Real Ground Fighting Street Fight Tactics: How To Pound A Grounded Attacker!

Jeff Anderson

You've heard the statistics before, and most of them are made up on the spot.

“X percent of fights go to the ground!”

It's hard to attach a real number to that, but in a real street fight, it is very likely you could end up on the ground.

On your back on the pavement is the last place you want to be.

You can't fight back while you're on the ground…

…and you could easily get stomped to death.

But, you might be saying, maybe I'm the one on top.

Maybe it's him who's on his back on the pavement.

Well, even if you have the opponent on his back and you are on top, your options are still limited.

I spoke with combatives expert Damian Ross about this, and here is a run-down of what he told me.

How To Pound A Grounded Attacker!

Street Fight Ground Fighting Tactics: Ground & Pound
Damian Ross

Fighting on the ground limits your ability to use your body's weapons.

Even in a superior position, doing effective damage to the opponent can be hard.

There are certain strikes or attacks that work best on the ground when you're on top of your attacker.

Using these could give you the advantage you need when you are essentially performing “the old ground and pound” on the enemy.

Until you find yourself in this position, you won't be prepared for how what you might normally do won't work well.

1. Open Hand Strikes

First of all, when you're on top of a grounded attacker, use open-hand blows.

These are the heel of the hand and the edge of the hands.

The reason these work is that they take advantage of the body's natural weapons.

Your knuckles are relatively fragile, and if you strike something hard with them — like a skull — you run the risk of hurting yourself badly.

Unlike a closed fist, when you strike with the edge of the hand or the heel of the palm, you can hit a relatively hard object without hurting yourself.

There's another reason that you need to use the heel of the hand or the edge of the hand, though, that has nothing to do with the skull and how hard it is.

That is that you might miss.

2. Arcing Strikes

If you miss the attacker's head, you could strike the ground.

That means hitting pavement in a lot of cases, or at the very least a hard floor.

There is nothing worse than smashing your knuckles onto pavement.

You can't operate a gun or effectively manipulate a knife after you've done that.

Use an arcing type of motion, not a linear strike.

(Avoid straight punches, in other words.)

That way, if you do miss the attacker's face, you won't be slamming your hand directly into whatever is on either side of it.

If he moves his head six inches to either side, it's all over for your hand.

3. One Knee Up, One Knee Down

While you're on top of your attacker, keep one knee up and one knee down.

This helps you maintain your balance.

When he covers up — and he's going to, with you beating on him — hack his arm with the edge of your hand.

Move his arm out of the way and continue to target his neck and head.

Pin the arm if you can.

Once you get his arms out of the way, he's done like dinner.

Remember, this isn't a give and take like in sparring.

You have to tap into your natural bloodlust and go as hard as you can.

Even if you're in great shape, a confrontation like this will leave you exhausted.

You've got to recover from the adrenaline dump and do what you have to do.

Have You Ever “Grounded And Pounded” Someone? Have You Ever Had To Fight On The Ground?

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MCS 196 – Top 5 Self-Defense Myths… BUSTED!

Real Street Fight Self Defense Techniques
Real Street Fight Self Defense Technique!

It's the same with ALL “tactical arts”…

Sometimes it's not a matter of what you DON'T know that's a danger… but rather it's the skills you DO know that could actually end up decreasing your chances of survival.

And when it comes to how to defend yourself against a real “street fight” attack, this is especially true.

Not all combatives systems (or martial arts) are the same and it's critical you know what works… and what DOESN'T work in a real fight.

That's why, for this week's podcast episode, I asked my buddy, Damian Ross, to share with us his “Top 5” biggest self-defense mistakes he sees… AND how to fix these mistakes right away so you don't end up a victim.

He had some GREAT tips I know you're gonna love!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Self-Defense Myth #1: Why the “multi-year” martial arts plan FAILS students! (And why you mustn't follow this same path!) 
  • Self-Defense Myth #2: Are you “training to wait”? I hope you're not falling for this common dojo mistake!
  • Self-Defense Myth #3: The “mirror test” and why your mind may be your biggest enemy in prepping for a real attack!
  • Self-Defense Myth #4: The “don't hurt me” programming problem that self-defense schools are screwing up with their students!
  • Self-Defense Myth #5: Guns vs. fists! Why you CAN “karate chop a bullet” in more way than one!

Damian is a real no-nonsense fighter and trainer.

He pulls no punches with how he views real self-defense training… because he's solely focused on your survival – and REAL results!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

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MCS Podcast 33: Street Ground Fighting With Damian Ross

Groundfighting Street Fight Self Defense

Groundfighting Street Fight Self Defense

I know you've heard the so-called “street fight stats”…

“85% of all streetfights go to the ground”, right?

Hell, I think I've used that statistic at least a bazillion times myself… and regardless of the actual numbers, the fact is you are likely to end up on the ground in a real fight – and that's the last place you want to be!

In this week's broadcast, we're joined by Damian Ross to share his most brutal tactics for surviving a ground fight and unleash Holy Hell on your attacker no matter how bad the odds may be.

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Here's what's in store for you in this week's broadcast…

  • The critical difference between “grappling” and “ground fighting”… and how one of them could get you killed unless you understand this important definition!
  • The best ways to avoid getting trapped on the ground (and how to quickly get back on your feet if you're thrown, dragged, or tackled in close quarters)!
  • Brutal strikes that will end the fight fast!
  • How to avoid getting stomped to death by multiple attackers when you're trapped on the bottom of a ground fight!
  • How to train for groundfighting (and why a training partner could actually be the WORST thing to help you prepare)!

No self-defense plan is complete without making sure you know how to survive if the attack takes you to the ground.

Check out these simple tactics now and discover the true secrets to groundfighting survival!

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