3 Bugout Survival Mistakes Even “Doomsday Preppers” Make In A Forced Evacuation

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Whether you're in the path of a disaster or things are heating up in your area when it comes to civil unrest, you may be thinking about bugging out.

The problem is, you may make a critical mistake that ruins the rest of your survival plan before it can even begin.

If you screw up early on, you'll be fighting from behind the curve the whole time you're trying to survive.

I asked survival expert Jeff Kirkham to identify three mistakes even experienced preppers make, and here is a summary of what he told me.

3 Bugout Mistakes Even Trained Preppers Make!

3 More Bug-Out Mistakes Almost Every Prepper Makes
3 More Bug-Out Mistakes Almost Every Prepper Makes
Jeff Kirkham

Most people, when it comes to bugging out, think to themselves, “Okay: I'm going to grab my bug-out bag, throw it in the car, and head off to the wilderness.”

Maybe you're not going to the wilderness; maybe you're going to grandma's house down the road.

You should have a specific place in mind and a plan for bugging out, of course.

Your plan, vague as it might be, still hinges on getting away from the danger and to somewhere safe.

But there are some critical decisions you have to make along the way… and if you screw them up, you won't survive.

Mistake #1: Bugging Out When You Don't Have To

Your home is your castle.

You should stay there if you can.

When you bug out, all you have to sustain you is what you can carry with you.

Just think of all the tools and supplies you could conceivably need when you are bugging out.

If they won't all fit in a bag that you can carry on foot, then you won't necessarily have them with you when you need them.

If you bug out and you didn't really have to, you've just left yourself WITHOUT all that needed gear.

Now, you might be thinking, “But I'll carry those things in my vehicle.”

That brings us to…

Mistake #2: Failing To Prepare Your Transportation

So what do you have packed in your bug-out vehicle?

You would carry in your vehicle anything that you might need that is too bulky or heavy to carry on your person.

When you have a vehicle in which you can move with your loved ones, the extra size and weight doesn't matter…

…until it does.

Remember, where dependents are involved, you may have to be able to move them, so if you've got kids who can't keep up with the adults, you've got to have a wagon or stroller or something in which they can ride.

Two-wheeled vehicles are also an option, including motorcycles and even bicycles.

Distance equals safety, so you've got to get away.

A vehicle helps you do that… even if it's just a bicycle.

But if you can't get to that vehicle, or it breaks down, that brings us to…

Mistake #3: Forgetting That You May End Up On Foot

Bugging out on foot is one thing many preppers will end up doing.

If your vehicle breaks down, or you can't get fuel, or the highways are clogged, that means YOU.

You need to make sure you have the right foot gear and that you have practiced hiking in it.

If you have great boots, but you've never used them, you could end up with blisters.

You're not going to get very far away from a threat with bleeding feet, and you're not going to move very fast.

Going on weekend camping trips with your family is one way to practice bugging out.

It's not just physical activity and it doesn't just build community; it's also a learning experience, teaching you which of your equipment you don't need and what does or doesn't work.

The time to learn that your equipment is unnecessary or, worse, doesn't do what you need it to do is NOT when you are bugging out.

Think of camping as a bugging out dry run of sorts.

It also helps get your team or family used to the exertion and the experience of bugging out.

Remember, in a real emergency, exhaustion equals death.

Get out there, outside your comfort zone, and start training with your gear and practicing your bugging out.

Taking the time to do so now could save your life when it really matters.

What Bug-out Tips Would You Share With Your Fellow Preppers?

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MCS 216: Green Beret Survival Secrets From Jeff Kirkham’s “Black Autumn” Book

Black Autumn Book Review
Black Autumn Book Review
Black Autumn Book Review & Survival Tips With Jeff Kirkham

Few people know how bad things can get in a “collapse” than Jeff Kirkham

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This Green Beret Says, “90% Of all Bug-Out Survival Plans Are DEATH TRAPS!”. Here Are 3 Reasons Why…

Jeff Anderson

Once you got serious about prepping, you probably sat down and put together a basic bug-out plan.

You probably built a bug-out bag and you have a vague idea of what you'd do if you were forced to leave your home in an emergency.

Television and movies, including shows like “Doomsday Preppers,” make bugging out seem like an adventure – something that's even kind of romantic and exciting.

But the reality is that YOU might turn out to be the weak link in your plan, even if you think you're prepared.

I spoke with former spec-ops soldier and survival trainer, Jeff Kirkham about this issue, and here's a summary of a few tips he shared with me…

This Green Beret Says, “90% Of all Bug-Out Survival Plans Are DEATH TRAPS!”. Here Are 3 Reasons Why…

Bug Out Survival Planning For A Disaster
Does your bug-out survival plan pass this test?
Jeff Kirkham

There's no shortage of it on the internet…

“Bug-out” survival plans and bug-out bag packing lists that are based more on fantasy than real-world experience.

In fact, you can ask any soldier who has ever had to live out of a backpack for any amount of time and you'll (hopefully) get the same answer I've come to after seeing how most people are preparing for a disaster or crisis…

90% of the bug-out plans most people put together are “death traps”!

But what dooms their survival plans isn't leaving out some critical piece of must-have gear or being betrayed by some nefarious member of their survival party.

The fact is, too many people sabotage their own bug-out plans.

Here are three ways they do just that:

1. Most People Fail To Even HAVE A Bug-Out Survival Plan

Failing to have a plan is the worst mistake that people make when it comes to survival.

Too many preppers think, “Well, I've got my bug-out bag and I've got my food supply, so I'm good to go.”

Essentially, their planning stops there.

The reality is that when an emergency happens, all of a sudden you will learn just how many holes there are in your vague ideas of what you'll do.

Anything you didn't account for… anything you didn't prepare to deal with… becomes a surprise.

In survival, surprise can equal death if you can't adapt fast enough.

The best thought-out escape-and-evasion or bug-out plans will fail when things don't go as you anticipated them going.

2. They Overestimate What They Can Carry In Their Bug-Out Bag

A lot of people have bug-out bags, but they haven't taken into account that they can't carry it because it's too heavy.

This is a HUGE shortfall when it comes to survival planning.

Everybody is focused on the gear (and lots of it!), which leads to a false sense of confidence.

They pack everything but the kitchen sink so they won't have to go without… but they fail to realize that if the bag is just too heavy to carry, you won't be able to get half a mile down the road.

If you can't carry your own bag, how will you deal with the fact that children or other team members might have to live out of it too?

There's no excuse for this because you should be carrying your bag over long distances just to make sure you can do it.

Take your bug-out bag camping… take it hiking… whatever… but get out there and test it.

That brings me to…

3. They Don't Realize Their Body's Physical Limits

Bugging out is one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do.

The whole time you're doing it, your body is under stress.

We all like to think we're superhuman… that we're “tough guys”… that we can do whatever it takes.

The fact is, though, your body has limits… and when you hit them, you WILL fail.

Failing physically in a bug-out situation could literally mean DYING.

It could mean watching helplessly as your family members die, too.

Most people absolutely are not prepared for the physical exhaustion that comes into play during a bug-out scenario.

This is (again) why it's so important that your bug-out bag not be too heavy.

  • The lighter your gear, the faster you will be able to move.
  • The faster you are able to move, the less time you will spend under the stress of a bug-out.
  • The longer you spend out there in the field, the more time there exists for the situation to deteriorate.

Stress and exhaustion also play hell with your ability to think, to adapt, and to plan… so all these things are locked together.

Keep these three things in mind when planning ahead for disaster… and when bugging out during an emergency.

You need to account for everything you possibly can BEFORE an emergency occurs…

…because when it's all happening, it will be too late if you're not ready, and you can't afford to be the reason your survival plan fails.

What Bug-Out Tips Would You Share With Your Fellow Preppers?

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MCS 193 – Common Bug-Out Plan Mistakes (Through The Eyes Of A Green Beret!)

It was probably your very FIRST attempt at prepping once you got serious…

… your bug-out bag!

Am I right? (Close? :-))

Yet despite all the “fantasy survival b.s.” you find on the internet, surviving a forced evacuation requires more than just a cool looking “battle backpack” stuffed with a case of MRE's.

So what IS the best way to prepare your bug-out bag and evacuation plan to prepare for a disaster, crisis, or collapse?

Well, in this week's episode, you'll hear from a nearly 29-year Green Beret who has actually HAD to bug-out to save his own life… and he has a LOT to say about the biggest mistakes most people are making!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • How a real-life “escape & evasion bug-out” led this career spec-ops soldier to claim that most bug-out plans people are using are ‘death traps' that could get them killed in a real disaster!
  • Bug-out threats! What dangers lie waiting for you and your family outside your front door when you realize it's “go-time”!
  • How to avoid becoming a “bug-out refugee” when the spit hits the fan!
  • “Spec-ops strategies” for getting to your loved ones to safety – even when the world around you is crumbling!
  • How to go “ultralight” with your bug-out bag (while all the Doomsday Preppers are carrying around gigantic “death bags”).

Don't make the same mistakes as the “zombies” inhabiting your neighborhood.

The time to plan for a forced evacuation is NOW… and these tactics will make sure you get on the road fast and headed in the right direction to keep you and your family alive!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

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