Sheepdog Tactical Tips: 3 Things Separating Sheepdogs From “Gun Nuts”

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Recently I reread the tragic story of the homeowner who, because he had a gun, laid a trap for some neighborhood burglars.

He moved his truck so they would come burglarize his house.

Without calling the cops, he waited in hiding for them to enter the home, and when they did, he stalked them and shot him.

He’s paying for his crime for the rest of his life… and this could have been avoided!

Crossing the line into becoming the aggressor is one of the mistakes that separate responsible gun owners, the true “sheepdogs” of the world, from the delusional gun nuts.

I can think of no better expert on that topic than Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.

Recently, I discussed these issues with him, and here are some of the lessons learned from our discussion.

3 Things That Separate Sheepdogs From The Delusional “Gun Nuts”

Sheepdog Tactical Tips From Lt. Col Dave Grossman
Sheepdog Tactical Tips From Lt. Col Dave Grossman
Dave Grossman
Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

Most people who follow the “tactical” community, most people who are armed and at least a little trained, want to consider themselves “sheepdogs.”

The problem is that there are a lot of guys out there who buy a gun and consider themselves “sheepdogs” without the training and preparation to back up that attitude.

These are the people who delude themselves into thinking they’re ready for violence… and when things get only too real, they’re the first people to get in the way, or make things worse, in a real violent altercation!

Understand this: There is a continuum between the “sheep” of society — the people who don’t take responsibility for self-defense — and the sheepdog, the people who look after everyone else, who are prepared and ready to do violence to protect their loved ones and their communities.

There are no ultimate sheepdogs, however, and there are no ultimate sheep:

There are only people who live somewhere up and down that continuum.

Sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves are a metaphor we use to explain life.

There are many ways to look at this model, but to truly be a sheepdog and not a delusional gun nut requires that you do three things.

Sheepdog Tip #1: Carry As Much Gun As You Can Comfortably Conceal.

Don't carry a mousegun if you can carry and conceal a full-sized pistol.

I know, I know: It can be inconvenient to conceal a full-sized gun.

The fact is, though, lots of people do it every single day.

It isn't hard and, while it make require you to make some concessions where your wardrobe is concerned, this isn't much of a sacrifice where your life and the lives of your family are concerned.

When you're staring down three thugs determined to mug you and rape your wife, what do you want on your side…

…A .22 caliber mini-revolver that is accurate to about three feet away…

…or a full-sized 9mm or .45 that you can use to quickly take down all three of them if you have to?

Sheepdog Tip #2: Train With That Weapon

If you're going to carry ANY gun, you should be training with it constantly.

There are too many gun owners out there carrying guns that have never even been fired.

You would be amazed how often that happens.

Any gun you carry is a tool of lethal force used in life-and-death scenarios.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to log thousands of rounds of training with that weapon.

If it's worth carrying, it's worth knowing, inside and out.

Sheepdog Tip #3: Live Your Life In Condition Yellow!

Stay aware of your surroundings at all times.

That means being armed, being prepared, and being aware at all times.

But condition yellow as an armed citizen doesn’t JUST mean that you should carry as much gun and ammo as you can comfortably conceal with you.

I say conceal because you should be living what John Farnham calls “the stealth life.”

The rest of the world should not see you passing.

You’re low key, you’re not looking for trouble, and your focused on survival.

You want to keep your loved ones as safe as humanly possible, which means not drawing attention to yourself.

Think of it as partisan warfare against criminals.

We are fighting a guerilla war against the wolves, choosing the time and place of battle… not walking around with a bull’s eye on our chests.

Keep these tenets in mind and you’ll be one step closer to living the sheepdog lifestyle, rather than just joining the ranks of the delusional gun nuts.

The sheep need you, the sheepdog, to protect them from the wolves.

Don’t let them down!

What Sets YOU Apart From The Delusional Gun Nuts Out There?

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Sheepdog Concealed Carry Handgun Training Drills: Mastering Your Personal Defense Handgun

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

A lot of gun owners are overconfident in their abilities.

They make a few trips to the range, punch a tight set of holes in a paper target from 7 yards away, and think they’re ready to draw down on a real predator.

But a paper target isn't the same as some street thug ambushing you without warning as you're putting groceries in the car.

To prepare for THIS challenge, you’ve got to train in a way that’s safe…

…but that’s still going to give you a realistic sense of what it really takes to defend yourself in the chaos of a violent attack.

I can think of no better man to address this than the man who popularized the “sheepdog” concept, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.

Recently, I discussed this with him, and here is what he explained to me.

The #1 Challenge (And SOLUTION!) To Mastering Your Personal Defense Handgun

Mastering Your Personal Defense Handgun
Concealed Carry Handgun Training Tip
Dave Grossman
Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

There’s a measured continuum of violence you can use to protect your home, your church, your school, whatever environment you’ve got to keep safe.

But to do that, you must embrace a defining challenge from now on.

That challenge is setting a standard.

It’s more violent than ever out there.

Homicides are up after being down for decades.

The fact that they’ve gone up again is pretty scary.

Setting a standard, and then fighting to meet it, is the only way you’ll continue to meet the challenge of defending your family and yourself.

Let me explain:

Every 16 year old boy sweats bullets over passing his driver’s test.

You, your security team, your survival group… any armed citizen should be sweating bullets over passing the qualification standards you’ve set for your firearms training.

Here are three solutions to meeting the challenge of setting a standard.

1. FIGHT To Your Standard!

Whatever your personal training standard, you should be FIGHTING to meet it.

Don't set your goals so “realistically” that you never feel challenged.

You should always feel like you've got to go above and beyond to get to the next hurdle so that your training gains will actually mean something.

Here's another example:

Millions of people take martial arts.

Only a couple thousand are active competitors.

Which of those people do you think are better prepared to defend themselves in a crisis, all other factors being equal?

Is it the people who just go to class, put the time in, and never feel challenged?

Or is it the people actively testing themselves and pushing to become better?

What we want to do is turn our firearms training into what these martial arts already are…

…and that is a challenge to keep fighting to meet.

2. Compete Against A Standard!

Now, with that in mind, don't confuse competing against other people for actually competing against a standard.

When you compete against a benchmark YOU set, then YOU are constantly competing against a new measuring stick.

That means that YOU are your own worst opponent.

Understand that and keep competing to better your own skills by trying always to beat your best.

Only when you adopt that mindset will you really start to push yourself.

3. Push That Envelope!

Complacency will get you killed when it comes to training.

If you're training in a lazy way, if you've gotten accustomed to performing at a certain level and not going any farther, then you might as well not be training at all.

Whatever your training, whatever you choose as your standard, push that envelope.

If you have a security team for your church, your community center, whatever, if YOU are the security team, have a standard that people have to work actively to meet and maintain.

Keep pushing that envelope personally.

If you’re not actively fighting to get better, you’re missing this critical challenge… and you’re not the sheepdog you think you are.

Only when you are constantly striving for improvement can you truly consider yourself one of the sheepdogs protecting your family and society…

…and only then will you truly be meeting your full potential.

Do You Consider Yourself A Sheepdog? Why Or Why Not?

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MCS Podcast #112: The Path Of The Sheepdog With LTC. Dave Grossman

Sheepdog Lifestyle With Dave Grossman

Sheepdog Lifestyle With Dave Grossman

The “sheep” of our society live in a state of denial.

Despite the horror stories on the evening news, they choose to look the other way and – when it comes to their own safety – ignore the fact that there are wolves “outside” their door – opportunistic predators who prey on the weak through violence.

But then there's you…

The kind of people who listen to our podcast and train with our programs are the “sheepdogs” of the world – the protectors.

However, being a “tactical sheepdog” means more than just owning a gun and giving claiming the nickname…

… it takes the right mindset… knowledge… skills… and equipment.

And this week, the legendary Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is here to help you with all four of these critical factors for walking the path of a true protector.

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  • Anatomy of a “sheepdog” protector – the fundamental factors that separate you from the “wannabe's” who only think they're prepared to save their loved ones in a real attack!
  • The “sheepdog mind-set” and how to prepare your mental game to face each day with supreme confidence!
  • Training like a true protector so your skills will back up your conviction at the moment of truth when violence rears its ugly head your way!
  • The “tools” of the sheepdog – cutting edge advice on gadgets and gear that will back up your skills and make you even more prepared than ever to face the dangers outside your door!

As I always say…

…a new world of threats demands a new kind of Patriot!

The time is NOW to walk the talk.

Do YOU Walk The Path Of A Sheepdog?

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