Multiple Attackers: Self-Defense Against Mobs (Who Do I Hit First?)

Self Defense Against Multiple Attackers: Mob Violence /Flash Mob Defense
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

Facing multiple attackers is one of the most life-threatening encounters you could ever face.

Most training for street fights is done focusing on one-on-one attacks.

This isn't realistic.

The REALITY is that, on the street, you are much more likely to be outnumbered.

Criminals choose odds that favor them.

Given the chance, they WILL outnumber you.

So who do you target first?

I talked to combat expert Moni Aizik about this scenario, and here is a summary of the advice he gave me.

Self-Defense Against Multiple Attackers: Who Do I Hit First?

Self Defense Against Multiple Attackers: Mob Violence /Flash Mob Defense
Self Defense Against Multiple Attackers: Mob Violence /Flash Mob Defense
Moni Aizik

Obviously, when you are facing multiple attackers, you have to choose someone to hit.

You can't hit them all at the same time.

So who's it going to be?

Some instructors recommend attacking the “leader” of a group.

Some say to attack the loudest guy, who is probably the biggest bully.

Some say to attack the one who is armed.

While it varies from situation to situation, there actually isn't a single right answer.

Here are three tips for facing multiple attackers.

1. Choose Your First Strike

If one attacker does seem dominant, it MIGHT be helpful to strike that person first.

Taking out the perceived leader of a group of thugs might take the spirit out of the others.

They might be taking their cues from the worst of them, and when he goes down, their resolve falters.

Then again, you might do just the opposite.

If one of the attackers seems quite weak, you might choose to hit him first in order to break through and escape.

It won't necessarily cause the other attackers to pause if you take down the weakest one of them, but if it gives you the escape route you need to run through their ranks, then it doesn't matter.

Whoever you do hit first, do so with maximum aggression.

Your life is on the line and you can't afford to waste any time.

2. Know HOW To Hit

If you did hit someone in a multiple attackers scenario, are you confident they would go down?

Hitting someone ineffectively in that situation might make it that much WORSE for you.

If you just make them angry but don't take them out, you're in for a good stomping-to-death.

You absolutely need to know how to hit hard enough to knock someone out.

Knocking someone out puts them out of the fight as quickly as possible, allowing you to deal with the other threats.

It's possible to do this with an open palm, which prevents you from breaking your knuckles.

Use fakes and checks, drawing attention or pushing the attacker in one direction, then hitting from another.

It's all about learning to move in and around multiple attackers quickly.

3. Stay Mobile!

To do that moving around, though, you can't afford to get rooted to one spot.

It's the simplest thing in the world to say, but you MUST stay mobile.

Don't stand in one spot!

Moving targets are better able to avoid attacks while seeking a better position from which to flee.

Keep moving so you're a harder target to hit… and when you find your opening, make a break to escape.

Remember… failure means getting stomped to death!

Don't let it happen to you.

The time to train for a multiple attacker scenario is now, before you face such a threat.

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MCS 171 – Defeating Multiple Attackers With Moni Aizik

Multiple Attackers Self Defense Techniques
Multiple Attackers Self Defense Techniques
How To Defeat Multiple Attackers In A Real Streetfight!

Facing multiple attackers in a real streetfight is one of the most life-threatening encounters you could ever find yourself in!

Unfortunately, most “self-defense training” is done with a heavy focus on one-on-one attacks… even though the reality is that most criminal attacks aren't always a one-on-one scenario.

Criminals don't want a “fair fight”… which is why they use weapons and troll in gangs to stack the odds in their favor – whether for a parking lot holdup or a violent home invasion.

Of course your best defense in a multiple attacker fight is to get away as quickly as possible… but you and I both know that this isn't always an option and you may have to fight for your life against 1, 2, 3, or even MORE attackers.

That's why, in this week's episode, I asked my old friend (and Israeli Commando), Moni Aizik, to share with us his best tactics for surviving this very real threat!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • How to develop a “multi-attack mind-set” so you don't defeat yourself before the attack has already begun!
  • “Who” to hit FIRST! This is the most debated question in the multiple attacker self-defense strategy… and these tips will make sure you don't hesitate on your pre-emptive strike!
  • Real-world close-combat tactics that will destroy your attackers one-by-one as they crumble at your feet!
  • Controlling the “battlefield”: How to use movement (and your environment) to your advantage when surrounded by attackers!
  • Simple training strategies for multiple attacker scenarios!  Really good tips in this one!

Multiple attacker self-defense strategies are an absolute necessity for any “protector”… and these tips will get you well on your way to mastering this critical need.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

Do You Train For Multiple Attacker Self-Defense Scenarios?

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MCS Podcast 42: Commando Handgun Disarm With Moni Aizik


My apologies for today's podcast – it's from our archives and…

… the audio sucks!

But please spare me the harsh comments because I have a good reason for not having our normal broadcast ready to go…

Problem is, my home town has been devastated by our worst flooding in recorded history and I've been helping out with relief efforts.

Homes are destroyed and people have lost their lives… but I didn't want to break our routine any more than necessary so hopefully this old interview I did with “Commando Krav Maga” creator, Moni Aizik, will give you some good material to chew on.

Thanks for your understanding… and your prayers.

~ Jeff

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