MCS 236 – Prison Predator Mind-Set For Self-Defense

Real Street Fight Prison Tactics
Real Street Fight Prison Tactics
Are YOU Prepared For A Real Street Attack?


Arguably the most dangerous environment in the modern world, it's not only an everyday “battle zone” of gang beat-downs, rape, even murder…

… it's also a predator's ultimate “training academy”, churning out more prepared, more effective, more deadly criminals that eventually head back out onto the streets to put their new-found skills into practice.

The best way to defeat the criminal predators who are the product of this “higher education” is to know what they know about how they target – and attack – their victims.

So for this week's podcast, I interviewed “felon-turned-fight expert”, Jermaine Andre, to give us some in-depth insights into the criminal's mind-set… and how to beat them at their own game!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Why prison felons are laughing at “how stupid you are”… and how to turn their own joke right back on them!
  • Predatory Targeting: What criminals look for when choosing their next victim!
  • How to tell if you're dealing with a TRUE “prison-educated” violent aggressor… or a just a wannabe knucklehead (AND why it matters!)
  • Unarmed “prison fighting” secrets! Exactly how felons are trained to attack to overcome their victims as quickly as possible.
  • FIGHTING BACK! How to defeat a violent prison felon… even if you've never been in a fight before in your life! (Yes, it's possible… and Jermaine tells you exactly how to respond when “escape” isn't an option!)

This is a rare chance to get deep inside the criminal's mind… from someone who has lived the lifestyle and knows their deepest, darkest secrets of violence!

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MCS Podcast #88: Prison Fighting Secrets With Jermaine Andre

Prison Fighting Secrets

Prison Fighting Secrets

As an inmate in America's toughest prisons, you're literally faced with the potential of “kill or be killed” on a daily basis.

To survive, you must condition your mind, your body, and your fighting skills.

As much as we “talk” about the reality of real street fights within the self-defense training arena, when it comes to truly surviving a violent, vicious attack by the asocial predatory criminal, most martial arts fall short.

So we caught up with combatives expert, fight champion (and ex-felon) Jermaine Andre to get his insights and first-hand experience about what it took to survive “on the inside”… and how YOU can use this knowledge to your advantage should you suddenly come face-to-face with a hardened criminal.

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Here's what you'll find in this week's episode…

  • The “street thug mindset”: What the experienced felon knows about choosing and attacking his victims that most people can't even comprehend!
  • How to know when you're facing an “experienced” felon capable of unspeakable violence vs. just the average barroom knucklehead who poses little threat.
  • What it REALLY takes to win a fight when you're staring eyeball-to-chest with a bigger, stronger attacker who's ready to separate your head from your shoulders!

  • “Dirty fight moves” that you can master NOW for when you suddenly realize that there's no such thing as a “fair fight” in the streets!

  • Real-world training tactics to prepare you for facing a professional predator (WITHOUT having to go rob a liquor store in order to enroll on a “prison proving ground”!)

This is a rare opportunity to gain into the “prison fight science” you'll never want to face.

And the secrets you'll discover will make you better prepared to identify a true threat… and surprise your attacker with a brutal counterattack!

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MCS Podcast 44: Knife Defense Tactics To Survive A Street Ambush!



Would it surprise you to know that the knife is 3 times as deadly as a gun in a real street attack?

It's true!

And when you're facing the cold, sharp steel of some street thug's blade, you damn well better forget all those fancy, schmancy knife defense moves you see in the movies and on television.

And Jermaine Andre knows from experience!

The reality of what it takes to survive is going to force you to call on not just technique… but also a complete mental shift of what you're actually fighting.


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Here's what awaits you in this week's episode…

  • What makes a knife attack so deadly that the FBI considers it to be an even bigger threat on the street than any firearm!
  • “Red flags” you MUST know in order to get advanced warning you're  being targeted for a knife ambush!
  • Will you get cut?  Some experts say “yes, always”… others say they can teach you how to never spill a drop of blood.  But they're all asking the wrong question and you'll finaly discover the truth.
  • Should you try to disarm your attacker?  Or fight the man holding the knife?
  • Realistic training strategies for defending against a blade!  (Safe… and FUN!)
  • How to fight with a knife (and train for the ultimate weapon battle)!

It's almost an absolute certainty that if you're ever targeted for a street crime, your attacker will be armed with a knife.

The information you're about to discover could mean the difference between life and death.

Listen in… train… survive!

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