One of our readers, Ed Davis, sent me an interesting account from a man in Baltimore who went to the local WalMart in order to buy some ammo.

He and the others were turned away due to a new “store policy” that had them empty their shelves of all ammo – a decision made in response to the protests (and looting) happening 30 minutes away.

No surprise since WalMart is in bed with DHS on the “See Something, Say Something” protocol that snitches on legit preppers as potential “terrorists”.

Don't find yourself unarmed when your family needs you most…

Here Are 5 Ways To Make Sure You Never Run Out
Of Survival Ammo During Riots And Social Chaos…

Survival Ammunition Tips

1. Stockpile now.

The time to grab extra ammo ISN'T when the flames of a riot are nipping at your front door.

It's the same reason you don't wait to stock up on survival food like everyone else who will be scratching and clawing for that last box of Froot Loops when a disaster is headed your way…

When you need it the most… it may not be there for you.

2. Think small… stockpile big!

Most guys are proud of the “size” of their gun.

But round for round, a simple .22LR pistol and rifle ammo supply may serve you better than other calibers.

Plus, a .22 can be quite deadly… intimidating… more “silent” than a larger round… and you can carry a lot of it on you if you need to evacuate as a last-ditch defense.

However, if you've tried to buy .22 ammo lately, you know that it's been pretty hard to come by so there are other considerations as well.

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3. Follow NATO's lead.

This is one of the strategies I talk about in the “Firearms” section of my free survival weapons guide

You see, even if there was a complete meltdown in the entire U.S., you can be sure that we'll still keep producing ammo for the armed forces tasked with instilling law and order.

That means that there should be plenty of NATO rounds in the caliber of 9mm, 5.56.

You may not find it for sale to YOU of course… but there could be other ways of… um… “borrowing” ammo from dropped magazines, troops loyal to patriotic citizens, or by other means.

4. Seek out the “loyalists”.

Walmart's decision-makers are a bunch of sell-out stuffed shirts who have shown they don't care about our liberty.

Therefore, you should know where your local gun stores and ranges are located.

These are typically privately-owned by freedom-loving Americans who believe that YOU are your family's best defense – especially when all of the police are too busy protecting the government buildings rather than your home.

But be prepared to see these businesses severely jack up the price of the ammo or limit how much you can take so that others can get their share.

That's “supply & demand”, my friend.  Here's a better alternative…

5. Make your own ammo.

Even if ammo IS available, you'll still be limited by what you can access and the supply chain could be turned off at a moment's notice.

The only true way to never run out of ammo is when YOU control your own “production line” by loading your own ammunition.

Making your own ammo is a LOT easier than you may think (here's a video course on how to do it) and this will allow you to stock up easier beforehand… add extra if you're sensing a rise in tensions… and give you the ability to reuse spent shell casings from everywhere around you if the S hits the F and bullets start flying.