pulling left or right when you shoot… that's so simple you won't believe it!

This episode, like last week's, is near and dear to me… because it shows just how much our readers, listeners, and followers participate in what we do here.

Tune in now and, if you have your own tip, share it on our blog!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

Do You Have A Gun Training Tip To Share?

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Home Invaders NEVER Think Your Gun (Or Knife) Is HERE…

3 Hide Your Gun FAILS

I don't know if you saw the remake of Death Wish with Bruce Willis, but it came out quite a while ago.

(Spoiler alert, if you're still catching up on the biggest hits of 2018 on VHS.)

Near the end of the movie, Bruce grabs a fully automatic AR pistol from a hidden drawer in a piece of furniture.

Now, we all know that's total BS – because there's no way he was going to have a legal machine gun for home defense – right?

I mean, I guess somewhere out there is a guy who's managed to pull off that paperwork, but I don't know anybody who has… and I live part time in Texas.

But, to be honest, that WASN'T my biggest problem with that part of the film!

What I really hated was the gimmicky coffee table with the rifle “hidden” in it.

Let me explain why…

3 “Hide Your Gun FAILS (Plus A Never-Fail Option For Hidden Guns & Knives)

3 Hide Your Gun FAILS
3 Hide Your Gun FAILS

Hiding a gun in a piece of furniture is one of those things that seems like a good idea in the movies… but has some problems in real life.

We all know we live in a dangerous world, and we're all aware that home invasion is a real danger.

Being able to get to a gun – especially one the “bad guy” doesn't know about – is a good thing.

But when it comes to hiding firearms, there's stuff like Bruce Willis' coffee table in the movies, and then there's real life.

If you buy a piece of furniture like a coffee table or an end table to hide a gun in, I can almost GUARANTEE that it has these problems:

It's gimmicky, so it's probably not made all that well – meaning it's fragile compared to “real” furniture.

It's not secure, so if you have curious kids in the home, stashing a gun in one of these is no better that hiding it under the couch cushions.

It may be an awkward place to get to a gun – but you're limited to where that piece of furniture looks like it belongs, so there are only so many places you can put it.

But it's not just Bruce and his coffee table that I consider a problem, because three of the other popular gun-hiding options all have hidden issues:

1. Gun Hidden In A Picture Frame

The big problem with these is that they're very obvious.

(Maybe when they were first introduced, people weren't looking for them, but I see them in ads all the time now.)

If a burglar breaks into your house looking for things he can steal, guns will be high on the list.

And trust me, he's gonna notice that suspiciously HUGE picture frame bolted to the wall.

2. Gun In A Clock (Or Some Other Object)

There are all kinds of small objects that can be hollowed out to make spaces just big enough for a gun.

These are better than pieces of furniture, because you have more options for where to put them.

They're still not secure, though, so you've basically just left a gun lying around for anybody to find (unless you add a trigger lock).

If you go with this option, make sure it blends in well.

It's also not a good idea to use these when you've got kids in the house.

(Trust me, they can find anything, and they'll find ways to break things you can't even imagine.)

3. Gun In A Hollow Book

Hiding something in a hollow book always makes me feel like a super-spy.

These are better for hiding, because if you have a lot of books, finding your gun is like finding a old gun-shaped needle in a books-shaped haystack.

The problem with these, though, is that they're hard to get to under stress.

When a guy is coming at you with a knife from across your living room, he's not going to wait while you thumb through your books, you know?

A Better Option For Hiding Your Guns (AND KNIVES)

A better option for hiding your guns, or ANY metal weapon (like a knife) is a gun magnet.

These are powerful magnets that let you stick your gun ANYWHERE (including where your kids can't get to them).

That means you can put them any place that your gun is most easily accessible, yet still hidden.

Plus, since you're basically creating a custom hiding spot based on where you install the magnet, a burglar won't have any way of knowing what your hiding spot looks like.

(Unlike if you buy a commercial gun-hiding device, because bad guys can look through catalogs and websites too!)

If you want to hide a gun in your home for a home invasion, then, you're best bet is to pick the hiding spot FIRST, then install the magnet to hold the weapon.

Not only that, but gun magnets are very affordable compared to gun-hiding furniture, and they even work for knives (here's one that one of my employees keeps under his kitchen table):

You can check out the powerful, extremely budget-friendly magnet that I like on this page.

Just think through your hiding spot, and access to it, before you get started.

If you ever do need it in a home invasion, you'll be glad you did.

How Do YOU Stage Weapons… Or Do You At All?

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Is It True That “People Who Carry Tactical Pens Can’t Fight?”

People Who Carry Tactical Pens "Can't Fight"?

One of the things about reading self-defense information on the Internet is that anybody can say anything.

Recently I stumbled across a YouTube video that was all about how people who carry “kubotans” can't fight.

This caught my attention, because a kubotan, a tactical pen, and a flashlight are all the same thing.

(They're all small, rigid objects that people use as force multipliers in a fight.)

That means the guy in the video was telling a whole lot of people they're not capable of protecting themselves.

So, I gotta ask…

Is It True That People Who Carry Tactical Pens “Can't Fight”?

People Who Carry Tactical Pens "Can't Fight"?
People Who Carry Tactical Pens “Can't Fight”?

There's a short answer to that question, of course.

I mean, people ask inflammatory questions like that because they're trying to drive “clickbait” “hate-views,” you know?

Tell somebody they're stupid, or they can't fight, and they'll fall over themselves to tell you that you're wrong.

But in this case, the answer to that question – is it TRUE that you can't fight if you carry one of these tools – is obviously NO.

But you might be surprised by WHY it's “no.”

People who carry tactical pens, kubotans (sometimes called “yawara”) and small flashlights as striking tools all have different amounts of training.

But anybody carrying one of these tools understands one super-important thing:

These tools all work because PHYSICS says so.

See, when you hold a rigid object like a tactical pen or a kubotan in your hand, the smaller tip of the object AMPLIFIES the force of your blow.

The kubotan or pen hits HARDER than your fist alone, because the force is concentrated.

And because the pen or kubotan can't feel pain and is a lot harder than your knuckles, what you've got is one HELL of a weapon that makes ANYBODY more prepared for a fight.

But people who carry these tools do make 1 important mistake.

They usually limit themselves to just one tool.

  • If you carry a kubotan, all you have is a dowel – which can hit hard, but can't be used for utility.
  • If you carry a tactical pen, you have a kubotan that also writes, which is great – but it isn't a flashlight.
  • If you carry a flashlight, you can light your way in an emergency… but you don't have a pen to write with.

But what if you could carry ALL these things in the same, compact striking weapon and utility tool?

It's called the STRIKEPEN, and you can see more about it here.

The STRIKEPEN is a milled alloy pen with a scientifically tested texture for a great grip.

It writes well, but it ALSO incorporates a bright LED emitter (as you can see in the picture) and a tungsten striker.

(It even includes interchangeable tools, one of which is a blade, the other of which is a wrench and bottle opener.)

This is the “Swiss Army Knife” of tactical pens – a combination pen, kubotan, and flashlight that can still fly “under the radar” while it's protecting you.

It's easily the best tactical pen I've seen yet… but don't wait to get yours.

The website where I buy them has limited inventory, and once these are gone, they're gone.

Get yours – and get protected – today.

And, hey, the fact that you're more than equipped to fight to protect yourself will be our little secret…

…no matter what random guys on the Internet have to say about it.

Do You Carry A Pen Every Day? What About A Flashlight?

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