The 3 “Mental Warfare” Principles That Separate The Peasants Of Our Society… From the WARRIORS!

Jeff Anderson=== From The Editor===

According to Scott Bolan, an expert on the topic of “mental warfare”, victimization begins in the mind and long before any type of crisis or attack is experienced.

Victims are the ones who get herded into refugee centers to suffer.

Victims are the ones who get their guns taken away… and who have no backups to use to protect themselves.

Victims are the ones who freeze during a mugging, a home invasion, or an attempted rape.

I recently caught up with Scott and asked him to define what he feels decides the mental “victory” in the battle over self-mastery – and here he offers…

The 3 “Mental Warfare” Principles That Separate
The Peasants Of Our Society… From the WARRIORS!


Are you priming yourself to become a victim?

Or are you preparing for victory?

You've GOT to have the right mental attitude, the right warrior mindset, if you're not going to let yourself become a victim… and this is something the masters of mental and physical warfare have known for centuries.

Famous tacticians and masters of strategy like Sun Tzu taught that to defeat your enemies, to become VICTORS and not victims, you must attack your enemies where they are weakest…and that to defeat them without fighting them is the truest victory.

This is all mental warfare, which is not concerned with appearances or honor.  In mental warfare, there is no such thing as a “fair fight”.

There is only winning, and making your enemy do most of the work for you.

Mental Warfare Defines Who Is A “Warrior” – And Who Is A “Peasant”…

In mental warfare, there are warriors and peasants.

Peasants are people who live by default. Warriors are people who live and think by design.

Peasants are people who go through life as dependents.

They are status-conscious, comfort-seeking consumers.

Are you more concerned about saving up enough money for their next iPhone than putting that same money into developing the skills, equipment, and knowledge it takes to protect your family?

Are you too worried about what people think to stand up for your principles and defend yourself?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, you're a peasant..

The Curse Of The “Peasant” Mind-Set…

Peasants swallow whatever they are told by the media.

They are conditioned to respond in a Pavlovian fashion.

In terms of mental warfare, peasants don’t take responsibility, for themselves or for anything else, and this is the key to understanding this mindset.

They don’t take responsibility for their own strength, their growth, or their safety.

For example, a peasant wouldn’t want to learn self-defense or own a gun to defend his or her home.

They default to how they feel emotionally about that, rather than dealing with reality.

In other words, a peasant is an emotional idealist, who is willfully ignorant of how the world works and how dangerous it is.

Worse, peasants don't defend their liberty, or the freedom of their families, from assault.

Do you want to be a peasant… or a warrior?

How To Live The Life Of A Warrior…

A true warrior is someone who, according to the tenets and principles of mental warfare, fights for his own self-mastery.

There are 3 of these principles:

  • Warriors take responsibility for their own strength, for their own growth, and for their own safety.
  • Warriors are realists who live by design.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have fun or that they don’t dream big dreams.

It doesn’t mean that they aren’t creative.

It means they enjoy comfort and society, but are not defined by society or by comfort-seeking.

It also means…

  • Warriors are the ones who protect themselves and their families.

In other words, warriors understand preparedness and self-sufficiency.

They plan for survival.

They develop themselves.

Where the peasant says, “Feed me and I will obey,” warriors create their own food supply independent of the “system” or crisis they find themselves in.

YOU can be such a warrior, such a VICTOR.

YOU can protect your family.

It all starts with preparing to survive, in preparing to deal with emergencies, social chaos, and all the things that can go wrong in our dangerous world.

What Are Some Other Attributes Of The
“Warrior Mind-Set” You Think Are Important?

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MCS Podcast 29: Mental Warfare Secrets With Scott Bolan

Mental Warfare With Scott Bolan

Mental Warfare With Scott Bolan

Do you want to be able to defeat any “bully” – whether it's the drunkard at the bar or the self-serving co-worker at the office?

Maybe you'd like a higher salary… more peace of mind… perhaps even attract a new lover?

While you can go out and find books, videos, and expert advice on “techniques” that will attempt to help you learn these techniques, the bottom line is that it all begins with your mind… and how you use your natural powers of “mental warfare” to enrich your life and fill you with the confidence of a Master.

It's easier than you think and this week you'll get an inside glimpse (literally) of what you're capable of as renowned expert, Scott Bolan, shows you the way.

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Here's what's in store for you in this week's broadcast…

  • The 2 types of people walking the mental warfare “battlefield”. (One of these is classified as the “peasants” of our society.  Hint: Don't be that one!)
  • The everyday-Joe's guide to the Law Of Attraction – and how to effortlessly bring in more moolah, power, and love into your life.
  • No punches, kicks, elbows, or headbutts – here's how to defeat any attacker with nothing more than your mind!
  • How to bend anyone to your will instantly… and get them to do whatever you want willingly!
  • No-nonsense tips for developing your own natural powers of “mental warfare”… today!

Your enemies will never know what hit them!

This really is a game-changer that forms a platform for all of your other survival skills!

What's Your Biggest Obstacle That's Holding You Back From Achieving Greater Success In Life?

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How To Obliterate ANY Attacker – In A Parking Lot… At Work… In Life!

Scott Bolan Self Defense

If your attacker weakens your confidence, they weaken your ability to follow-through on your intentions.

That could mean that bully in the parking lot or the co-worker who seems bent on sabotaging your workday.

I call it…

“The Target Obliteration Method” For Destroying Any Attacker

Scott Bolan Self Defense

This “method” is based upon simple principle rather than some magical, monkey death ninja move – but its power is hardly ever realized by the average person.

For example, in street combat… you either want to be miles away, or be “kissing close”.

“Miles away” could mean making a run for it – and if you're faster than your attacker, you've obliterated his plans to victimize you.

But when you're forced to resort to violence against violence, most people try to play with “ranges” and attack from the outside with long, wild punches or weak kicks.

That only delays the fight and becomes a “boxing match” that gives your attacker a chance to call on his dirty fighting tricks to take you out.

No… YOU want to be “kissing close”!

Your body's most devastating weapons – head-butts, knees to the groin, elbow smashes to the face and throat – these are the ones you need to be right up in someone's grill to pull off and destroy the attacker quickly with.

It's the same in other areas of your life…

Let's say you're being held up at work by a co-worker who is procrastinating on getting you information you need.

The more distance you put between you and the cause of your delay, you'll find you only give strength to even more delays.

Get “kissing close” by…

… making frequent “professional” stops with the co-worker or department head to… um… “check on progress”

… walking by their office numerous times during the day (even if it's the long way to the restroom)

… offering to bring them back lunch (because you know how busy they are with your project, right?)

Only by being “kissing close”, can you obliterate any attacker.

And as you can see, mastering “combat” is more than just kneeing someone in the groin (note – a knee to the groin is NOT a good motivator factor at work).

What Have You Found To Be Your Most Devastating Close-Quarters Combat Move?

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How To Fight With A Knife: The Stance That Could Get You Killed

Worst Knife Fighting Stance

According to the FBI, Knife Crime in the US is growing.

An Annual Crime Report showed 1,694 Murders in one year with knives and cutting objects.

And that’s ONLY counting actual homicides – not attempted murders and injuries!

It’s common knowledge why knives are used so often by criminals to attack their targets…

Knives are easy to conceal…
… easy to find anywhere
… no background check is required
… and they’re dirt-cheap!

Sure, I'm a firm believer in carrying a concealed weapon as a line of defense… but I also believe that you damn well better know how to use a knife in self-defense if you have to.

Frankly, no matter what your skills are, you are NOT fully prepared if you don’t know this.

But even a lot of the so-called “experts” fail to apply common sense to their knife-fighting tactics – even with something as basic as the correct knife-fighting stance…

The Knife Fighting Stance That Could
Get You Killed In A Real Knife Fight

Worst Knife Fighting Stance

Most people train “artsy” and get very fancy and dogmatic about how you should hold the knife.

It looks great in training and competitions, but in those situations they’re not really trying to KILL each other.

For example, take the common knife-fighting stance shown above.

It sure looks cool, but do you see how the primary lethal targets of the wrist and throat are easily exposed for a slash or jab?

Also, the weapon bearing hand has its knuckles exposed for an simple disarming slash

Now take a look at this knife-fighting stance in comparison…

Best Knife Fighting Stance

The chin is slightly tucked to protect the throat.

The knife leads the front at-the-ready and provides a pointed shield.

The other hand is still up for defensive action, but by turning the wrist inward it removes the lethal target of the wrist – so if that hand does get slashed, he’s still in the game.

That hand is also a shield for the throat and face (a slash to the eyes can be devastating as well)

See the difference?

It's simple knife-fighting tactics like this that can mean the difference between life or death if you're ever forced to defend yourself with a blade.

Don't bet your life on fancy moves that will get you killed!

Do You Include “Knife Fighting” In Your Self Defense Training?

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