Real Street Fights: Throwing Your “Combat Switch” For Self-Defense Against Multiple Attackers!

Self Defense Against Multiple Attackers: Mob Violence /Flash Mob Defense

Jeff Anderson

Facing multiple attackers is the most dangerous thing you can do.

That's because if they get you down on the ground, they could easily stomp you to death.

Facing one guy isn't necessarily a life-and-death situation, although it could be.

Facing a bunch of people at once almost certainly is.

To succeed, you've got to be able to throw your “combat switch.”

You probably have a vague idea that this is the combat mindset you need to be truly ruthless in a life-or-death fight.

But how exactly do you go about developing that, and what does it really mean to you?

I spoke with my friend Ron Grobman about this, and here is a run-down of what he had to say to me.

Throwing Your “Combat Switch” For Multiple Attackers!

Self Defense Against Multiple Attackers: Mob Violence /Flash Mob Defense
Self Defense Against Multiple Attackers: Mob Violence /Flash Mob Defense
Ron Grobman
Ron Grobman

Your combat switch is that change in your mindset that is going to help you unleash your full power and your full potential.

Throwing that combat switch is what will help you destroy the person in front of you.

So, this begs the question:

  • How do you establish that switch?
  • How do you develop it?
  • How do you identify what it is and then incorporate it in your training?

Here are three tips for developing your combat switch, including two drills.

1. The Hallway Drill

The first of the two drills is called the hallway drill.

Think of it as running a gauntlet.

You have to have a number of training partners to do this drill.

  • The training partners form two rows of people, creating a hallway.
  • The person doing the drill has to make their way through the gauntlet.
  • The whole time, the people on either side are striking at them, hitting them, grabbing them.

The person going through the hallway can fight back, and their goal is to make their way through the gauntlet.

You can scale the intensity of this drill based on how much force the participants are willing to use.

(Obviously, it would be easy to get hurt doing this, so take that into consideration when determining how much force to use.)

2. The Ring Of Fire

The second drill is related to the first, but with some variations.

It's called the ring of fire.

You get enough people together so that they can surround the student with their arms interlaced.

(This isn't a fighting drill, because the people in the ring have their arms locked together and can't fight back.)

The student's job is to use sheer brute force to break through the ring.

Meanwhile, the people forming the ring do their best to stop that person.

The drill trains you to use brute strength against a seemingly impossible blockade.

You have to bust out despite them stopping you.

3. Learn That Nothing Is Impossible

The two drills just described put you in a mindset that helps you develop your combat trigger.

They do this because they teach you to do extraordinarily difficult things.

Getting beaten by 20 people while you are fighting back is amazingly difficult.

Busting out of a circle of people determined to stop you is likewise difficult.

Once you've proven to yourself you can do these things, you train your brain to “throw that switch” and do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals.

You learn that you are capable of these great feats, and you learn the attitude that you have to have in order to do so.

When you have to fight, you fight, even if the task seems impossible.

It hinges on fear and anger.

When fear turns to anger turns to determination in the face of impossible odds, you learn to completely unleash yourself.

That is your combat switch.

Learning to throw it, and developing it through this type of training, could save your life.

How Do You Train To Face Multiple Attackers? What Drills Do You Use?

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MCS 164: An Israeli Spec-Ops High-Stress Shooting Drill

Israeli Military Point Shooting Tips
Israeli Military Point Shooting Tips
Discover How This Israeli Spec-Ops Shooting Tip Can Make You A Better Gunfighter!

What did you see the last time you went to the local gun range?

My guess is that it was a line of shooters all taking slow, careful aim at a paper target 7-10 yards downrange, right?

But is that REALLY how you think you'll be attacked?

In a real street attack, you can damn well be sure that some thug is going to be right up in “bad breath zone”… strike with no warning… your heart will be pounding in your chest… and your hands will be trembling as the shock hits you!

But fighting back may be your only option if your attacker isn't satisfied with simply running off with your wallet.

So what's the best way to make a stand… get to your gun… and engage your attacker in such a high-stress encounter?

Well, in this week's podcast episode, former Israeli special forces soldier, Ron Grobman, will share a cool training tip you can use down at the local gun range to make your training more realistic!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • What most shooters are getting completely WRONG down at the local gun range! Think back to your last trip to the range and I know you'll recognize this common mistake!
  • A simple training drill you perform BEFORE you pull the trigger that will help you recreate that “I'm fighting for my life!” feeling that will make you twice as prepared for the real thing!

High-stress shooting is the only way to train for a real gunfight.

For further training, be sure to join us in the New World Patriot's online training area as Ron shares his best tactics in an exclusive interview this week!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Other Training Tips Do YOU Have For High-Stress Shooting?

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MCS 159: The Ultimate Close-Quarters Combat Secret

Close Quarters Combat Self Defense Training
Close Quarters Combat Self Defense Training
Is This The Ultimate Close Quarters Combat Secret For Self Defense?

It's taken me DECADES of dedicated close-quarters combat training to really “get” this…

The victor of any attack depends on something more than just “techniques” – it's something much deeper… and more primitive!

In fact, I can confidently say that if you don't master this one single “survival factor”, all the self-defense techniques in the world won't do you a damn bit of good.

So what exactly is this “close quarters combat secret”?

Well, at first listen, it may sound too simple to be so powerful.

But I promise you… it's DAMN powerful!

And “simple”?

Well, yes… if you follow the instructions in this week's podcast episode with former Israeli spec-ops soldier, Ron Grobman, as he reveals how you can master it (today!) to be virtually invincible in a real street fight.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • What spec-ops soldiers… prison felons… and barroom brawlers know about surviving a violent attack (that you don't!)
  • How to stare into the eyes of a vicious street thug… and show no fear!
  • The “switch”!  ('nuff said)
  • Why “control” of your self-defense techniques ISN'T as much of a factor as you think it is!
  • Real-world “street fight” drills you can do to master this life-saving tactic (with our without a partner!)

Even if you've never trained a day in your life, the lessons in this podcast can literally transform you into a hand-to-hand warrior.

It's not “magic”… and not everyone can do it… but I'm betting YOU will take this advice to heart and put in the small amount of work you'll need to make this skill second-nature!

Have You Developed Your Own “Switch” To Survive A Real Street-Fight Attack?

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MCS 147: The Night Gunfight: Surviving A Low-Light Criminal Attack

Night Concealed Carry Pistol Training

Night Concealed Carry Pistol Training

I'm sure you've heard the FBI stats…

…80% of all criminal attacks occur in low-light environments.

It could be a dark parking lot ambush… or a nighttime home invasion… because criminals are smart enough to realize that in low-light they have a better chance of making you their victim and less chance of being identified for arrest.

Now let me ask you…

How well trained are YOU with your firearm for a nighttime attack?

If you tell me you spend 80% of your training on low-light counterattack, I'd be shocked.

But now worries… in this week's broadcast, former Israeli spec-ops soldier, Ron Grobman, will reveal his street-proven secrets for fighting back in the dark!

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Here's what you'll discover in this week's episode…

  • The Israeli spec-ops “mind-set” you must adopt to be fully prepared for a low-light attack!
  • What you DON'T know about a night ambush… that you don't want to find out the hard way!
  • How to transition from “fighting” to “SHOOTING” when you're attacked without warning in the dark!
  • Going from a “defensive” reactionary mode to full-on “take the fight to the enemy” aggression with the flip of a switch!
  • How to train for a low-light gunfight… even when your local range frowns upon turning the lights out!

The dark can be your enemy… or your ally… all depending on how prepared you are for this challenging environment.

The wolves of our society are training for this.

Are you?

Resources Mentioned In The Broadcast:

Now It's Your Turn To Share Your Best Nighttime Gun-Fighting Tips!

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