It was just before 5am on a hot summer Friday morning when a Sarasota, Florida man and his son had sat down for a cup of ‘joe' on their back porch.

Suddenly their home's back door crashes outward!

Five masked men had forced their way into the home and burst out onto the back porch, charging straight at the father and son, shocked by the unexpected ambush!

The gang members – one of them armed with a 12 gauge shotgun, two others with a crowbar and a machete – seized the opportunity to gain control and attempted to force the homeowners onto the ground.

What Happened Next Shocked These 5 Home Invaders… And This Man's Weird “Survival Weapon” Saved The Lives Of His Family!

Best Survival Weapon Story Machete
When Is A Machete The Best Survival Weapon?

There was no time to waste…

Their lives in mortal danger, the 50-something y.o. father grabbed the closest “weapon” he could find – the chair he was sitting on – and sprung into action to protect his son.

Thrusting and throwing the chair at the closest attacker, the father grabbed the next closest weapon – a 2×4 board – and began waving it at the armed gunman to keep him at bay.

But as the shotgun-wielding assailant continued to advance on him, the man knew the 2×4 just wasn't going to cut it.

His son now lying face-down on the ground with the machete-wielding attacker standing over him… his wife screaming in the house… the father knew he had to change his strategy – or they would all die in place!

With no time to waste, he dove for the deadliest weapon he had within close proximity…

…his own machete!

The reaction from the gang was IMMEDIATE!

Just the sight of the flashing, razor-sharp blade, sent all 5 masked men scrambling for their lives – even jumping a 5′ fence like it wasn't even there!

The shotgun-wielding attacker didn't make it very far.

The father was able to grab him… disarm the shotgun… and hold him at bay with his machete until the cops arrived and put the gang member in cuffs.

Searching the neighborhood, the police eventually caught up to the other 4 thugs and took them into custody as well.

A quick search revealed their plan as they uncovered several sets of zip-ties to subdue the unsuspecting homeowners while they robbed their home (and did who knows what else to the family!)

Now, you're probably asking the same question most people would…

Why would 5 attackers – who CLEARLY outnumbered and out-armed their victim – turn tail and run for their lives, right?

Well, that's the power of the machete in the hands of someone who is clearly NOT afraid to use it!

It comes down to determination… commitment to survive… and SKILL – no matter WHAT weapon you use to defend yourself!

Now, I'm not saying you should “bring a machete to a shotgun fight”... or even that it's the best home defense weapon.

That's just plain stupid.

But it's clear that – in the hands of someone who knows how to use it – the machete IS fearsome enough to send 5 armed gangbangers vaulting over a 5′ wall to save their own lives.

And that's just for “home defense back-up“!

A machete is perhaps THE best survival weapon for a “collapse”…

In a “survival” scenario following a collapse – where you have roving looters and other “human predators” seeking unprepared victims – a machete can give you the psychological and tactical advantage that saves your life.

But a machete is only ONE weapon you should have in your survival weapons arsenal.

That's why I put together¬†this “extreme” survival weapons blueprint you can download for free

In this guide, I share my personal “12-Layer Defense Plan” for building the ultimate survival weapons arsenal on a budget.

What Other Ideas Do You Have For Weapons To Use Against Home Invaders And Looters If You Don't Have A Gun?

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