MCS Podcast #92: Handgun Disarm Myths, Misinformation & Lies With Larry Wick

Handgun Disarm Techniques

Handgun Disarm Techniques

When dealing with firearms your life is on the line.

One mistake… and you’re DEAD!

Unfortunately, most traditional self-defense moves against an attacker armed with a gun focus on a variety of joint locks, take downs, punches, or throws – all the things that require intensive training and have only a slight possibility of working successfully in a realistic situation.

And Larry Wick knew from experience!

Larry raised a lot of fury in the martial arts world when he tested his “split second” disarm skills against a live firearm. Arguably not the smartest training move to say the least.

But that’s who Larry was… and his recent passing leaves an empty whole in the world of reality-based self-defense.

In this tribute broadcast from our archives, you get a chance to hear Larry share his unique perspective on handgun disarms – and his no b.s. approach to what REALLY works when you’re staring down the barrel of a loaded gun.

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Here's what you'll find in this week's episode…

  • Why most traditional handgun disarm moves could actually get you KILLED in a real attack!
  • The absolute WORST thing you can do when you're staring down the barrel of a gun!
  • How to know “when” to time your disarm counterattack!  (It's critical you make the right move at the right time!)

  • How to surprise your attacker so he never even knows you're about to strip him of his weapon!

  • Handgun disarm training tips… based on real-world violence!

Larry will be missed.

But the no-b.s. truth he shared about surviving a real attack will never die.

Not if I have anything to do with it.

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