After studying the analysis of over 6,000 real gunfights, it's shockingly obvious…

95% of the way most people train to stop an attacker is wrong, wrong, WRONG!

Case in point…

After all of our studies, in only 12 cases were we able to view high-level concealed carry defenders able to use both hands against a close-quarters ambush.

Yet why do you never see anyone down at the local gun range using only ONE hand to prepare for a real attack?

The reasons WHY you must master one-handed shooting (and exactly HOW!) are exactly what you'll discover in this week's podcast episode!.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Concealed carry methods that DON'T work for one-handed shooting (and a simple tip to overcome them!)
  • The weird “snuff box” grip technique for managing one-handed recoil!
  • The very FIRST action you must take when attacked with no warning! (Hint: It's the exact opposite of what most other tactical schools teach!)
  • Why aiming “center mass” may NOT be your best target (and a better option for stopping an ambush!)
  • 4 tactical drills for mastering one-handed shooting… even at home!

I can't stress this enough…

Knowing how to shoot one-handed is an absolutely critical skill for surviving a real gunfight!

This week's episode will give you all you need to know… and the rest is up to you.

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What Other Close-Combat Gunfighting Questions Or Tips Do You Have For Concealed Carry?

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