Preparing for a real-life gunfight isn't the same as training at the range.

The mental stress you'll experience when your life is on the line is a survival aspect you can't ignore – but one that few gun-owners know how to add to their training.

You see, in a real gunfight, you're not only going to have to shoot to stop your attacker, but you're also going to have to think of other things like…

  • What's your best escape route?
  • Is your family in a safe location?
  • Should I move to another location for better cover?
  • Are there other attackers in your home?
  • How many rounds do I have left?

Juggling all of these mental decisions at the same time as you're shooting is extremely challenging – especially when your heart is pumping, right?

Sure, you can sign up for an expensive gun course that will add more realism to your training.

But here's a simple way you can simulate “mental stress” in your firearms training, submitted by one of our subscribers, Steve from Trempealeau, WI…

  • Go ahead and equip yourself with a training weapon (laser, airsoft, or other) and a set of targets.

(I'll be showing you several ways to create a variety of 3D targets later this week.)

  • Now, as you're engaging each target, have a training partner shout out math equations for you to answer while shooting. They should be relatively easy to answer (like “72 divided by 9!” instead of “the square root of 289”)
  • This can be done at the range using live fire, but I tried this at home as a dry-fire exercise from behind a chair and it worked way better.

Alternate your angle of shooting (left side of chair, right side, over the top) with each target engagement and math problem.

The purpose of the questions is to force you to engage different parts of your brain while you're executing the physical task of shooting.

This is a LOT harder than you might think and will help you realize the dangers of becoming fixed on any one task while defending your life.

But as you can see, there are some very simple things you can add to your training program that will make you much better prepared for a real-life gunfight.