Rally Your Family In An Emergency: Survive An “Instant Disaster”

Rally Your Family In An Emergency: Survive An "Instant Disaster"
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

One of our biggest concerns as preppers is, what if an event happens and I’m not near my family?

Because that’s most likely what’s going to happen.

You're going to be at work (once this pandemic is over).

Your spouse is going to be out, either at work, running errands, or whatever (once people do that again).

The kids are going to be at school (once schools open up again).

If an emergency happens, how do we rally our families when the grid is down, when the cell phones aren't working, and your loved ones are separated from you and from your survival location?

I talked to survival expert Jonathan Hollerman about this issue, and here is a summary of the advice he gave me.

How To Rally Your Family Together In An “Instant Disaster”!

Rally Your Family In An Emergency: Survive An "Instant Disaster"
Rally Your Family In An Emergency: Survive An “Instant Disaster”
Jonathan Hollerman

You'd be surprised to learn just how many people are prepared.

They have food stores, they have water, they have purifiers.

But they never focus on different scenarios, especially if they're separated from those supplies.

Communication is the key!

You've got to plan it out ahead of time.

Here are three tips for rallying your family in an emergency:

1. Have A Written Plan Of Action For Multiple Scenarios

The first thing you have to do is make a plan and WRITE IT DOWN.

Writing down the plan makes it possible to refine it and to teach it to all the members of your family.

Don't just pay lip-service to it.

For every likely issue you might encounter, have a written plan.

Consider what could come up and plan out your family's response to it.

Do NOT have a family conference about it, however.

The heads of the household should draw up the plan and and share it with the dependents.

This isn't a vote.

It's a plan that you impart to your dependents.

2. Know Your Kids' Plans

Because you can't predict when an emergency will occur, you have to be flexible.

If your family isn't together when an emergency takes place, you have to know where to find your loved ones and plan ahead for what they'll do.

This will allow you to react accordingly.

For example, what will your kids' school(s) do in an emergency?

How will you get your kids home, and where can you expect to find them?

Understand how those logistics will work and plan it out.

That way, you can work to get all your family members together in the same place based on the starting points they'll each have.

3. Have a Fallback Plan

You know that old saying, “no plan survives first contact with the enemy?”

Well, every plan can go wrong.

Most of them will, in fact.

You've got to plan ahead for when things go wrong, because in an emergency, anything that CAN go wrong probably will, and at the worst possible time (as Mr. Murphy likes to say).

Make sure you have a fallback plan if all else fails, or if the emergency scenario doesn't fit any of your other drawn-up plans.

As part of this, you must have a specific rally point.

That rally point allows you to know that, no matter what else, there is one specific place to find your family members in an emergency.

But your family can't get to the rally point if they don't know what it is, and they aren't certain they're supposed to go.

As in all things, plan out your family's survival BEFORE an emergency strikes!

What Are Your Survival Plans For Your Loved Ones?

Please Share Your Advice Below Now…

3 Critical Steps To Take NOW To Survive A Grid-Down Blackout Collapse!

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

You take it for granted every day, and you depend on it for EVERYTHING.

It is ELECTRICITY, and with our fragile electrical grid essentially held together with duct tape and hope, it’s only a matter of time before we experience another widespread blackout like the Northeast United States did just a few years back.

What’s worse, terrorists have figured out that our grid is a point of vulnerability — and we’ve already seen what may be the first tentative steps to target our electrical grid for destruction.

When a grid-down blackout strikes there will be many factors you’re going to need to plan for in order to avoid being one of those 281 million Americans who won’t survive…

…but there are three you had better get on RIGHT NOW (and yes, I know we're all in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic… but this is very serious food for thought).

Here is a summary of advice given to me by survival expert Jonathan Hollerman when we talked recently…

The Three Most Critical Steps YOU Should ALREADY Have Taken To Prepare For A Grid-Down Blackout Collapse!

Jonathan Hollerman

A long-term loss of the electric grid will be infinitely harder to survive than a massive financial collapse, for instance.

Outside of the financial collapse, it’s also the MOST LIKELY thing to happen in our future.

In the best-case scenario we’re looking at a minimum of SIX MONTHS without power, more likely a year or two, and at that point our country will probably have lost 80 to 90 percent of its population.

There’s no plan of action that the military or DHS can put into effect to feed 300 million Americans without the electric grid, and people need to understand that.

That means you’ve got LOTS of prepping and stockpiling to do… but it also means there are…

3 Critical Grid-Down Blackout Survival Planning Tips You Should Already Be Doing…

Okay, let's take them by the numbers.

There are more things you should be doing to survive for a grid-down blackout collapse, but these are three of those most critical ones.

First of all…

1. Don’t Tell ANYONE That You’re A Prepper.

It's natural to want to talk about prepping.

After all, we naturally want to discuss what interests us… and we may feel we owe it to our friends and neighbors to explain to them the need to prepare.

The problem is that if people know you are prepared, they know you have supplies…

…And that means your doorstep is the first one they're going to show up on if things go crazy and they need to survive.

Don't expect your friends to stay your friends during social chaos.

They'll ask… and beg… and finally, they may resort to violence to take what they want.

Make your prepping a closely guarded secret.

That way, none of your neighbors will come looking to kick in your door when they are starving and desperate.

2. Store Enough Food And Water For 1 YEAR.

If you can't eat and drink, no amount of gear in the world will help you survive a crisis.

Only having adequate stores of food and water will see you through the worst of it.

Our government recommends preparing for a few days to perhaps a week.

In a long-term survival situation, that's going to leave you thirsty, starving, and desperate.

You have GOT to be preparing for more than just a few days.

A grid-down crisis could go on for MONTHS.

Keep that timeline in mind and make storing food a constant, revolving process.

3. Make Sure You Have Protection, And I Don’t Mean Just Physical Shelter.

You’ve got to have weapons and supplies for fighting off the human predators that your neighbors will become when they are starving and looking to stay alive.

You may think it can't happen to the people you know.

You may think the folks who know you're a prepper would NEVER turn on you.

The harsh truth is that they can and they WILL.

When people are desperate to live, they'll do almost anything to ANYONE.

That includes you.

Your survival stores must therefore include the weapons, ammo, and other gear you can use to fight off hostiles who want to take what you have.

Don't put off your prepping.

Don't tell yourself it can't happen to you.

See to these three things NOW, before the next crisis hits.

You need all the time you can get to be ready.

What Other Grid-Down Collapse Survival Tactics Do YOU Think People Need To Focus On?

Please Share Your Best Blackout Survival Tips Below Now…

MCS 240 – Grid-Down Survival Lessons From Venezuela’s Collapse

Venezuela Grid Down Collapse
Venezuela Grid Down Collapse
Grid-Down Collapse: Could The U.S. Suffer The Same Fate As Venezuela?

If you ever want to see what life is like in a post-apocalyptic world, look no further than Venezuela!

With the collapse of this once thriving country's entire economy, a recent collapse of their electrical grid put the entire nation back to the Dark Ages.

Starvation… chaos… looting… disease… death…

Are these all just isolated to other countries that lack the resources we have in our “modern world”?

Maybe not.

In fact, in this week's podcast episode, “grid-down” expert, Jonathan Hollerman, returns to our show to share his personal insights into survival lessons we can all learn from Venezuela's crisis!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The TRUTH about the U.S. electrical grid! (C'mon… we can't REALLY be as vulnerable as some “3rd world country”, right?)
  • Venezuela vs. U.S.:  A side-by-side comparison of what life would REALLY look like in a grid-down blackout!
  • Little-known services and resources most people take for granted that could literally disappear OVERNIGHT with the collapse of our own electrical infrastructure!
  • Beyond food and water: The “OTHER preps” you should consider in your off-the-grid survival plan.
  • Your most critical “next steps” to sleep with confidence that you and your family will be 100% prepared when the lights go out… and STAY out!

The threat is bigger (and closer!) than you think. These grid-down survival tips will help you prepare for the worst while there's still time.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What OTHER Survival Lessons Do You Notice From Venezuela's Grid-Down Collapse?

Please Share Your Best Tips And Questions In The Comments Below Now…

MCS 174: Instant Disaster Survival Tips With Jonathan Hollerman

How To Survive An Instant Disaster

How To Survive An Instant Disaster
Instant Disaster Survival Tips With Jonathan Hollerman

It may come when you least expect it…

… a “no-warning” disaster or crisis that finds you separated from your family and away from all your pretty survival gear.

It could be a grid-down blackout… a tornado… earthquake… terrorist attack… whatever it is, your and your family's safety is on the line and you've got to react IMMEDIATELY to bring everyone together and get to safety.

Are YOU prepared for the “instant disaster”?

You will be after this week's podcast episode with survival trainer, Jonathan Hollerman, as we discuss the supplies and plans you need to always be “at the ready”!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Your first 3 actions you MUST take as soon as you see the signs a disaster, crisis, or attack is headed your way!
  • Personal “everyday carry gear” (EDC) you should have on your body for instantaccess!
  • What to do when you're at WORK and a crisis strikes!
  • Survival gear for your VEHICLE so you're always prepared… even when between destinations!
  • How to rally your family together at a moment's notice even if you're all in different locations when the balloon goes up!

Too many people rely on their “home survival gear” to get them through a crisis… and never realize that some disasters aren't going to give you a head's up warning with time to get home to your family and supplies.

These “instant disaster” survival tips will help you fill in the gap.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Other “Instant Disaster” Survival Tips Do You Have?

Please Share Your Personal Response Tips Below Now…

MCS Podcast #101: Defeating Your Blackout Enemies With Jonathan Hollerman

Grid Down Blackout Survival Tips

Grid Down Blackout Survival Tips

It's a threat so powerful that government experts – including NASA, the CIA, and the Pentagon – have warned that it could wipe out as many as 281 million Americans in the first year alone.

Yet, not surprisingly, very few people are doing ANYTHING to get ready and are relatively clueless of the danger we face in our future.

I'm talking about a wide-scale grid-down blackout that could plunge our country back into the Dark Ages in an instant.

It could come from a natural disaster… EMP… solar flare… or even a terrorist attack on our outdated electrical grid system.

Whatever is the cause, you can be sure of one thing…

… the “unprepared” mass of our citizens will turn on one another… and YOU!

In this “no b.s.” look at life with the lights out, survival expert and best-selling author, Jonathan Hollerman, reveals your best strategies for dealing with your #1 threat in a grid-down scenario: people!

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Here's what you'll find in this week's episode…

  • Why a grid-down blackout is the worst-case scenario that keeps many government officials up at night!
  • What you can expect to see when you look out your window at your fellow citizens dealing with the “disaster”!
  • The #1 thing you MUST do right now to give you and your family a fighting chance when people around you are starving!
  • How to deal with a “nosy neighbor” (BEFORE the sh*t hits the fan)!

  • Why you need a “Plan b”… and what it is! 

The time to prepare isn't when your television stops working and your refrigerator stops running.

This is the type of event that requires you take steps NOW.

We'll help you get started.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Other Steps Are You Taking To Defend Yourself And Your Family In A Grid-Down Blackout?

Please Share Your Survival Tips Below Now…