It's every gun-owner's dilemma…

You want to be a total badass with your handgun, rifle, or shotgun, but can never seem to find the time to get down to the range as often as you know you should, right?

And don't even get me started on the cost of ammo these days!

After the government triggered “The Great Ammo Shortage Of 2014“, we've never fully recovered as we've just gotten used to inflated price tags on scarce ammo boxes.

But there was one good thing that came out of that “ammunition drought” as it taught us…

Bulk Wholesale “Ammunition” Secret: How To Get The Best Tactical Firearms Training For Pennies On The Dollar…

Bulk Wholesale Ammunition For Firearms

When you're looking for inexpensive tactical firearms training, the absolute BEST option in my book is to pick yourself up an air soft gun.

(Air soft guns are relatively inexpensive replicas of real guns but they fire a plastic pellets – pellets that only cost about $15 for 10,000 or more rounds!  Try to match THAT with any live-fire ammunition, eh?)

Imagine being able to put yourself into “force-on-force” realistic training scenarios like an armed hold-up (versus a live person!)… a carjacking (using your own car!)… or a home invasion ambush (in your own living room!)

In fact, I believe so strongly that you can get even BETTER training using air soft that I wrote an entire guide on how to get started and handpicked 67 realistic gun drills you can do in and around your own home here…

And air soft has become so popular (among civilians AND law enforcement) that I saw a ton of new models and companies at this year's SHOT Show in Vegas.

But with all the popularity of air soft these days, you'll find a lot of crappy, cheap models on the market that scream “BUY ME” with their looks, but from a tactical perspective, they just plain suck.

So here are a couple of tips for getting the right one…

1. Mirror Your Current Gun

Whatever gun you carry on a daily basis – or have tucked away at home for personal defense – is the one you will want to have experience with.  

Most models of firearms have an airsoft version that's almost identical to the real thing.

In fact, if I showed you my Glock 19 (real) right next to my airsoft Glock, you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference.

And when you picked both of them up, same thing… virtually identical in “feel”!

2. Don't Skimp On Price

Remember, when it comes to your tactical firearms training, we're talking “life-or-death” here.

Cheap plastic versions of air soft are little more than toys.

What you're really looking for is an electric version – or better yet, a “gas blowback” version – that will give you at least a little bit of a “kick” to better simulate a real gun.

Plan on spending between $50-150 for realism.

I promise you it will be the best “firearms purchase” you've made in a long, long time!

3. Multiple “Round” Capability

In any self-defense scenario, you're going to need to fire multiple shots to stop a threat, right?

Well some airsoft guns only fire one pellet at a time and need to be re-cocked.

Not what you're looking for unless all you carry is a single-shot Derringer to your poker game.

Instead, (again) choose an electric version or gas blow-back so you can rapid fire and simulate a real gunfight more realistically.

Air soft training is a powerful training tool to help you survive a violent attack… but you gotta set yourself up right with the best equipment.

Grab our “Dirt Cheap Gun Training” manual loaded with 67 at-home gunfighting drills (+ 3 free bonuses) and I promise you'll see your confidence soar with the realistic training you'll be able to get every single week!

Are You Using Airsoft For Your Tactical Firearms Training?

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