Ambush Attacks And Bathroom Safety: How To Deal With Sudden Street Fights

“Not today, motherf—er!”

Those are the words that Kelly Herron screamed as her “battle cry” when she was attacked without warning.

The homeless sex offender who dragged her to the floor of the bathroom beat her bloody as he tried to rape her.

But Kelly Herron wasn't finished — not by a long shot!

And while her attack was horrific, it can also help teach us…

How To Avoid A Street Ambush Attack!

How To Avoid Ambush Attacks and Sudden Streetfights: One Woman's Rape Defense
How To Avoid Ambush Attacks and Sudden Streetfights: One Woman's Rape Defense

Kelly Herron was standing in a public bathroom off a Seattle running trail when she realized she was in danger.

“As I was drying my hands, I became aware that something was wrong,” she told the news.

That's when Gary Steiner, a 40-year-old registered sex offender, attacked this 36-year-old marathon runner.

Gary Steiner

Steiner had been hiding in a bathroom stall in the ladies' room, just waiting for a victim!

He immediately took her to the floor of the bathroom, wailing away on her with his fists.

Kelly fought like a woman possessed.

At one point, she crawled into a bathroom stall, on her back, and tried to kick the door shut with her foot.

Steiner climbed under the stall door from the next one and began beating her in the face.

Kelly started to feel like she was going to black out.

That was bad, because as soon as she was subdued, Steiner intended to rape her.

That's when Kelly had what she later described as a “moment of clarity.”

She thought to herself,

“This doesn't have to be a FAIR fight!”

So she started to claw his face.

Fighting her way clear like a demon, Kelly punched him again and again, telling herself never to give up.

Finally, she managed to escape the bathroom.

A passerby, who had a carabiner keychain, used it to lock Steiner in the bathroom until the cops could arrest him.

And just like that, this lone woman had not only defeated a street ambush… but she had managed to get her scumbag attacker CAUGHT!

Better yet, Kelly Herron's story beautifully illustrates three tips you can use to avoid (or fight off) a street ambush:

1. Search Your Surroundings For Ambushers

Kelly's “sixth sense” told her something was wrong when she was standing in the bathroom.

The problem with that kind of intuition is that it's usually too little, too late!

What she should have done was check the bathroom when she first entered, to see if she was alone.

A quick glance under the stalls would probably have shown her Steiner's pants and shoes, which would have looked out of place in a ladies' room.

You should get in the habit of checking your surroundings wherever you are, including when you get into your own car (to make sure nobody's hiding in the back seat).

2. If You're Attacked, Fight Like A Rabid Animal

This is the thing Kelly did “most right.”

She fought, and fought, and fought.

In describing the fight on her Instagram account and in interviews after the assault, she spoke several times about the mindset she had.

She refused to give up, refused to let Steiner have his way with her, and refused to become a victim.

When it was over, she posted the picture you see here of her stitched, scarred face.

She wasn't looking for sympathy.

She wanted people to know that you CAN fight back against an attacker… and that mindset of survival and determination is what saved her from rape (and worse).

3. If You Go “Out” Or They Take You Somewhere Else, It's Over

Kelly understood this, and it's why she got the “burst of adrenaline” to finally fight back and escape Steiner's grip.

She knew — and spoke about the fact — that if she blacked out, she was going to be raped (and maybe dead).

That very real fear is what gave her the power to keep on fighting past her limits.

And that, honestly, makes her one hell of a woman.

She's somebody we can all learn from when it comes to fighting back against an attack.

I just want you, and your family, to be safe.

Don't wait until it's too late to get this information.

Learn how to protect yourself, and your loved ones, now.

What Would You Do If You Were Ambushed?

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The #1 Street Fighting Mistake People Make

This isn't something I'm happy talking about, but it's a horrible reality of the world we now live in.

The elections are coming up, and everybody's talking about politics.

But one thing we've ALL got to be aware of right now is that the moment you step outside… pick up a sign… attend a rally or a protest… or EVEN IF YOU AREN'T POLITICAL AT ALL…

…you've might get into a FIGHT.

Violence has overtaken our streets.

And all you have to do is look at news footage online to see that it's gotten worse.

But I noticed something while reviewing a lot of that footage… something that points to the BIG mistake countless people are making.

It's a mistake that WILL get you hurt or even killed if you don't deal with it!

The #1 Street Fighting Mistake People Make

Before we talk about that mistake, I want to be clear:

I am not taking a political position, and I don't care who you vote for.

Right, left, center, or something else entirely… no matter what your opinion, there's some whacko out there who won't like it.

We're seeing more and more assaults on people, even innocent people, just caught up in all the craziness going on out there.

That means that no matter who you are, no matter what you are doing, and even if you're in your own home, you may have to fight to protect yourself.

There is no shortage of footage of people doing just that in today's violent climate.

But do you know what mistake almost ALL of them are making?

They have no idea what they're doing!

Even law enforcement officers, forced to go hand-to-hand with protesters and rioters – people who are supposed to be trained – are making it up as they go.

You watch the footage of people fighting with the cops, fighting with civilians, fighting with each other

…and you can see they're flailing around wildly, unsure of how to handle multiple opponents (very common, in this day of flash mobs and riots), totally unprepared for dealing with the “melee weapons” street fighters are bringing out to play.

(These include shields, frozen bottles, “locks in socks,” KNIVES, and a bunch of other makeshift and purpose-built weapons.)

Now, I know a lot of people are arming themselves to deal with these threats… but you can't always have a gun with you.

A lot of people carrying knives and other weapons aren't sure how to use them, either.

And even if you ARE armed, you'll need to know how to fight people who are ALSO carrying weapons, from guns, to knives, to sticks and clubs.

When that happens, you've got to know exactly what to do if you're going to defeat vicious, street-fighting attackers… and even multiple attackers.

If you're just “making it up as you go,” you're going to FAIL… and failure means getting maimed or even killed!

That's when you need an expert who can give you the simple, step-by-step instructions for what to do in just about EVERY situation you might face…

…using techniques that ANYONE can learn to do, even if they're not in great shape.

You want Matt Numrich's Street Fighting Matrix.

Matt's been all about street fighting and effective combat for years.

His comprehensive guide to street fighting includes information like…

  • Matt's secret formula for taking out a thug with a knife or a bat
  • How to use a knife offensively
  • The psychology of facing – or using – a gun
  • How to “ditch and bait” opponents
  • The secret to pulling off the perfect choke in a fight
  • Matt's 3-step “multiple attacker” tactic
  • What to do if multiple guys with different weapons attack you at the same time
  • How knowing the first step to take when attacked by multiple people can SAVE YOUR LIFE
  • And much, much more!

This is one of the most thorough, easy-to-understand programs on every aspect of street fighting that you'll ever find.

If you want to keep yourself and your family safe from the violence out there on the streets, you absolutely cannot afford not to to have this information.

Don't get caught not knowing what to do when an armed mob is breathing down your neck.

Check out Matt's Street Fighting Matrix at this special link…

…And you'll ALWAYS know exactly how to handle these threats.

What Is Your Go-To Street Fight Move?

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Real Street Fights Against Larger Attackers? Fight Like A WOMAN!

Look, I don't consider myself a “tough guy.

But I've been studying martial arts and combatives since I was 14 (I'm now 52).

And… well… let's just say that I've been in my share of fights along the way – whether in my security work… dealing with local gangs in the seedier parts of New Mexico… or just defending myself from a big galoot in a bar.

And when I wasn't able to talk my way out of a fight…

…there was one move that has ALWAYS worked for me… and ironically it was intended for WOMEN!

Yup, that's right… in all the times I've had to go hands-on with some gorilla who wanted to take my head of, this one “woman's” fight move has NEVER failed me.

That's why I want to share with you. . .

My #1, Go-To, NEVER FAIL Fight Move!

One Punch Knockout, Real Street Fights: Fight Like A Woman

Now, I don't want you to get the wrong idea.

I didn't invent this fight move.

In fact, it goes all the way back to World War II…

You see, W.E. Fairbairn, one of the LEGENDS of World War II combatives, described it in his books.

He called it the “chin jab” – but it really isn't a jab at all.

It's really a “palm heel strike” that goes up under the chin (and if you want, you can rake your fingers back down the guy's face – but that's not how I use it. More on that below…).

Here's why Fairbairn found this move so effective for close-combat “trench fighting”…

For one, it comes up from UNDER the eye line, so your attacker won't see it coming like they would a regular “punch”.

But then it jolts the skull back, putting the bad guy off balance and letting you follow up as needed.

(Where the head goes, the body goes, you know?)

It even has the power to (scientifically) knock a guy out with just this one single blow.

And while this one move works pretty well “one-handed” for a strong guy, like the soldiers he designed it for, Fairbairn knew that it would be a lot harder for a woman – somebody who is usually smaller and physically weaker than her attacker – to use.

“Hands Off” By WE Fairbairn

For a woman to SNAP a guy's head back requires more strength than she'd probably have with one hand alone.

So Fairbairn taught a modified chin jab that is done with BOTH hands.

He even showed a variation of the technique on the cover of his book, Hands Off! Self-Defense For Women.

On the cover of the book, …a woman uses an umbrella for leverage.

It's a beautiful move – especially because it was the favorite of one of the world's foremost authorities on vicious, efficient, life-or-death combat.

That's why I use it, too – because if it's good for a woman, it's even better for me!
In a fight, I'm looking to win (FAST!) against ANY attacker – no matter how much bigger and stronger he is.

So for me, I don't limit myself to using just one hand to (hopefully) make contact and get my attacker back on his heels… when I can use TWO hands to absolutely take his head off!

That's why Fairbairn taught it for smaller people to take on larger people (women fighting off men) and even included versions for women to use pressure points under the chin to get some dirty old bastard to keep his groping hands to himself! hahahaha

It's also why, to this day, this one move has NEVER failed me whenever I've used it in a fight – even against guys who towered over me!

In fact, in my “Defeat Larger Attackers” DVD, I even show how to use this technique when you're getting absolutely destroyed by your attacker (actually even multiple attackers) and turn the odds back in your favor.

(If you don't have a copy of my “Defeat Larger Attackers” DVD, I consider it an absolute must-have… so much so that I send it out for free to anyone who's serious about protecting themselves “unarmed” against a bigger, stronger attacker. You just have to tell me where to send the free DVD and my team will get it out to you right away.)

Look… just because some guy is bigger and stronger than you doesn’t mean you can’t beat him!

Fairbairn knew that well… and developed some of the most brutal techniques in the world for life-or-death combat.

All it takes are a few of these moves in your hand-to-hand arsenal and you'll be amazed at how much confidence it gives you, knowing that you can physically “own” any man stupid enough to get in your face!

What Are Your Best Tips A Street Fight?

Please Share Your Best Suggestions Below Now…

Best Tactical Pen Methods: How To Use A Tactical Pen Without Mistakes

Tactical Pen Techniques: The Best Tactical Pen Tactics And Methods

They tazed him three times… and it did NOTHING.

When they finally took him down, he was still fighting.

The judge who sentenced Brian Sanchez-Padilla to 39 total years in prison ruled he used a deadly weapon.

His victims?

Two cops who tried to roust him for sleeping in a public park.

When Sanchez-Padilla got belligerent with the male and female officers, they tried to arrest him…

…and that's when he went NUTS.

What happened next was a good example of what you DON'T do with a weapon like that.

That's why you need hear…

How To Avoid 3 Common Tactical Pen Mistakes!

Tactical Pen Techniques: The Best Tactical Pen Tactics And Methods
Tactical Pen Techniques: The Best Tactical Pen Tactics And Methods

Brian Sanchez-Padilla was a strung-out drug addict who left a treatment center early against doctors' orders.

He was also high on K2, a synthetic marijuana known for its nasty side effects.

That's why he was sleeping in a park when the two police officers found him.

His lawyer tried to argue in court that the judge shouldn't have categorized his pen as a deadly weapon.

But the convicted criminal used that pen to repeatedly stab one of the officers near the eye.

In other words, he was trying to BLIND the cop.

In the end, the police took him down, and he was convicted of aggravated assault (with an enhancement for using a deadly weapon).

But when I read that story, I kept thinking about how it illustrates a very dangerous reality of the pen as a weapon.

Given how many of us carry tactical pens these days, we should learn from this nasty example… and keep a few other facts in mind when carrying a tactical pen.

1. The Tactical Pen Is Not A Knife

Look, I know using a criminal as an example is a little weird, but hear me out.

Lots of people carry tactical pens as emergency weapons, and I'm one of them.

The problem is, a lot of us “good guys,” just like “bad guys” like Brian Sanchez-Padilla, think of the tactical pen as a tiny knife.

It isn't one.

Now yes, people can be and have been stabbed with pens.

A few years back at “Comic-Con,” two fan-boys famously got into an argument about who was sitting too close to whom, and one stabbed the other with a pen “near the eye.”

The result was pretty ineffective, and the victim went to the hospital with a “minor cut.”

The cop Sanchez-Padilla jabbed, by comparison, was injured more, but not enough to stop the two police officers from taking the scumbag down.

In other words, a tactical pen is more like a “tactical poking device” than it is a knife.

But that brings me to…

2. The Tactical Pen Is Not A Precision Weapon!

Last summer, in Harlem, a guy walked up to another dude on a train platform and tried to stab him in the eye with a pen.

He instead hit the victim in the mouth (and then ran off).

Just like the Comic-con pen-stabber, and just like Brian Sanchez-Padilla, that guy found out fast how hard it is to hit a small target with a pen.

Because the pen (tactical or not) is not as sharp as a knife, the only target you can really dig into are the eyes.

The eyes are small compared to the head.

And the head is usually moving, especially in a fight.

Sanchez-Padilla tried and failed to stab out a cop's eye.

If he had instead used his tactical pen like a kubotan, to concentrate the pressure of his strikes, he might have been able to stop the cops from taking him down.

(Not that we would have wanted him to.)

The point, though, is that if YOU use a tactical pen, you're not going to make precision strikes to the eyes.

You'll have to use it more like a kubotan or yawara (the Japanese term for a wooden dowel).

When you do, you'll use it to concentrate the force of your hand strikes to those targets you CAN hit.

3. The Tactical Pen Is The WORST Option For Security Checkpoints

By now, if you're like me, you're probably seeing how you would use a tactical pen as a tool for defense…

…and if you don't already have one, you're thinking about getting one, right?

There's one big problem, though.

Security people are already “hip” to the idea of the tactical pen.

They'll spot the knurled grip and the all-metal construction, and if you try to take a tactical pen past a security checkpoint…

…they just might take it from you.

For that reason, if you want a pen weapon for flying, or when going past any other security checkpoint, switch out your tactical model for a non-tactical all-metal writing pen.

The Zebra F701, or one of the all-metal Parker pens, are good choices for temporary “security carry.”

For anywhere that isn't a security area, however, I love a good tactical pen.

They're sturdy, they have the design features you want in a self-defense tool like this (including good traction for gripping and jabbing), and… well, they're just freaking cool.

As long as you know what the tactical pen can and can't do, you can avoid critical mistakes when using it as a weapon.

Do You Carry A Tactical Pen? Why Or Why Not?

Please Share Your Stories Below Now…

Fighting A Larger Attacker Got VERY REAL For This Brave Woman!

Pizza Shop Woman Fights Off Attacker (Brittany Brophy)
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

I have never seen TERROR on a person's face as clearly as you can see it in these pictures.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing as you read this, I want you to imagine something:

There's a guy behind you, and he wants to HURT you.

I'm serious: the second you turn your head to look, there will be a guy RIGHT THERE.

You might be thinking, “Don't be silly, Jeff. That isn't going to happen.”

Well, amigo, that's EXACTLY what happened to young Brittany Brophy while she was working in the office of a small-town pizza shop.

And the look on her face is why this story is so important to every one of us – because Brittany could be your wife, your mother, your daughter… or even a stand-in for you, depending on the situation.

Brave Woman Fights Back Against Robber (Until He Gets Bored!)

Pizza Shop Woman Fights Off Attacker (Brittany Brophy)
Pizza Shop Woman Fights Off Attacker (Brittany Brophy)

It happened in a local pizza place in White Center, Washington.

Brittany Brophy was sitting there working, when a thug in a winter hat simply enters and grabs at the money she's counting.

There was some kind of security nanny-cam monitoring the office to keep employees honest, too – so we can see the entire horrible robbery clear as day:

When he grabs her, Brittany is scared out of her wits – and jumps up on the counter, kicking at him with her feet with as much power as she has!

Recovering and realizing what's really happening, she jumps to her feet, now standing on the counter.

Then she starts wrestling with the scumbag while he tries to escape with the money!

The fight gets nasty, then, but finally, Brittany struggles with him until he throws her to the ground.

And then, like he's gotten bored, he just leaves.

I know: Kind of “anti-climactic,” huh?

The robber didn't even hurry – he just let himself out and was gone.

Another way to look at it is that Brittany got incredibly lucky.

“I've been through a little bit in my life,” she told the cops. “Having me be 5 foot 3 and the only person around to take care of myself… But all in all, I just knew I was gonna be okay, that I just needed to get out of there.”

Except… that's not what she did.

She didn't “get out of there.”

She fought with the bad guy until he decided to leave, and the only reason she didn't get hurt is because he didn't try harder to injure her.

Now, I give Brittany a lot of credit: she recovered from the initial terror of suddenly finding a stranger attacking her, and she fought back like a wildcat.

But it's obvious just from looking at her with her feet in the air that she was outmatched.

The thug was bigger and stronger, towering over her, and if he had decided to choke her or even stab her instead of just throwing her to the ground and leaving, well…

…Things might not have “just been okay.”

What Brittany needed to know was how to fight off and PUT DOWN a bigger attacker – and the good news is, there ARE ways she (or you, if you were facing a larger thug) could do just that!

Now, I have to ask…

If you were attacked, from out of nowhere – and by a bigger and stronger person, the way Brittany was – would YOU know what to do?

Did you know that there's a single move that will work for a much smaller person against a larger attacker, allowing you to practically take their head off?

I know… because I've used it myself, and it worked for me every single time.

If you'd like to learn more, check out this video – but be warned: it's a lot more graphic than Brittany's attack.

It's important that you watch it, though, because…

…YOUR attacker might not just lose interest and walk away, which means you'll have to FIGHT to keep him from hurting you!

In other words, you need a PLAN for when your luck runs out.

And I can give you that plan, along with the tips and tactics to do it if some scumbag ever targets you.

What Is Your “Go To Move” For Larger Attackers?

Please Share Your Thoughts And Experiences Below…

Best Home Defense / Home Invasion Defense: Son Comes Home, Starts SHOOTING

Home Invasion Defense: Home Invader Shot

The news has been very guarded about this story, for some reason.

Could it be that they don't want to report on a young man who, because he was armed, saved his entire family from a gang of home invaders?

It happened in Houston, Texas.

A hard-working father came home.

He was tired.

It had been a long day.

So he never saw the three armed home invaders hiding in the bushes, lying in wait for him to get home!

The thugs brutally pistol-whipped the father. . .

. . . but things were about to get much worse for that family, who had two young daughters living at home.

Here's How One Devoted Son Came Home To A Home Invasion… And Went For His Gun!

Home Invasion Defense: Home Invader Shot
Home Invasion Defense: Home Invader Shot

After beating the dad into submission, the three home invaders gleefully ransacked the home.

They were laughing and jeering as they went through the family's hard-earned possessions, taking whatever they wanted.

The family's two daughters — aged 15 and 20 — knew what was coming.

They hid in a closet.

There, they pushed a panic alarm installed and ready for just this scenario.

The home invaders didn't like that one bit.

They tried to FORCE the father, already beaten bloody, to disable the alarm.

But the daughters kept pushing it!

Furious, the thugs began searching the house for whoever was pushing the alarm. . .

. . . and who knows what they might have done to those young girls if they'd found them.

But invading this home was the last mistake one of those thugs would ever make, because the family's son and his mother had pulled into the driveway in separate vehicles.

Realizing the alarm was going off and something was very wrong, the son bravely entered the house and retrieved his own pistol.

Then he started shooting!

One of the home invaders, who had a pistol of his own, was shot in the head.

He had the rest of his life to think about his poor decisions, because he died shortly after that in the hospital.

The others fled and police are still looking for them.

That son is a hero. . . but while he successfully defended his family, everybody involved did a LOT wrong.

Here are three ways that family could have improved their tactical position before and during a home invasion:

1. Eliminate Cover Near Your Home

The father never would have been ambushed and pistol-whipped if he'd seen the home invaders hiding hear his home.

Shrubbery and other cover that gives burglars and intruders a place to hide should be eliminated around your home.

Trim shrubs back so they can't provide cover.

If you have to, rip them out by the roots.

Install lighting to cover any shadows in and around your house, too.

Your goal is to deny home invaders any place to lie in wait for you to come home.

2. Carry Your Gun ON YOUR BODY

Texas is one state that has good carry laws.

There was no reason for the son to have to enter the house — where the home invaders already were — to get his gun.

He should have been carrying it on his body.

If he had, he wouldn't have had to gamble everything on retrieving his pistol in a home invasion.

Fortunately for him, his sisters, and his parents, everything worked out.

But that's NOT a gamble I ever want to have to make.

Always carry your gun so it is with you when you need it, even when you're already at home.

3. Have A Home Invasion Plan

This is one thing the family did RIGHT.

Not only did the daughters have a plan as to where to hide in a home invasion, but the family had already installed a panic alarm for emergencies like this.

What worries me is the description of the closet as, well, a closet.

The invaders were already suspicious when shutting off the alarm didn't work.

Had they found those young girls before the son came home and shot at them, things might have gone horribly wrong.

Installing a “safe room” style door on that closet, something that could not easily be broken down, would be one way to improve the family's home invasion plan.

But there's a LOT more — way more than I can cover in a single e-mail.
That's because a home invasion is the most extreme attack you'll ever experience. . . and requires EXTREME TACTICS in response.
When intruders break down your door while you're home, you may have to know. . .

  • How to escape from being tied up or handcuffed
  • How to use other family members to deceive your attackers
  • Staging weapons in “secret hiding spots” within your home
  • How to trick home invaders into letting you go
  • Ways to use “improvised weapons” to your advantage
  • And a LOT MORE.

These types of scenarios are EXACTLY why we created our “Extreme Home Defense Tactics” course – because we found that other home invasion survival techniques were either outdated… or frankly just fell far short of dealing with reality.

If you'd like to see more of what's covered in the course, you can check out some of the lessons here and start learning everything you need to keep your family safe from home invasion.

All I ask is that you keep an open mind, because a LOT of the training we've developed is WAAAAAY different than what you'll find most instructors telling you to do.

But I can back up every last one of our techniques with more of these real-world home-invasion stories (some of which ended well, and others of which ended VERY badly).

I think you'll see exactly why these tactics are superior for surviving a home invasion.

I look forward to hearing what you think.

If You Came Face To Face With A Home Invader Who Had A Family Member Hostage, What Would You Do?

Please Leave Your Best Home Defense Techniques Below Now…

ATM Safety: Why Most “Self-Defense Experts” FAIL At It!

The “heartless” thug waited at an ATM next to the one Mary, an elderly Canadian woman, was using.

He was just waiting for her to get her money so that he could attack her.

As soon as her cash hit the slot, he was on top of her, committing a brutal assault.

But this was one tough woman, and she wasn't having it!

What happened next makes my blood boil, because the whole thing is just proof for the fact that…

Most ATM Machine Safety Advice Is wrong, Wrong, WRONG!

ATM Safety Fails: Tips For Real Street Fights
ATM Safety Fails: Tips For Real Street Fights

The Canadian press identified the lady as just “Mary,” wanting to protect her identity.

The whole assault was captured on camera at the bank in Aurora, Ontario, where she has an account.

In the video, you can see Mary at her machine, withdrawing her money… while the thug waits and watches her, choosing the moment to make a grab for her cash.

When the money is there, the scumbag just reaches in, shoving Mary and clawing the bills out of the machine.

But he didn't count on Mary's reaction.

She fought the guy, doing (as the news reported) what “many women have been taught to do – go for the privates.”

The thug blocked her punch and her knee for his groin, but Mary's goal wasn't to fight him off…

…it was to get him in front of the ATM camera.

“You're going to get my money, I'm going to get a mug of you,” she told the news. “You're not getting my money for nothing. …I thought of the cameras and I wanted to try and get a picture of his face.”

The thug threw Mary to the ground, leaving her with cracked ribs and terrible bruising all over her body.

(You can't see that on the video; she just disappears off the screen.)

She survived – but only because she got lucky.

(And yes, the authorities DID get a close-up face picture of the thug in the ATM camera, so good job, Mary!)

This story makes me so angry, though.

It reminded me of just how much advice for “ATM safety” is dumb, pointless, or incomplete.

Here are 3 pieces of ATM advice that should come with an “asterisk” next to them!

1. “Check All Around For Suspicious Characters”

Some “experts” tell you to watch for people looking to rob you when you use the ATM.

You could argue that Mary didn't do this – didn't check the area for people who might want to rob her – but that's not really true.

She was at an ATM while somebody else was using the one next to her.

Nothing about the scumbag's appearance was a “warning flag” (except for how he watched her when she wasn't looking).

He looked like any other ATM customer.

(The fact is, if ANYBODY is nearby, no matter how innocent they look, they could be a potential criminal.)

Mary would be better off going inside the bank during bank hours, rather than using an outdoor ATM at all.

2. “Bring Somebody To Watch Your Back”

Another piece of advice somebody might give Mary – and I've seen this plenty of places online – is that she'd have been safe if she'd just brought a friend.

Well, that's not bad advice… until you figure that most of Mary's friends are probably her age.

(A scumbag willing to throw one old lady on the ground won't hesitate to do it twice.)

Unless your “security buddy” is better able to fight than you are, you're just multiplying the thug's potential victims… especially if HE has backup, too.

3. “Ask Other People To Wait Outside The Booth”

This is the piece of advice that really bugs me, honestly.

Let's say Mary's bank had one of those little vestibules that you use your card to enter, for security.

(“ATM etiquette” and security advice says that other people are supposed to wait outside while you use the machine.)

Well, if an elderly woman asked the ATM scumbag to wait outside, what would she do if he said no?

And what's to stop him from pushing her down and taking her money when she walks out of the “security area?”

Asking other people to wait doesn't help you at all if those “other people” are violent criminals.

The Only Piece Of ATM Security Advice That Matters…

The ONLY thing that would have helped Mary would have been practical self-defense advice.

Ok yes, I get it… she's an “old lady”, right?

But that doesn't mean she can't defend herself!
I mean, she already showed that she had the heart to fight back.

That's a good thing.

But you and I both know that you also need the SKILLS to back it up, right?

Watching the video, this woman actually DID go after a vital target that could have helped her – the groin.

Unfortunately, she didn't strike it the right way.

In my “Defeat Larger Attackers” DVD, I demonstrate the absolute EASIEST and MOST DESTRUCTIVE way to attack the groin – so easy that yes, even this little ‘ol granny could have left this guy whimpering at her feet.

It works because it uses a completely natural movement that adds momentum and force without having to learn some “technique” – super powerful.

(BTW, if you want to see the move, I can send you the DVD for free. Just tell me the address to send it to with this form…)

In the end, it was only sheer luck that saved this woman from being seriously hurt.

No matter how young or old you are, and no matter strong you are, there will always be some criminal scumbag who's searching for his next victim – and will strike when you least expect it.

Use these tips to show them that you're NOT an “easy target”!

Do You Worry About Defending Yourself Against A Stronger, Larger Attacker?

Please Share Your Concerns Below Now…

Happy Thanksgiving From MCS

Jeff Anderson

Hi there y'all!

Another Thanksgiving is here and I hope you are enjoying it.

As I enjoy time with my family today, I wanted to just sneak over to my computer…

…and tell you how thankful I am for YOU.

Now, I don't want to take the focus off celebrating the holiday.

But it's because I care about you that I to take a moment to warn you about something.

Happy Thanksgiving From MCS!

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is “Black Friday,” when a lot of us take to the store and do our shopping.

In the United States, retailers count on the holiday shopping season for most of their profit.

About this time of year, you get the usual safety advice, too, most of it pretty good:

  • Don't flash your money where people can see it while you're out shopping.
  • Keep packages in your trunk, not the seat of your car, to lower the chances of a smash-and-grab robbery.

Stay aware and ready when walking to and from your car in the parking lot/parking garage, because carjackers and muggers wait for you to be distracted there.

These tips are fine as far as they go… but I have a better idea:

Don't go out to shop at all.

There have been a TON of disturbing reports about terrorists and lone nuts targeting the holiday shopping crowds for mass shootings.

I'm not trying to make anybody paranoid, and the chances are on your side that it won't happen where you are – but whether it's a coordinated attack or just some crazy person with a gun, you are vulnerable when you're part of that “target-rich environment.”

Please allow me to suggest that, this year, instead of cramming yourself into a shopping mall and dealing with holiday shopping traffic…

…you just stay home with a drink in your hand, some Christmas music on the Bluetooth speaker, and your card at the ready while you shop online.

It won't just be safer and more relaxing.

It will also give you more time to enjoy what really matters – your family – while keeping them safe.

(MCS will be running our own special Black Friday sale tomorrow, so you'll want to keep an eye out for tomorrow's post.)

From my family to yours, we're truly blessed to share our passion, patriotism, and gratitude with like-minded friends like you.

I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with love, laughter, family, friends, and some tasty vittles!

Thank you… and God bless you and yours!

How Did You Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Please Share Your Thoughts And Experiences Below…

MCS 274 – Combatives Fight Stoppers

WWII Combatives – Fight-Stopping 1-Punch Knockout Moves

In the movies, when they want to give an action guy “street cred” as a military badass, they teach him this:

Military combatives.

WWII style combatives were invented when nobody cared about political correctness.

They were designed to neutralize the enemy as FAST as possible.

Many of them were designed to KILL.

Not only were they intended to end a fight quickly… …but they were also fast to learn.

Well, why complicate self-defense any more than that?

Combatives, done right, will end a fight – FAST.

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Buck Greene covers 4 combatives “fight-stoppers” that anyone can learn without much training at all.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The “bread and butter” combatives strike stolen by a famous “English” comedy-action movie hero.
  • A strike that turns you into an ANIMAL.
  • A sneaky method that your enemy won't ever see coming.
  • The best ways to use military combatives for self-defense – which are so simple, you'll wonder why you're doing anything else!
  • A “go-to strike” intended for women that has never failed MCS' own Jeff Anderson.

Self-defense doesn't need to take years to learn.

Learn these combatives fight-stoppers and practice them, and you'll be pretty hard to beat.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Are Your Three Biggest Takeaways From This Podcast?

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MCS 270 – Tactical Knife DON’Ts

Tactical Knife Tips – Tactical Folding Knife Tips

Countless prepared citizens carry tactical folding knives.

And that's a problem.

It's a problem because, while there is no one “right” way to carry and use such a knife…

…there are multiple ways to do it wrong.

And while the tactical folding knife is a great tool and a very powerful weapon…

…making certain mistakes with it can get you hurt, killed, or sent to prison.

So how should you be carrying your tactical folder?

What potential problems of the tactical knife have you missed?

And how do you solve these problems and carry your tactical folder with confidence?

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Buck Greene covers 5 “don'ts” of tactical folders, based on his years of experience carrying, using, and writing about these blades.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The OBVIOUS mistake that almost every tactical folding knife owner makes when carrying one (and the surprising reason this is a problem).
  • The screw-up that could make carrying your tactical folder HARDER to deploy in a violent encounter!
  • How to make sure your knife will work when you need it most.
  • The one reason why you have to be EXTRA careful with a shoulder harness for a knife!
  • The most common way that tactical folding knives are “abused” by their owners.

If you're not carrying a tactical folder and it's legal for you to do so, you need to start now.

Just remember the mistakes covered in this episode – so you can avoid making them yourself!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Are Your Top 3 Takeaways From This Podcast?

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MCS 267 – Deescalate Or DIE

Defuse, Deescalate, And Use Conflict Resolution Techniques To Avoid A Fight
Defuse, Deescalate, And Use Conflict Resolution Techniques To Avoid A Fight
Defuse, Deescalate, And Use Conflict Resolution Techniques To Avoid A Fight

I saw a horrifying YouTube video recently.

It was so graphic that it's since been taken down (but you can watch it below if it's still available).

Mia Simmons and Latanya Watson Subway Stabbing Video
Mia Simmons and Latanya Watson Subway Stabbing Video

Two women got off a train after getting into some kind of fight.

Mia Simmons was walking away when Latanya Watson pepper-sprayed her.

Simmons pulled out a knife…

…and shoved it into Watson's neck!

Now Simmons is facing manslaughter charges… all because neither of these women knew how to deescalate a violent confrontation.

If YOU got into it with someone DETERMINED to fight with you, would know know how to avoid the fight… and what to do to stay out of jail or the MORGUE if you had no choice but to use force?

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Jeff Anderson offers his analysis of both that graphic video specifically, and of defusing and deescalating potentially violent encounters you may face.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • When self-defense is NOT self-defense according to our legal system.
  • The one word you NEVER use when you have an argument with someone!
  • The psychological trick you should use when trying to get another person to back down.
  • How to force another person to choose whether to back down or to attack… all while making it clear YOU are not the “bad guy.”
  • Bad-ass fight moves that can take down ANYBODY regardless of size… and that have NEVER FAILED Jeff in a fight.

Bad things can happen to good people, no matter what their intentions, when things get physical.

Learn how to avoid a fight if you can… and how to take control of that fight when you have no other choice.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Are Your Top 3 Takeaways From This Podcast?

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MCS 266 – Road Rage Defense

Road Rage, Defensive Driving, and Tactical Driving: Defense Against Road Ragers
Road Rage, Defensive Driving, and Tactical Driving: Defense Against Road Ragers
Road Rage, Defensive Driving, and Tactical Driving: Defense Against Road Ragers

Have you ever gotten FURIOUS behind the wheel of a car?

Maybe shot the middle finger salute to another driver?

Maybe you've brake-checked somebody else.

Well, if you have, you've put yourself in VERY REAL DANGER.

Even if you haven't, you could STILL find yourself on the receiving end of a violent road-rager.

Other drivers' aggressive behavior could get you hurt or even killed.

How you deal with that will make all the difference in whether you drive on…

…or whether you go to JAIL.

So how do you prevent road rage… and if you can't stop another road-raging driver from coming at you, how do you deal with the situation while staying on the right side of the law?

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Buck Greene explains how to avoid contributing to road rage… and what to do if you can't stop a road rage attack from coming.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The funny “radio trick” you can use to prevent yourself from road-raging.
  • The one thing you NEVER do when a road-raging driver pulls up along side you!
  • How to adjust your car's mirrors for “tactical advantage.”
  • What to do if an enraged person walks up to your car window with a weapon (and the intent to use it)!
  • The legal mistake that could send you to jail even though you were only defending yourself…

We've all experienced the stress and frustration of driving.

Learn how to get from point A to point B without an accident… without a ticket… and without going to jail!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Are Your Top 3 Takeaways From This Podcast?

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