Who Needs A Gun Range? The Best Dry-Fire Pistol Drills Can Even Be Done In Your Car!

Jeff Anderson[From The Editor]

Gun range – schmun range!

You don't need to throw on your 5.11 tactical pants and haul your buttocks down to some local shoot-house to shell out a good 50 clams for range time and ammo to improve your pistol skills.

In fact, my gun-buddy “Ox” just filmed a video (in his car… in the pouring rain) that shows you how you a simple trick you can use to practice a critical tactical skill.

Hell, you don't even need a gun to pull this one off…

A Nifty Dry-Fire Pistol Drill (You Can Even Do In Your Car!)

It only takes a few minutes each week to improve your tactical drills when you supplement your range training with these dry-fire pistol drills on handy cards…

What Other Dry-Fire Drills Do You Like To Train With?

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