Some people only seem to learn “the hard way”…

(Like my teenage son and… well… teenage “me” as well, I guess. ūüėČ

But when it comes to your decision to shoot (or not) in a potentially violent encounter, it's always best to learn from other people's mistakes rather than make a move that could land you in jail!

This week I asked my buddy and “stress-shooting” pioneer,¬†Peyton Quinn, to share his research and advice for making that critical decision to pull the trigger when you're confronted by an aggressive individual who you feel is a true threat.

And trust me… from the results of our¬†“Shoot Or Don't Shoot Video Quiz”, 79% of concealed carry gun-owners¬†don't¬†make the right decisions.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Vicious “self-defense myths” that too many responsibly-armed citizens fall for – that could ruin the rest of your life!
  • When is it legal to draw – or even¬†show¬†– your weapon to a threat?¬†(The answer may surprise you!)
  • Shooting under stress!¬†What to expect when your heart is in your throat and your hands are trembling like Jell-o!
  • The “Hockey Dad” mistake!¬†(aka – What to do AFTER you've defended yourself from an attack!)
  • Beyond the live-fire range:¬†How to train for the courtroom… WITH your firearm!

This topic is one that's near and dear to my heart as a fellow concealed carry weapon holder… and I'm tired of seeing “good guys/gals with guns” pay the price for not knowing how to make the right decision!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Other Self-Defense Mistakes Do You See Gun-Owners Make With Their Firearm?

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