Building your survival weapons arsenal is NOT a “one-size fits all” scenario.

You obviously will have different circumstances during a post-disaster crisis based upon the conditions you find yourself in.

Therefore, you need a different defense plan for the threats you may face, right?

Let's take a look at the differences and let me help you with…

Building The Best Survival Weapons Arsenal: Bugging Out vs. Bugging In

Best Survival Weapons For Bugging Out And Bugging In

Ok first, let's tackle your “bug-in” weapons considerations…

Bug-In Survival Weapons Considerations

If you're not forced to evacuate your home and can “survive in place”, your major threat may be a “home invasion” style attack…

  • Looters coming to raid your home
  • Gangs targeting you and your family
  • Desperate “everyday citizens” seeking food

Your “needs” are based on potential mass-attackers… long-distance targets… and multiple “invaders” in your home.

In this scenario, you have several options of “high-tech” weaponry you can use to protect yourself – such as a shotgun, or semi-automatic or even long-range bolt-action rifle.

But your needs change when you're looking at a bug-out scenario…

Bug-Out Survival Weapons Considerations

When you’re forced to evacuate your home due to natural disaster or the threat of chaos is just too close to trust that you’ll be safe in your home, your threats will come in a different form…

  • Predatory mobs of unprepared “survivors”
  • Roaming packs of dogs turned wild & vicious
  • Militia-style check-points expecting “payment”

For these types of threats – when you have no choice but to venture beyond the safety of your home – you’re going to need a different defense plan.

While a lot of “preppers” are fond of their AR-15 or other military-style rifle, how far do you think you’ll get walking down the street – or even in the woods – with a weapon slung over your shoulder?

You’re guaranteed to be stopped by authorities and have your firearm confiscated.

Or worse… be targeted by the “wolves” among us who will think nothing of ambushing you when you least expect it and take your weapon as their own.

To truly be prepared to defend yourself, you need to be much more “covert” so you’re armed and ready… and no one knows it.

How To Build The Best Survival Weapons Arsenal For Any Disaster, Crisis, Or Attack

As you can see, there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all survival weapons plan.

That’s why we provide you with several weapon choices in my 12-layer survival weapons plan that you can easily conceal and yet launch into action if you’re ever stalked, ambushed, or mobbed outside of your home.

Your attackers will never know what hit them… but you gotta be smart when it comes to what you choose and carry.

Even if you regularly carry a concealed handgun, it may be fine for everyday use “today”… but the wrong choice for concealed carry after a disaster.

I explain exactly why in my “Extreme Survival Weapons” blueprint you can get for FREE here…

Besides, a firearm isn’t always your best weapon to come to your defense – which is why I recommend you copy my personal 12-layered defense plan.

I can’t tell you how critical it is that you get this right!

Missing just one of these layers could literally mean the difference between life and death for you or someone who’s counting on you for protection.

Yes, it’s that serious!

Don’t take it for granted that you’re all set for a collapse simply because you “own a gun and know how to use it”.

You need to be smarter than that.

See what’s missing from your own weapons plan by comparing it side-by-side with my 12-layer survival weapons blueprint here…

I know you’ll be shocked at the gaps you find in your current plan.

It never fails. 🙂