An “Impossible” Wilderness Survival Fire-Starting Trick In Pouring Rain (That Works!)

Wilderness Survival Fire-Starting Tip

This is one of the coolest survival tricks I've ever seen…

A friend of mine, Tony Nester, runs survival classes and he once told me that above all, the hardest skill for students to learn is how to start a fire in bad weather.

Even if you have a lighter, rain and wind can ruin any attempt at a fire and leave you cold and wet with no relief – so he developed this…

Cool Wilderness Survival Fire-Starting Hack For “Impossible” Weather Conditions…

Wilderness Survival Fire-Starting Tip
Wilderness Survival Tip: How To Start A Fire In The Pouring Rain

Ok, here's what you do…

  • Buy yourself a bicycle tire inner tube (you can get one super cheap at any department store).
  • Cut it into about a 2-inch “rubber band” and wrap it around something you carry all the time (I wrap it around my SOG multi-tool sheath, but you could use a knife sheath if you have one).
  • If you need to start a fire, just pull it off and this one strip of thin rubber will actually burn for about 5 minutes, giving your fire a fighting chance to ignite and start a blaze.

Now one drawback is, it won't ignite with flint and steel and especially when it's pouring down rain (and trust me, Murphy's Law will make sure the time you need a fire most is when it will be the absolute worst conditions!).

That's why I always have some of those “magic survival matches” in my car's glove box and even a few in my everyday carry kit for emergencies, they're usually only about 10 bucks on Amazon and may very well save my life one day.

There are so many life or death situations that can be turned around just by having a fire available: boiling water to drink, providing warmth in extreme cold,  cooking food, sterilizing bandages, and even making a smoke signal if you need to be rescued.

What's YOUR Best Way To Start A Fire When Facing A Wilderness Survival Scenario In Bad Weather?

Please Leave Your Best Fire Starting Tips Below Now…

MCS Podcast #79: Snowmageddon Survival With Tony Nester

How To Survive A Winter Storm Stranded In Your Car

How To Survive A Winter Storm Stranded In Your Car

A sudden snowfall or blizzard can paralyze a city and make travel by vehicle a life-or-death venture.

Each year, people become trapped in their cars in the middle of nowhere in a storm – and many make mistakes that lead to death because they weren't prepared.

Are you?

If you were swallowed up by a blizzard and trapped in your car with no help on the way, would you know what to do to survive?

You will after this week's broadcast as survival expert, Tony Nester, reveals simple strategies for planning ahead as well as “during the storm” tactics to get out alive!

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Here's what you'll find in this week's episode…

  • No need to build an igloo! Tony reveals how to transform any vehicle into a snug and cozy “2nd home”while you wait for help to arrive.
  • Little-known secrets for staying hydrated when your water reserves run dry!
  • Exactly what food to store in your vehicle NOW so you can keep up your energy and warmth where others would starve in solitude.
  • Life-or-death mistakes “victims” make when stuck in a snow bank! (Plus, your exact 1-2-3 steps for staying alive and being rescued!)
  • SURVIVAL GEAR!  What to pack in your vehicle now for a worst-case scenario.

Even if you don't live anywhere near a single snowflake, this week's broadcast will help you prepare for ANY emergency you may find yourself in when traveling by car.

Is YOUR Vehicle Ready For An Emergency?

Please Share Additional Gear, Supplies & Tips Below…

Does Your Bugout Mobile Have These 3 Critical Vehicle Survival Gear Items?

Jeff Anderson

Have you ever seen the movie “Dante’s Peak?”

It’s a pretty good flick starring a Suburban.

No, I’m not kidding — Pierce Brosnan might be in the movie, but the star of that film is his Suburban 4WD, which saves his life over and over again as he contends with everything from flooded rivers to an erupting volcano.

A flood is probably more likely than a volcano, but a few of us are old enough to remember when Mount St. Helens erupted and dumped a ton of volcanic ash on the area, creating a massive state of emergency.

I recently talked with expert survivalist and trainer, Tony Nester, about what is the best survival gear for your bugout mobile and here are some tips based on what he packs away…

3 Critical Items Of Emergency Survival Gear
For Your Bug-Out Mobile


Tony NesterAre you prepared with the best survival gear to face a crisis?

Oh sure… you have your bugout bag ready to go – but making sure your vehicle has the proper equipment can greatly expand your preparedness far beyond your bugout bag and help you deal with emergencies that last at least a few days, or even longer.

In fact, no matter what the natural disaster or other emergency, when it comes to bugging out, you need to think of your vehicle as a kind of “rolling survival kit”.

Here are 3 critical items to pack in your “bugout mobile” that will make you far better prepared…

Tarps And Space Blankets For Fuel Efficiency

One thing you absolutely must have is something like a space blanket or emergency blanket.

There’s a product called Heat Sheet that is a little more durable than the typical emergency blanket.

You should also have a tarp.

The tarp isn’t something you’re going to wrap up in to stay warm on the highway.  It’s for when you’re out in the cold, or you’re stuck in the snow, and you’ve got to take shelter in your vehicle.

You can use that tarp or those space blankets together with some duct tape and seal off the unused portions of your vehicle behind your front seat.

If you’re in an SUV or a van, you seal off the portion behind the two front seats, taping and tying things up, pinning them where necessary.

Then you unravel the heat sheet.

That will make your vehicle much more fuel efficient in that it concentrates the heat in one area, allowing you to survive a lot longer.

This is a remarkably field-expedient solution.

Quality, Calorie-Dense Food That Doesn't Require Cooking

Another thing you should have in your vehicle is quality food that requires no cooking or heating.

One thing that is great for wintertime is, believe it or not, shortbread cookies.

These are high in fat, high in calories, and taste pretty good.

Add in some peanut butter and you have something that will get you through a cold night, where you may be burning through a lot of calories to stoke your inner furnace.

Having quality fuel in your car that doesn’t have to be cooked, which you can get inside you quickly on a cold night, will really help.

A New Wick Candle

I don’t know if Eskimos still live in igloos these days, but a single candle can heat an entire igloo.

A simple candle can therefore make all the difference for cold-weather survival in your vehicle.

It can be used for melting snow, boiling water, and warming the interior of your vehicle.

You can crack a window open and use it for all those different purposes.

The average candle will last between 36 and 48 hours… and while you’re using it, you don’t have to burn fuel or even have your vehicle running.

Equip Yourself Now With The Best Vehicle Survival Gear… BEFORE You Need It!

It doesn’t take much to prepare yourself for better survival in your vehicle.

Whether you are bugging out or just stranded in bad weather, having a few simple items on hand can really help you.

You don’t necessarily have to fight a volcano single-handed, but you DO have to plan ahead for common emergencies and problems.

Get ready now and you may save your life, or the lives of your family members, when the rubber meets the road.

MCS Podcast 51: Survival Strategies For Senior Citizens

Survival Planning For Seniors

Survival Planning For Seniors

We all know you need to prepare for disasters and unexpected crisis.

Food… water… self-protection… evacuation plan… gear…

But what if you're… um… “old-er” or have mobility problems like a wheelchair, walker or other obstacle holding you back from a fast bug-out decision?

Are you just doomed to sit in your home with Mr. Fluffernutter (your cat) and pray that your time hasn't come?

Not according to Tony Nester who's here to help you plan your escape or how to shelter-in-place for any disaster!

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Here's what awaits you in this week's episode…

  • How to plan for a forced-evacuation bugout when throwing a 50lb backpack over your shoulders and hiking off into the wasteland just isn't an option!
  • Prepping on a budget!  When your limited by a fixed-income, here's how to make every penny count and still be prepared.
  • Real-world self-defense tips against looters and opportunists who may target the elderly as “easy targets” when law enforcement response isn't available!
  • How to plan for your “prescription med stockpile” to make sure your most critical health aids are there when you need them and the pharmacies are all shut down!
  • Prepping with pets! How to get Fido to cooperate so you don't have to feel guilty about leaving your trusted companions behind… nor let them force you to stay and suffer your fate!

This has been one of our most requested topics and there are some great tips for anyone in there – whether you're a senior or a snot-nosed whippersnapper!

Have Any Other Tips For Survival Planning For Seniors?

Please Share Your Best Advice Below Now…

MCS Podcast 009: Prepping Your Bug-Out Mobile For When It’s Time To Get Out Of Dodge | Tony Nester

Survival Podcast - Survival Vehicles

Survival Podcast - Survival Vehicles

How to battle-dress your bug-out mobile without going all “Mad Max” in the hood!

When it comes to survival gear, you need more than a bug-out bag to get to safety.  Your main form of transportation is likely going to be your family vehicle… but not if you don't give it equal attention in your survival planning.

Survival expert, Tony Nester, knows what it takes to trick out your ride to meet any threat on your path to safety and reveals the simple steps you can take now to get ready to get out of Dodge!

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Here's what you'll discover when you listen in:

  • Beyond the basics – gear to stick in your vehicle TODAY that will help you survive an uncertain tomorrow!
  • Considerations on how to be your own emergency “mechanic”… even if you have a hard time finding your oil dipstick.
  • Obstacle breaching made easy!  When man or Mother Nature gets in your way, here's how to show 'em who's the REAL boss!
  • Defeating thieves, beggars, and unruly opportunists who think you should share  your gear… or they'll just take it!
  • Liquid gold! How to create your own “gas plan” that makes sure you have enough juice to get to your destination… even when the gas pumps are dead!

“Honey, make some space in the trunk! Daddy's got some new gizmos for the apocalypse!”

What Other Mods Have You Done To Your Vehicle To Prep It For Bugging Out?

Tell Us About Your 007 Oil Dump Tanks Below…