Survival Tips From The Field

Sure, I get to network with the world's top survival experts and tactical gurus.

But by far, my favorite survival tips come from the men and women who come up and introduce themselves to me at the various shows I attend or speak at.

Then there are those who email us… post on our Facebook page… comment on our blog… or contribute inside our New World Patriot Alliances “inner circle” training events.

THIS is where I get some of my best survival tips, and this week, I thought I'd share 5 of them with you.

Oh, and if you have your own incredible survival, firearms, or self-defense tip, you'd like to share, just go to and let us know what it is.

If we post your tip in any of our media channels, we'll send you a free “thank you” gift for being our valued “expert” of the week.

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In the meantime, here's what you'll find in this week's episode…

  • Maria's weird “bug-out item” that will keep you warm… provide you with clean water… save your feet… detain unruly looters… and best of all, it weighs NOTHING and takes up very little space!
  • Neil's shocking story about “gas looters” following a disaster… and the hard lessons his buddy learned the hard way!
  • Tom's “cotton trick” that takes one of MY favorite fire-starting tricks… and makes it even BETTER!

  • What's better than a “space blanket”… shields your campfire… and comes straight from Home Depot?  Why it's Mary J's “attic hack”, that's what!

  • Tiny, cheap barter items you should always have ready for your “survival currency” during a crisis!

Thanks to all my “field experts” who submitted tips and make our community so special!

Do YOU Have An Awesome Survival Tip?

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