Jeff Anderson

It's true – I'm going to pull down the webpage for my bestselling Guardian Machete.


Because I'm going to start selling a better one!

The thing is, though, before I get the new ones in and put up a new page for them, I still have some of the old ones left.

That means that for Black Friday, I'm going to let you buy the remaining, original Guardian machete at a HUGE discount.

Through “Cyber Monday” only, you won't believe the incredible discount on the original Guardian!

This is the ONLY time you'll have a chance to get this deal.

Now, the next generation Guardian, which is in production right now, will be made of the same tough-as-nails 1095 steel, which means it will still be the same beast of a blade.

It will feature a better finish, too (not that we were ever really focused on keeping this workhorse blade looking like a “safe queen”).

It also has a redesigned handle that I like even better than the original.

I'm really excited about these improvements… but the fact is, people LOVE the original Guardian, and have been praising it since we introduced it!

Doug Y. wrote us…

“Wow this machete is awesome!

I carried [a machete] for 10 years with 2 different sheriff's departments for search & rescue.  We covered everywhere from Lake Tahoe down to Placerville CA. along with mutual aid calls from Yosemite, 29 palms and many others.

During that time, we did cliff, swift water, and helicopter rescues and a machete went with me everywhere. It was a standard part of my kit…

…and boy do I wish I had your Guardian machete back then!

Fantastic tool! Thanks again!”

And Ben W. wrote…

“I just took [the Guardian machete] with me to Belize and used it extensively while in the jungle around Monkey River.

The Guardian's blade outperformed ALL of the local machetes used by both the Mayans and the Mennonites!”

If you already own one of our custom-made Guardian machetes, then you know first-hand that it's truly the best survival tool on the market today.

Because this is the LAST TIME the original model will be available, we decided to offer you a special freebie for a limited time…

One of the features of the Guardian package is our custom-designed, “covert blue” MOLLE sheath that easily attaches to a bug-out bag or can be worn by itself with the handy detachable shoulder strap.

The strap allows you to carry the blade AND add a few extra MOLLE tactical pouches as a standalone “mission pack” for carrying supplies during short-term survival tasks.

Now these tactical pouches don't normally come with the sheath (that's what our X-BOB bugout bag is for)…

But I have a killer freebie for you (through Cyber Monday only)…

Black Friday Sale!

If you buy one of the last remaining original Guardians right nowI'll throw in TWO 8″ tactical pouches with your package (a $94 value – free) so you can customize your tactical sheath right away.


Even though the Guardian's heat-treated 1095 steel blade is unmatched in sharpness and durability (you DID see us chop up a steel truck hood and then slice through a dozen beer cans in one swipe, right?), we've been looking for the perfect “field sharpener” to carry with your gear for ALL of your blades.

We found a “beast” built for the field!

So when you order your original Guardian this weekend – at a discount price you'll NEVER be able to get again – we're also going to throw into the box our favorite 2-phase tactical sharpener.

You can attach to your bag or sheath with the handy “D-ring” attachment (another $9.95 value)

This field sharpener features 2 tungsten carbide blades and two ceramic rods with preset sharpening angles for the perfect edge every time.

Just 3 or 4 strokes through the carbide sharpening slots after a full day of chopping up zombies will restore the edge in seconds…

… while the 2 crossed ceramic rods are preset at the correct finishing angle after setting the edge and are also good for a quick touch-up of already sharp knives.

Altogether, this is almost $104 bonus “tactical pack” you're getting absolutely FREE when you order one of the remaining Guardian machetes this weekend.

But there IS one little “catch”…

I only have a small amount of these freebie “tactical packs” in stock right now, and only a limited number of the original Guardian machetes.

If I run out of either one at these crazy prices, I'll have to shut the deal down.

So if you've been hemming and hawing about getting a Guardian, the time has never been better than right now – just in time for the holidays… at a HUGE discount… and with over $100 of tactical goodies thrown in for free.

Just use this special link for more info and to jump on this deal NOW while we still have machetes and freebies available.

(If you click and see a “sold out” page… well… sorry… you just weren't fast enough on the draw, and you'll have to wait for the next-generation Guardian to arrive. 🙂

Get your original Guardian machete and free bonus “tactical pack” now while supplies last…

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