Will Off-Body Concealed Carry Get You Killed In A Real Gun-Fight?

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

A lot of people think off-body carry is a bad idea.

They point out that you might not have the gun when you need it.

Never carry a gun unless it's on your person, they caution.

Carrying in a bag or purse could get you killed, they warn.

So are they right?

I talked to firearms expert Omari Broussard about off-body carry.

He told me there are certain things you have to do to make off-body carry work for you.

Here is a summary of what he had to say.

Will Off Body Carry Get You Killed In A Real Gun-Fight?

Off Body Concealed Carry Tactics
Off-Body Concealed Carry Tactics
Omari Broussard

If you're going to make off-body carry work, you have to be able to get to your gun when you need it.

You also have to be able to deploy that gun to deliver potentially lethal force.

This is serious business.

It means you have to take a principle-based approach.

Let's cover three of those principles now:

1. Your Bag Is Your Holster

Treat your bag like a holster, because it is one.

Just tossing your firearm in any old messenger bag or even a briefcase isn't good enough.

Yes, you've got a gun with you.

But can you get to it when you need it?

Your bag, as a holster, should have a sturdy, dedicated pocket for the gun.

Nothing else should be kept in that pocket.

It should cover the trigger guard completely.

The same principles that apply to good concealed carry holsters apply here.

If a holster with the same qualities would be junk, a bag with those qualities can't be trusted.

2. Your Bag Must Be Mobile

A bag that is too heavy or too large won't be a comfortable or mobile “holster.”

You'll always be finding excuses to put it down or leave it somewhere “safe.”

If the bag is so heavy that it hurts your shoulder, you won't want to have it and you'll give up on carrying (even if you tell yourself you'll carry it when you think you “need to”).

Stay way from big backpacks, too.

Something so big that it slows you down is too cumbersome to be useful and hinders your ability to respond in a gunfight.

A messenger bag is better than a backpack.

It should be relatively light and not too bulky.

3. Stay In Control

Choose a bag over which you can maintain positive control.

What this means is that it should never be flopping around loosely, and it shouldn't be something your enemy can grab onto or even snatch away.

Use your off hand to control the bag as you deploy your gun.

You can then bring your support hand up to the gun as you extend it on target.

Keep these principles in mind and you can make off body carry work for you.

It can and will save your life.

The first rule of defending yourself with a gun is to HAVE A GUN.

Off body carry might be the best means of making that work for you.

Do You Carry Off Body? How And Where Do You Carry Your Gun?

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MCS 182 – “Off-Body” Concealed Carry Handgun Tactics

Off-Body Concealed Carry Handgun Tactics
Off-Body Concealed Carry Handgun Tactics
How To Use Off-Body Concealed Carry Tactics For Your Handgun!

Whether it's a backpack, briefcase, or the cheesy old “fanny pack”, carrying your firearm off your person has its drawbacks…

… but it ALSO has some serious advantages for the concealed handgun carrier!

If you've ever been frustrated with not being able to wear certain clothes because your belt-worn firearm bulges in all the wrong places, then this is the podcast for you!

In this week's podcast episode, combat-focused firearms expert, Omari Broussard, reveals how to think “beyond the belt”, and make off-body concealed carry work for YOU!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Why “off-body carry” has become the hottest new tactic for concealed firearms!
  • Exactly what to look for when choosing an off-body carry option for your handgun!
  • How to maximize your additional off-body storage advantage with defense-focused “everyday carry” gear!
  • Little-known secrets for a lightning-fast draw-stroke – even when your gun isn't on your belt!
  • Simple-yet-effective “training drills” for off-body concealed carry deployment!

Expand your concealed-carry options to better prepare for a real gunfight in any environment… under any conditions!

When done right, off-body carry can grant you versatility no other concealment method can touch!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

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Do YOU Use Any Off-Body Concealed Carry Options For Your Handgun?

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MCS Podcast #77: Shooting On The Move With Omari Broussard

Shooting On The Move

Shooting On The Move

Real gunfights aren't anything like your local gun range!

Unlike the static, relaxed “lanes” you're used to firing on, real attacks are dynamic and EVERYTHING will be in motion…

… your attacker will be charging… family or bystanders will be running for cover… and instead of standing there in your perfect “isosceles stance” engaging the threat…

…YOU too will be on the move!

Or at least you'd better be if you want to survive!

But is it really possible to engage an attacker effectively with your firearm while you're in motion?

This week's special expert, Omari Broussard, says “Hell yeah!”… and reveals his best tips for how you can master this critical “combat focus” skill – even in your own home!

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Here's what you'll find in this week's episode…

  • Challenging the skeptics: Why even so-called “tactical” live-fire schools could be setting you up to fail in a real gunfight!
  • Navigating obstacles on the run! How to “read” your surroundings… and even prepare for a worst-case face-plant into the pavement!
  • “Combat Coordination” – How to juggle multiple engagement factors when all your skills need to come together at once in order to survive!
  • Accuracy on the move – Is it a myth? Or the mark of a “gunfight guru” that anyone can develop?
  • Do-it-yourself “at home” gun training tricks that will help you master the critical life-or-death skills of shooting on the move!

This is an episode you're not gonna want to miss… and the tricks and drills you pick up from Omari should be on your “hot list” for scheduling into your gun training right away.

These tips could literally save your life in a real attack!

Resources Discussed In This Podcast:

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