Riot Defense: A Sneaky DISGUISE If You Get Caught In A Mob!

Riot Civil Unrest Escape And Evasion: Sneaky Disguise For Riots

Journalists beaten bloody and sent to the hospital simply for covering political protests.

Protesters savagely kicked and punched just for carrying an American flag.

Black-clad, masked thugs blocking traffic, threatening drivers and then chasing down and beating an old man who drove through their roadblock.

Store owners beaten to death for trying to save their life's work.

What do all these attacks have in common?

The violence was all done by Antifa.

This “anti-fascist” group was something most people had never heard of before a couple years ago.

After the 2016 elections, they started showing up at political rallies and events more than ever, making it dangerous for anyone (left, right, or center) to express an opinion in public.

Left, Right, Center… it doesn't matter, because if you're not with them, they'll attack you.

But violence at political protests, and trying to silence opinions you don't agree with by beating people with pipes and crowbars, has gone to the next level with the riots that are now rampaging across the country after the death of George Floyd.

A lot of the violence has involved Antifa getting in on the mobs.

(We know, because we've seen some of them arrested already, including one Antifa member who was escorted to the police station by his parents to turn himself in.)

And THAT gives you, the citizen defender, a real opportunity!

How To Disguise Yourself In A Riot

Riot Civil Unrest Escape And Evasion: Sneaky Disguise For Riots

Obviously, the safest place to be in a riot is somewhere else.

We've talked in these emails, and on the MCS blog, about how to avoid a riot before it happens, and how to escape one if you can see the warning signs.

But when I saw just how many Antifa were involved in the rioting, recently, I realize that presents a very real opportunity for you if you get caught unexpectedly in a flash mob or riot.

Sometimes, these things happen before you realize it.

And the fact that most Antifa wear hoodies and face masks means that you can leverage stuff you already carry with you.

These days, we're all carrying face shields and face masks, right?

Well, if you do find yourself in a riot, there's no way you can fight them.

They outnumber you by hundreds to one!

So you have to outsmart them, “ninja style.”

That means, if you have a face shield or bandanna, and you can combine it with a hat (or another bandanna, or a hoodie, to cover your head)…

…you'll look just like the other Antifa rioters!

If you suddenly find yourself in a riot, then, slip on your disguise.

Raise your fist to the sky.

Chant their slogans with them.

Work your way through the crowd as if you're one of them, just there rioting along with them…

…and as they move, migrate to the edges and back of the crowd, so that when you can cut through a side street, alley, or other piece of cover, you can get clear of the mob!

What really matters is that you do your best to blend in so you can gain the time needed to sneak away.

Just remember – if police or riot control military personnel show up, they have no way of knowing you're NOT one of the rioters.

Understand that as long as you're in disguise, you're in constant danger… and get the heck out of there as quickly as you can while playing along.

It's a bold strategy, and one that might annoy you a little bit to have to pretend… but I guarantee you, it's better than trying to fight off hundreds of people who want to tear you apart!

Do what you have to, get clear of the riot, and make sure you and your family are safe.

That's all we can do, sometimes, when social chaos finds us.

Do You Feel Afraid To Express Your Political Beliefs In Public (Or Online)?

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1 Punch Knockout: This Move Stops You From Being BEATEN In The Street

1 Punch Knockout Counter For Preventing A Street Beating

A 21-year-old man in Wisconsin – we'll call him Tim – was minding his own business the other day, just walking down the street.

That's when two thugs roared up in their SUV and jumped out, staring straight at him.

What did they want?

Well, Tim had a backpack – and these two scumbags wanted it.

The beating that came next was pretty horrible.

But it could have been prevented, if only Tim had known…

This 1 Fight Move Can Prevent You From Being BEATEN In The Street!

1 Punch Knockout Counter For Preventing A Street Beating
1 Punch Knockout Counter For Preventing A Street Beating

It happened just recently in Madison, Wisconsin.

“Tim” was just walking down the street with his backpack on when the driver of the SUV burned rubber, pulled up beside Tim, and slammed on the brakes!

That's when Tim knew something was very, very wrong.

The two scumbags who climbed out of the truck IMMEDIATELY attacked him!

They beat Tim into the pavement, savagely punching and kicking him.

Then they tore his backpack from his back, jumped into their SUV, and tore out of there – running red lights and swerving wildly across both lanes as they did it.

Surveillance footage eventually led cops to Jaquan A. Wright and Teshae K. Hanna, pictured here in their mugshots:

Jaquan Wright And Teshae Hanna
Jaquan Wright And Teshae Hanna

As of this writing, they were in the Dane County Jail on battery and armed robbery charges.

And Tim?

Well, he crawled off to nurse his injuries, afraid to come forward to the cops.

(They eventually found him using the same surveillance footage, but he's okay.)

The thing is, even though 2-on-1 odds are pretty rough, the two thugs DIDN'T shoot or stab Tim.

They simply beat him.

And if Tim had known to use one almost never-fail move from military combatives, he might have been able to surprise them, take the initiative, and get away before he got beaten and robbed.

If you were in the same situation – facing these same two thugs – would YOU know what to do?

Well, it's actually really easy, and goes all the way back to World War II.

W.E. Fairbairn, one of the LEGENDS of World War II combatives,  called it the “chin jab” – but it really isn't a jab at all.

It's really a “palm heel strike” that goes up under the chin (and if you want, you can rake your fingers back down the guy's face – but that's not how I use it. More on that below…).

The move works because it comes up from UNDER the eye line, so your attacker won't see it coming like they would a regular “punch”.

But then it jolts the skull back, putting the bad guy off balance and letting you follow up as needed.

(Where the head goes, the body goes, you know?)

It even has the power to (scientifically) knock a guy out with just this one single blow.

And while this one move works pretty well “one-handed” for a strong guy, like the soldiers he designed it for, Fairbairn knew that it would be a lot harder for a smaller and physically weaker than her attacker – to use.

For smaller people, Fairbairn taught a modified chin jab that is done with BOTH hands.

It's a beautiful move – especially because it was the favorite of one of the world's foremost authorities on vicious, efficient, life-or-death combat.

That's why I use it, too – because if it's good for a smaller person, it's even better for me!

In a fight, I'm looking to win (FAST!) against ANY attacker – no matter how much bigger and stronger he is.

So for me, I don't limit myself to using just one hand to (hopefully) make contact and get my attacker back on his heels… when I can use TWO hands to absolutely take his head off!

That's why Fairbairn taught it for smaller people to take on larger people – and even included versions for women to use pressure points under the chin to get some dirty old bastard to keep his groping hands to himself! hahahaha!

It's also why, to this day, this one move has NEVER failed me whenever I've used it in a fight – even against guys who towered over me!

In fact, in my “Defeat Larger Attackers” DVD, I even show how to use this technique when you're getting absolutely destroyed by your attacker (actually even multiple attackers) and turn the odds back in your favor.

(If you don't have a copy of my “Defeat Larger Attackers” DVD, I consider it an absolute must-have… so much so that I send it out for free to anyone who's serious about protecting themselves “unarmed” against a bigger, stronger attacker. You just have to tell me where to send the free DVD and my team will get it out to you right away.)

Look… just because some guy is bigger and stronger than you doesn’t mean you can’t beat him!

Fairbairn knew that well… and developed some of the most brutal techniques in the world for life-or-death combat.

All it takes are a few of these moves in your hand-to-hand arsenal and you'll be amazed at how much confidence it gives you, knowing that you can physically “own” any man stupid enough to get in your face – and take out multiple opponents quickly and brutally!

What Are Your Best Tips A Street Fight?

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Multiple Attacker Gange Assaults: How NOT To Get Stomped To Death!

Multiple Attacker Gang Assault Defense: How NOT To Get Stomped To Death
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

It's the worst-case scenario in a street fight: Ending up on the ground.

When you're on the ground, you're in very big danger of getting stomped to death.

That's especially true if your attacker has buddies.

Once you're down they'll be more than happy to jump in.

And that means they'll put the boots to you while you can do NOTHING.

So how do you protect yourself where groundfighting is concerned?

I talked to expert Nick Farooqui about groundfighting survival tips, and here is a summary of what he had to say.

How NOT To Get Stomped To Death!

Multiple Attacker Gang Assault Defense: How NOT To Get Stomped To Death
Multiple Attacker Gang Assault Defense: How NOT To Get Stomped To Death
Nick Farooqui

The fact is, there is no secret to staying off the ground.

No matter how hard you try, eventually, you'll make a mistake and end up there.

You also might be taken by surprise and tackled to the ground before you have time to think about what to do.

There are infinite variables.

Environmental awareness is critical.

Eventually, though, you could end up on the ground when your attacker isn't.

That's when things could get deadly… because when you're on the ground and he is standing, he could stomp you to death.

Here are three tips you need to remember when fighting on the ground:

1. You Can't Move And Stand At The Same Time

The objective of street grappling and groundfighting is to GET BACK ON YOUR FEET AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

Only when you are on your feet do you have the maneuverability to get out of trouble.

When you're on the ground, you are a target.

But… you can't move and stand at the same time.

The two are mutually exclusive.

If you try to move and stand, you'll end up getting knocked down and overwhelmed.

THAT will lead to getting stomped to death.

Focus on getting to your feet, THEN moving out of danger.

2. Always Read The Situation

This raises the critical question, though:

How do you know when your opening happens so you can get back on your feet?

It hinges on awareness.

Awareness can make a huge difference.

Read the situation to find your openings.

You've got to wait for an opportunity so you don't just get kicked unconscious when you try to get up.

When you try to get back to your feet, it has to be when you have the opening to do so — not when you're just giving him a chance to kick your lights out.

3. Do NOT Get Knocked Out

If you get knocked out, that's it.

You're going to get stomped into the dirt.

When you're unconscious, you are completely helpless…

…and we've seen too many cop-car dashcam videos of what happens to cops, training professionals, who make the mistake of getting knocked out.

To stay awake, you've got to protect your head, throat, and lungs.

These are all vulnerable points that, when struck, could lead to getting knocked out.

You've got to stay awake to stay alive!

Keep these tips in mind if you ever find yourself on the ground.

They could be the difference between surviving and getting stomped to death.

Could You Survive On The Ground? What Groundfighting Training Do You Do?

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MCS 262 – Tactical Q&A With Kris “Tanto” Paronto

Kris "Tanto" Paronto of 13 Hours and Benghazi, Libya Terrorist Attack Defense
Kris "Tanto" Paronto of 13 Hours and Benghazi, Libya Terrorist Attack Defense
Kris “Tanto” Paronto of 13 Hours and Benghazi, Libya Terrorist Attack Defense

[Warning – Difficult audio until about 4 minutes in.]

Kris “Tanto” Paronto is a former Army Ranger.

He's an EXPERT in tactical security and combat.

If his name sounds familiar, there's a good reason for that.

Kris was there on that fateful night on September 11th, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.

An armed mob of militants attacked the U.S. State Department Special Mission Compound…

…and a nearby CIA station called the Annex. Kris, through his bravery, proved himself a true warrior that night.

Disobeying a “stand down” order that he knew he could not live with, he and his fellow American security operators went beyond the call of duty.

They went forward, toward the danger, and into the pages of history.

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Jeff Anderson interviews the legendary Kris Paronto on a wide range of personal security topics, gleaning his wisdom on how to stay safe in a dangerous world.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The warning signs that you're in a bad neighborhood (that you might not think to look for).
  • A weird trick you can use to scare away burglars from your front door… even when you aren't home!
  • The best way to overcome hesitation or squeamishness when it comes to violence.
  • The DEAD GIVEAWAYS that most criminals show when they mean you harm.
  • And much, much more!

Kris Paronto is an expert when it comes to this stuff.

Listen to this fascinating interview and pick up some knowledge you haven't heard anywhere else!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

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MCS 257 – Flash Mob Violence (Escape And Evasion For Riots)

Flash Mob Violence Escape And Evasion For Riots
Flash Mob Violence Escape And Evasion For Riots

The threat of mob violence is greater than ever before in our country.

Political mobs, and political violence, are everywhere — and will only get WORSE as elections approach.

Social media allows everyone from pranksters to violent thugs and even terrorists to coordinate their mob activities.

Even if you don't face an organized “flash mob”…

…you could find yourself in the middle of a riot anytime you're in public.

It takes NOTHING to set off a riot these days.

If that happens, you and your family will be in danger.

So what can you do to avoid mob violence?

And how do you fight back or escape if you CAN'T avoid it?

In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Jeff Anderson interviews firearms and survival expert Salvatore DeGennaro to answer these questions… and more!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Sneaky tips and tricks for avoiding mob violence BEFORE it begins.
  • The WORST mistakes you can make if you suddenly find yourself driving into a mob!
  • How to “fake out” a mob to keep them from targeting you and your family!
  • The one weapon you DON'T want to keep in your car if you can help it.
  • How to handle yourself if you have to use DEADLY FORCE in a mob riot situation!

The information in this podcast could literally save your life when you and your family encounter a “flash mob” or a riot.

Don't miss this episode — and prepare while you can.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

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[MMA Streetfighting] “Bagel Boss” Viral Video Fight Footage Teaches 3 Deadly Lessons

MMA Street Fights: Bagel Boss Short Man Viral Video Teaches Deadly Lessons

They call him the “Bagel Boss.”

He's the 4-foot, 11-inch guy who got in a HUGE fight at a bagel shop recently…

…and then became FAMOUS when the video went viral.

A lot of people think the video is pretty funny.

It isn't funny at all.

That's because the video — which shows Chris Morgan of Long Island getting tackled by a fellow bagel shop customer — is actually a warning.

It shows just how WRONG a street fight can go.

And, honestly, if Chris Morgan's attacker wasn't such a nice guy. . .

… this little dude could EASILY be dead!

Worse, the next time you get into a confrontation with someone, YOU could end up dead too if you make the same mistake!

(And no, I'm NOT talking about how Morgan lost his mind when he thought people were making fun of him!)

That's why we need to talk about. . .

The Street Fighting Lessons We Can Learn From The “Bagel Boss” Viral Video

MMA Street Fights: Bagel Boss Short Man Viral Video Teaches Deadly Lessons
MMA Street Fights: Bagel Boss Short Man Viral Video Teaches Deadly Lessons

Chris Morgan was in a bagel shop trying to buy a “caw-fee” when he decided the girls behind the counter were making fun of him.

He went nuts, ranting and raving about how girls on dating sites won't swipe-in-whatever-direction because he's so short.

People make fun of him all the time because he's small, he says.

But he didn't stop there.

He got crazier and crazier, to the point that other customers started telling him to calm down.

That's when he got aggressive.

He “chested up” to one of the other customers — a dude so much bigger that Morgan is barely taller than the guy's belly button:

MMA Streetfight Viral Video: Bagel Boss Chests Up With Attacker
MMA Streetfight Viral Video: Bagel Boss Chests Up With Attacker

Then he started demanding that the bigger guy “meet him outside.”

“Go ahead and attack me!” he shouted. Go ahead and attack–”

(He was immediately attacked.)

You can even see the look of, “I've made a horrible mistake” on his face a split-second before he eats floor.

MMA Streetfight Viral Video: Bagel Boss Realizes He's Made A Terrible Mistake
MMA Streetfight Viral Video: Bagel Boss Realizes He's Made A Terrible Mistake

In interviews after the assault, you can tell Morgan is bothered by the fact that the bigger guy was on top of his back and, in Morgan's own words, wouldn't let him up.

He was very aware of how helpless he was down there. . . and that's when I realized there was nothing funny about this viral video at all.

MMA Streetfight Viral Video: Bagel Boss Attacker Shoots For Takedown
MMA Streetfight Viral Video: Bagel Boss Attacker Shoots For Takedown

The incident teaches us three things, in fact, and they apply to you and to me. . .

. . .just as much as they do to a five-foot-nothing angry guy who's cruising for trouble (while writing checks with his mouth that his @ss can't cash).

These lessons apply to EVERY street fight, but they go DOUBLE when you're dealing with somebody who's bigger than you.

(And, let's face it: for the little Bagel Boss, that's almost every person he meets.)

1. NEVER “Chest Up” To Anyone

As many times as I see this happen, it always makes me shake my head.

There's something about guys that makes them want to puff out their chests and get up close to other people.

They stare down the other guy while DARING them to “make a move.”

Well, when you're chest to chest with somebody (the same way Bagel Boss went chest-to-belly-button with his attacker), you're making it HARDER to defend yourself.

He can throw almost anything at you — a wild hook, a haymaker, a sneaky uppercut from below your eye line — and you won't see it coming.

You've GOT to get your hands out in front of you and prevent him from going chest to chest. . .

. . . and you definitely don't want to initiate a “chest-up” yourself.

2. Mind Your Balance

You can see it on his face when “Bagel Boss” gets attacked:

He's completely lost his balance.

His attacker rushes forward, disrupting Morgan's balance and pushing him off his feet effortlessly.

The thing is, little guys can be very hard to knock down because their centers of gravity are lower.

The smart ones will attack a bigger man's knees and ankles, because a bigger guy can be thrown off balance pretty easily himself.

In a street fight, you've got to mind your own balance while looking for opportunities to take HIS.

That's because, if you get pushed off-balance, he's going to take you down. . .

. . . and then, when he mounts you, you're very nearly DEAD.

3. If You're Mounted, You Have Only One Chance

You could hear it in Chris Morgan's eyes when he complained about the attack in interviews after the video was taken.

His attacker was lying on top of him and Morgan was utterly helpless.

If this had been a vicious street fight or a gang attack, and not simply a “nice guy” taking down a bully in a bagel shop, Morgan could easily have gotten killed.

When a guy has you down and is lying on top of you like that, he could suffocate you, stab you, or invite his buddies to kick you to death.

You've got ONE CHANCE to fight your way out of that situation after you make that mistake. . .

. . . and if you screw it up, you may never get up again.

Remember that the next time you’re visualizing what you would do when you find yourself in a street fight — especially if the guy coming at you is a lot bigger than you.

Just because he’s bigger doesn’t mean you can’t beat him… but there are right ways and many more wrong ways to do it.

Here’s another, very graphic video of a face-to-face confrontation.

Sadly, the victim didn’t realize he was in a fight until it was too late.

If you watch the video, though, you’ll see the danger signs… and the results were disastrous.

The lessons you can learn from that video, just like what we can take away from the “Bagel Boss” and his mistakes, could save your life in a REAL fight.

I should know — because I’ve used it myself more than once, and it worked every time.

Stay safe out there.

What Would You Do If You Were Chest To Chest With A Larger Attacker?

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Flash Mobs: The Mob Violence Threat In Crowds That Nobody Is Talking About

Flash Mob Active Shooter Danger: The Mob Violence Threat In Large Crowds

I hate this term:

“Flash mob”

The reason I hate it is because, when many people think of “flash mobs”, they think of cutesy pranks, like people dressed up in the same costume who show up in a shopping mall and perform choreographed dance moves.

Sometimes, “flash mobs” coordinated through social media are also used to promote movies or other events.

But more and more, lately, we're seeing the term used in the news by gutless reporters who don't want to admit that our society has a serious mob violence problem.

And as bad as that problem is getting, there's a very dangerous threat in any flash mob that, so far, NOBODY is warning people about!

That's why I need to share with you. . .

The Hidden Danger In Flash Mobs (That No One Is Talking About)

Flash Mob Active Shooter Danger: The Mob Violence Threat In Large Crowds
Flash Mob Active Shooter Danger: The Mob Violence Threat In Large Crowds

Ok, while on some level most people understand that a large mob can be dangerous, “flash mobs” are different:

  • They're VERY well pre-planned – often set to trigger at a very specific day and time (down to the second!)
  • They have a singular purpose – usually for something stupid like a dance that promotes a movie or something – but not always…
  • One of those “purposes” is now to inflict VIOLENCE on innocent bystanders!

Instant, vicious, violence!

Sometimes these attacks are on specific “types” of people – like at the Wisconsin State Fair, when a group of black patrons began attacking white fair-goers and their families exactly at “go-time”.

Other times, the participants don't care WHO they're attacking.

And while most of these mobs are limited to a few strikes being thrown, you and I both know that things are getting FAR more heated as our politics divide us more and more, right?

And here's what most people don't understand about the “hidden danger” of these flash mobs…


In the past, bringing firearms to a flash mob was a big no-no for the organizers.

But that's all changed…

… now – no matter what the “plan” is – it only takes ONE armed participant to create mass panic… and MASS CASUALTIES!

Just a couple of years ago, a staggering NINE HUNDRED “teens” stormed a shopping mall in Florida.

The mob of violent, rioting “teens” acted like they wouldn't be happy until somebody died.

They committed armed robberies of people going to the movies. . .

. . . They assaulted people physically, targeting people seemingly at random. . .

. . .And they even fired their (illegal?) guns into the crowd, laughing as they did it.

In other words…

A flash mob is the perfect cover for an “active shooter” scenario!

Now, I know that when you think of “active shooters,” you probably picture terrorists and “lone wolf” lunatics — the kind of people who shoot up a school or who show up at work with a gun after they get fired, right?

But as the people in that Florida mall found out, an “active shooter” can just as easily be a member of a “flash mob” who thinks it would be great fun to shoot into a crowd of people.

Any time shots are fired in a mob violence incident (or in ANY scenario), you only have a split-second to spring into action…

…And the WRONG move could get you killed!

Here are three quick tips if you ever find yourself out in public when shots are fired:

1. Cover Is Not Concealment

Bullets aren't impressed by walls, hollow-core doors, and most furniture.

They'll pass right through the majority of those barriers.

You have to make sure, if you take cover in an active shooting event, that you're not hiding behind something too light to stop a round.

An upholstered chair is just cloth over a wood framework with some foam inside.

Any part of a car that isn't the engine is too thin to stop a bullet.

A hollow-core door and your typical sheet-rock wall won't stop your brother-in-law Kyle from punching through them in a Monster-energy-drink-fueled rage. . .

. . . so they sure won't stop a 9mm or a .223 round.

When you “dive for cover” in a shooting, therefore, understand that while it may conceal you from vision, it won't stop him from shooting you.

If the shooter saw where you went, he could easily chase you with bullets.

2. Don't Run In A Straight Line!

Now, you don't have to wave your arms above your head and shout, “Serpentine! Serpentine!”

What you DO have to do is avoid running in a straight line.

Active shooters tend to have tunnel vision.

A lot of them shoot like they're playing a First Person Shooter video game.

If you run in a straight line, they'll track you and shoot you easily.

If you “get off the X,” however, and move laterally to take yourself out of the relatively narrow cone of their vision down the barrel of their weapon, you'll have a greater chance to get away alive.

3. Avoid Sudden, Large Crowds At ALL COSTS

There has been a rash of these “flash mob” robberies in recent weeks.

They're all over the news now, and they're getting more violent.

Groups of ten, twenty, fifty, or even hundreds of people will storm into a store and take anything that isn't nailed down.

If you're in a store or other public place where this happens, leave immediately.

Don't take out your phone and film it.

Don't think you're going to take on a mob by yourself, no matter how you're armed.

Don't try to call 911 from inside the crowd.

Leave immediately and call for police assistance once you're clear.

That's the only way to ensure your safety.

It's up to YOU to protect yourself and those you love.

You and I both know that the police won't be right there in front of you when all of a sudden violence erupts all around you and you hear gunshots, right?

Stay safe out there.

What Would YOU Do If You Were In A Store That Got “Flash Mobbed”?

Please Share Your Best Tips With Us Now…

Facing Multiple Attackers In A Real Street Fight? Try This Double-Strike Self-Defense Move

How To Defeat Multiple Attackers In A Real Street Fight

I'm no stranger to being threatened by gangs.

I used to live in a rough part of New Mexico that became a major stopping point on the “heroine trail” from Mexico to the U.S. and was battled over by 2 rival gangs – the 18th Streeters and Los Surenos.

Frankly, these days nearly every medium-sized town has some sort of “gang presence”, whether you know it or not.

And since most bangers are out cruising around in their cars, they can pose a serious danger to the “target of opportunity”…

…a lone person exiting the convenient store

…elderly person who looks like an easy target

…or even a young family who will cower in fear when 3 or 4 rough-looking men drive up close with their music blasting

Forget all of the “best case scenarios” most people typically train for…

When It Comes To Real Street Fights, You MUST Know How To Defeat MULTIPLE Attackers!

How To Defeat Multiple Attackers In A Real Street Fight

Now, if you're ever in a situation where you're threatened by multiple attackers, your best bet is to RUN!

But that may not be an option (like if you're protecting your family).

In that case, if they get up in your face and you feel that an attack is unavoidable, your very first move is to STRIKE FIRST to try to take out at least one attacker.

If you were facing two attackers, now you're only facing one.  

But if what if you were facing two attackers and could take out BOTH of them with just one strike?  Well…

Here's A Self-Defense Move To Attack TWO (Or More!) Attackers At The Same Time…

Defeat Multiple Attackers Self Defense Move

Here's how to pull off this multiple attackers self-defense move…

  • First you must quickly ( ! ) assess your best tactical escape.  In other words, your goal may be to clear a way to an exit door or to get to your car to get out of Dodge.  Your path AND the position of your attackers all matter. Use one of the scumbags as an obstacle by quickly moving to the outside flank of one of the attackers who is close to another.
  • Next, use one of the scumbags as an obstacle by quickly moving to the outside flank of one of the attackers who is close to another.
  • As soon as you have him in line with the guy closest to him – with all your might, strike into the head of the attacker as if you're trying to take it clear off his body.

    (This is a powerful move and will even work against much larger and stronger atackers – but it MUST be done correctly – and I show you how in my free “street defense” DVD here…)

    If you do this right, you'll force the first attacker off-balance and he'll fall into the man next to him, causing them BOTH to be off-balance, even if only for a few seconds.

  • That's all you need to either escape along your previously identified path to safety… OR follow up with a powerful stomp to a vital target to take one (or both) out of the fight quickly.

Of course, there are certain tactics that work better than others – especially when you're talking about facing bigger, stronger attackers or surviving something as serious as a multiple attacker scenario.

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Preying on Predators: Instilling Fear in Multiple Attackers

Whether you’re targeted by gang members who realize that swarming you in numbers makes you an easy victim, or somebody’s buddies jump you in order to help out their friend during an altercation with what would otherwise be the average drunken fool, you have to be able to fight back effectively. This is because you’re now fighting multiple attackers, and the disparity of force that is one person against many puts that one person in mortal danger.  You should be in fear for your life, because against multiple attackers, you could easily be overwhelmed and stomped to death.  You are in a fight for your life when it’s you against many. There is simply no way around that.

Fighting Back Against Multiple Attackers

One way to fight back against multiple attackers is to make THEM fear YOU.  If you can instill in them the idea that they might have picked the wrong target, you have gone a long way toward preserving your life. This is because most criminals are creatures of opportunity. They want to get what they seek from their victims the easy way. If they didn’t want things to be easy, they wouldn’t be criminals, after all.

To make multiple attackers fear you, you have to understand their tactics.  When a group of guys faces off against you, there is usually an alpha male or front man who will take the lead in confronting you.  He may be the person to initiate physical contact, or he may be distracting you with talk while his friends work their way around you to take you out.

The Mindset of Instilling Fear in Multiple Attackers

Keep your head.  Psychological tactics are everything when facing multiple attackers. Use language.  You’ve got to say to them, “Back off and stay exactly where you are. Come at me and I’ll tear your nose from your [expletive] face.”  You’ve got to mean it. You aren’t begging and you aren’t bluffing.  You’re telling them exactly what’s going to happen if they don’t back off.

The Person You Must Become Against Multiple Attackers

You can’t be squeamish. You’ve got to say hateful, horrible, profane things.  That isn’t who you are, but it’s who you’ve got to be for the few seconds that this attack is going to last.  If you target the alpha male in a group of multiple attackers and essentially say, “See? I’ve put you first,” you will start to take the wind from their sales.  If you start viciously dropping one or two of the group, whomever is closest, whomever you can deal with most brutally, then the others will start tpo dissipate as they realize they haven’t chosen an easy target.

If you’re facing three guys and you drop one, now you’re only facing two, and the odds have must dramatically increased in your favor.  If you divide your multiple attackers, if you drop two out of three of them, you can potentially defeat the last one psychologically.  It’s all a mind game combined with the physical… and that’s how you make multiple attackers fear you.