Combat Folder Knife Fighting Tips

Do you carry a “combat folding knife” as part of your everyday carry gear (EDC)?

Most of our listeners do – whether it's for simple tasks like opening up boxes… or for back-up self-protection.

But do you have the right knife to defend yourself?

And do you know how to USE that knife in real life-or-death combat?

Well this week, edged-weapons trainer, Chris Fry, will reveal what you need to know in order to choose… train with… and deploy a combat folder knife to save your life in a real attack!

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Here's what you'll discover in this episode…

  • Choosing the perfect “combat folder” knife!  This is a very personal decision – and what you carry depends on several factors we'll discuss!
  • Tactical “covert carry” methods!  It's not as simple as just slipping it into your pocket.  Discover your options… and how to adapt the knife to your personal lifestyle.
  • The absolute FASTEST way to get to your knife during an attack! Chris's 4-step method you've never heard before!
  • Real-world knife-fighting tactics street thugs & criminals hope you NEVER find out!
  • How to safely train for combat folder knife-fighting to make sure your skills are “razor sharp” when you're forced to survive!

Don't make the mistake of thinking that just because you own and carry a “folder” on you that you're ready for combat (or even that you own the right one!).

Chris's edged-weapon tips & tactics will give you the “street smarts” you need to carry with confidence!

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 Do YOU Carry A Combat Folder Knife As Part Of Your Everyday Carry Gear?

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