MCS 208 – Guided Chaos Close-Quarters Hand-To-Hand Combat

Guided Chaos Self-Defense Tactics | Al Ridenhour
Guided Chaos Self-Defense Tactics | Al Ridenhour
Guided Chaos Self-Defense With LTC Al Ridenhour!

Real “street fights” aren't the pretty, choreographed scenes you see in the blockbuster action movies.

They're chaos!

Without training, that chaos leads to wild punches hoping and praying for a lucky knockout blow that will end the fight quickly.

I don't like relying on “luck”.

I'm guessing you don't either, eh?

Well, in this week's podcast episode, LTC. Al Ridenhour, reveals how to generate (and control!) explosive, fight-ending striking power Рeven in extreme close-quarters environments!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Why you already possess all the power you need to take down an attacker even twice your size… and how to tap into it at-will!
  • How to FEEL and ANTICIPATE your attacker's next move so you can strike him where he's open and most vulnerable! (This is going to almost seem like a “magic”… but it's easier than you think!)
  • Why “movement” is so critical in a real street fight… and what to do if mobility is a real problem for you.
  • Smaller? Older? Weaker? Yes, that makes you more likely to be targeted… but LTC. Al will show you how to launch a surprise counterstrike your attacker will never see coming!
  • A simple “guided chaos” training drill to begin tapping into your built-in hand-to-hand superpowers!

Yes, you're more of a badass than you even realize!

And this week you'll be one step closer to walking down any street without fear!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

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