Survival Machete Combat Training
Is The Machete The Best Survival Weapon?

As much as I'm a “gun guy”, there's one weapon I would never be caught without whether it was in combat or in the field during my military days…

… it was my machete!

Not only is the machete an incredibly useful survival tool with a wide range of uses – but it's also an incredibly powerful weapon!

But here's the catch…

Just as with any other weapon, it's only as deadly as the person wielding it, right?

Well this week, my “Combat Machete” fighting system co-developer, Da'Mon Stith, and I share with you the foundational concepts, tactics, and drills you need to truly master this critical survival weapon!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Machete “super-powers”: Why no survival weapon arsenal is complete without this amazing blade!
  • Combat footwork for staying mobile… and generate insane power in every strike!
  • Attack angles! The secret to non-stop blade “flow” that will allow you to defeat even multiple attackers with ease!
  • How to hide your machete (even in plain sight)!
  • Combat drills for solo and partner machete training!

Don't miss out on taking those first steps toward total blade mastery with the ultimate survival weapon – the machete!

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