The Science Of “The Invisible Bug-Out Bag”: How To Disappear In Plain Sight In A Crisis

Is Your Bug-Out Bag
Putting Your Family In Danger?

by Jeff Anderson, Editor: Modern Combat & Survival Magazine
Decorated U.S. Military Combat Veteran, Executive Protection Specialist


We've talked again and again about how critical it is to be ultra-prepared when the country shuts down – but WITHOUT letting anyone around you know that you're prepared.

If they know you've got all that survival gear you've been hoarding, you're basically going to be walking around with a big target on your back, right?

Your goal is to be virtually “invisible” to all around you.

Unfortunately, most survivalists are going to stand out like a sore thumb because they're following the common “doomsday prepper” approach with a military-style camo bug-out bag backpack.

I can't stress enough how bad an idea this is – for both day and night evasion. For example, take a hard look at this night photo…

Night Shot: Do You See 2 Bug-Out Bags? Or 3?

How To Build An Invisible Bug-Out Bag

If you're like most people we've tested, you were keen enough to spot the 3 “military backpacks” in the picture… but probably not the 4th one.

That's because a blue bug-out bag (like the X-BOB we show you in our free survival gear guide.) becomes almost impossible to see in the dark.

A bug-out bag that obviously LOOKS like a bug-out bag is a serious danger to you and your family…