Best Everyday Carry Tactical Knives

Ask a dozen “knife experts” what's the best everyday carry knife to carry for self-defense and survival… and you'll get 3 dozen answers!

While what you carry for personal protection is mainly a personal choice, there ARE pros and cons for each class of knife that you need to be aware of BEFORE you have to put it into use.

In this week's broadcast, our resident “knife geek” over here at MCS HQ, Buck Greene, shares his analysis of 5 classes of everyday carry knives you might consider for your own blade arsenal.

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Here are the 5 classes of knives we'll review in this week's episode:

  • Tactical folding knives
  • Small fixed-blade knives
  • “Covert” knives
  • Automatic knives
  • Large fixed-blade knives

All blades have their purpose, their strengths, and their weaknesses.

Run your own personal choice through this checklist and let us know what you've chosen in the show notes on our blog!

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