Best Personal Defense Ammo For Handguns

Ready to shoot some ammo?

After Part 1 in our “Tactical Ammo” series, you have at least one good candidate for a personal defense round for your handgun.

But you need confidence that your ammo won't fail you – in the gun or out of it!

MCS Editor, Jeff Anderson, shares 4 “lab tests” you can do yourself to not only test the integrity of your ammo… but its stopping power as well.

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Here's what you'll find in this week's episode…

  • Soak your ammo in these 3 substances to recreate environmental conditions that could affect whether your round fires in action.
  • A little-known “weak link” in cartridge integrity that could cause your firearm to explode!  (Worst part is, YOU may be helping it happen.)
  • How to tell if your round has the “stopping power” you need to defeat a meth-juiced attacker charging you at full speed!
  • Fun live-fire tests that will PROVE you have the ammo you can bet your life on!  (This could very well be the most fun you have on the range… ever!)

In a real gunfight, your confidence in your abilities… your weapon… and your ammo all play a factor in your survivability.

These 4 tests will go a long way in making sure what you're feeding your gun will never let you down!

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