Bar Fight Self Defense Techniques

There's an old saying that goes something like…

…”If you don't want to get into bar fights… stay out of bars!”

Well, it's true that one way to avoid violence is to avoid going to the places where the “bad guys” hang out… you can't live your life with your head in the sand and pass up a vibrant social life, right?

Nonetheless, you never know when a “bully” can get up in your face when you're out having a good time… and you'd better know how to handle yourself to avoid a fight…

… or end the fight FAST if you have no choice but to defend yourself!

In this week's broadcast, you'll discover exactly what to do to emerge the victor!

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Here's what you'll discover in this week's episode…

  • Simple tactics to “survey” a club or other social event like a pro to pre-determine potential conflict zones!
  • How to respond to a “woofer” who's trying to pull you into a fight!
  • The secrets to showing NO FEAR to your aggressor (even though you're pooping your pants!)
  • Pre-emptive striking: How to tell when it's the right time!
  • This bouncer's surprising “first move” that backed down a bully… without a single punch! (Even weirder… this move was taught to him by his dog!)

Barroom bullies are itching for a soft victim to make themselves look tough.

This week's broadcast will show you all you need to know to stand your ground against any aggressor in a bar, restaurant, or parking lot… and make it home alive!

Have YOU Ever Had To Stand Up To A Bully In A Bar Or Other Social Environment?

Please Share Your Story And Best Self Defense Technique Tips Below Now…