Best Guns For Home Defense & Concealed Carry

What's The Best Weapon For Home Defense Or Personal Carry?

Well, let's face it… opinions are like bungholes and with so many choices of firearms on the market, how can you tell what's the best gun to buy for your personal arsenal?

Well, it's Todd Woodard's job to do all the research for you with his monthly testing reports that aren't sponsored by manufacturers or advertisers.  When he says it's good or bad, you know he's basing his opinion solely on experience!

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Here's what you'll discover in this week's podcast…

  • The little-known factors hardly any gun owners think about when choosing a weapon for home defense.
  • How to choose the best concealed carry firearm based on on something the magazines won't tell you!
  • The most overlooked firearm at the gun store. (It's not sexy… but it can be a real life-saver!)
  • No B.S. features to look for when choosing a tactical shotgun for home defense!
  • Is a carbine rifle really what you're looking for as the next treasure in your personal defense arsenal? We'll help you decide!

Don't buy any other guns until you've heard this podcast episode!

Any one of these tips could change your mind and save you a lot of wasted money.

What's Your Favorite Home Defense Firearm?

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