Self-Defense Knife Fighting Training Tactics
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It's a strange FBI statistic about “deadly crime”…

10% of victims shot with a firearm die from their wounds.

But a whopping 30% of victims STABBED with a knife end up dying!

Now that's not to say that a knife is a better weapon for personal protection.

I mean, a bullet at least has the chance for a “one-shot stop”, while a knife is a long, slow (very messy) process of stab after stab while you wait for your attacker to bleed out.

However, the stats DO reveal that having a knife on you – at least as a back-up – can be enough to save your life when attacked.

So in this week's podcast episode, I asked “close-quarters knife-fighting” expert, Scott Babb, to share his unique take on how to used an edged weapon against a violent attacker.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Hollywood vs. “the street”:  What most people get wrong, wrong, WRONG about how to defend yourself with a blade!
  • Prison knife-fights! What Scott discovered after watching hours of life-or-death attacks in America's most brutal penitentiaries!
  • WHAT knife to carry (and how to carry it!) for rapid deployment!
  • The best areas of the body to target with your knife that will ensure the fight ends… FAST!
  • A super simple close-quarters knife-fighting training drill to help get you on your way to master your weapon!

I've become a big fan of Scott's training the moment I saw his unique approach and training methods!

I know you're going to want to listen to this podcast a few times through.

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