These Critical Tips Will Save Your Life
When Faced With The 5 Phases Of A Disaster Or Crisis

4. Mole Skin

When you do start to get a blister, the earlier you react to reduce the friction in that specific area, the better off you'll be.

When you get a “hot spot”, take out some “mole skin” (this is a sticky, thick felt-like bandage material that comes in sheets and you cut out the shape you need).

Cut 2 pieces of mole skin, slightly larger than your blister.

Cut a hole in the middle of one piece slightly larger than your blister (it will look like a little donut) and place this on your skin with the blister in the middle.

Place the other (full) piece of mole skin directly on top of the “donut” piece to completely cover the blister and protect it from further friction…..[continued]

5. Lighten Your Load

This is probably the most critical element of you actually making it to your destination during a bug-out evacuation by foot.

Something that weighs 5 lbs at the start of your journey will feel like 15 lbs within about 3-5 miles – especially if you're not as fit as a soldier who's used to packing that kind of weight.

When I was in the 10th Mtn. Division we were used as an “experimental unit” for testing new gear for the military.

I can tell you that our most common reason for sending stuff back to the Pentagon as “failed” was its weight value.

If it didn't actually LIGHTEN our load, we'd never carry it. Plain and simple.

Go through your own gear and get rid of anything that isn't truly necessary.

My guess is that you'll find a bunch of “little things” that – when pulled out – will add up to a lot of weight you can drop.

The Biggest Bug-Out Survival Tip I Can Give You…

#5 above is the biggest problem I still see today among even so-called “expert” survivalists…

So many preppers have these giant “bug-out bag lists” that I know they've never actually tried to carry for any distance.

If they did, they would have soon realized how idiotic their lists are.

This was one of the reasons we custom-designed our “X-BOB evacuation system” with a modular platform to allow you to load as much or as little as you like – and position your gear where it will cause the least amount of wear on your body.

This is HUGE. Trust me.


You never know when a disaster or other crisis will force you and your family from your home – struggling to make it to safety while the world crumbles around you.

Take action and protect those you love.


Although these critical tips may save you and your family’s lives… I've discovered that there is 1 lie that almost all ‘survival experts' tell you to do that could literally make you a clear target in ANY emergency situation.

Discover what lie is and how to protect you and your loved ones on the next page:

This 1 common lie makes you a clear target (avoid it and you'll live!)