MCS 202 – Top 10 Everyday Carry Gear Items For Concealed Handgun Carriers

Best EDC Gear For Concealed Carry
Here's The Ultimate Everyday Carry Gear Plan For Concealed Carry!

This week I have a challenge for you…

If you carry a concealed handgun for personal protection (or even if you don't, but still want to be “prepared”), then I'm going to let you in on a little secret…

… actually TEN little secrets about “everyday carry gear” (EDC) that I promise will not only surprise you with a few of my additions – but will force you to take a completely different look at how you view a violent attack.

My Mission:

Transform you from the “Average Joe/Jane” gun-owner into the ultimate prepared “Sheepdog” that you, your loved ones – and even our society – so desperately needs right now!

(Oh, and I have a special surprise announcement in this episode that you're not going to want to miss!)

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Why even the “experts” you read about in magazines could be horribly ill-prepared for the reality of a violent attack… even if they're armed to the teeth!
  • My PERSONAL “EDC Plan”! Steal it with my permission… and walk out your front door with more confidence than ever before!
  • How I carry all 10 EDC gadgets without ANYONE ever knowing they're there!
  • Be the envy of everyone down at the local range! No one will be able to match your level of preparedness.  NO ONE!
  • SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I want to send you all 10 of my EDC items in the mail!  (But I have a favor first. I'll explain in this week's episode.)

I've waited nearly 2 years to unleash this episode…

…and it's finally time to reveal all!

What Other Items Are In Your Everyday Carry Gear?

Please Share Your Best EDC Tips Below Now…

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