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Jeff Anderson, Editor

The panic about “coronavirus,” or COVID-19, is starting to reach a fever pitch.

We've had our first death(s) here in the United States – starting with someone who didn't get it from traveling to China.

And just after that report, the official number of infections in the United States JUMPED – because we started counting a bunch of Americans who caught it on a cruise ship.

And the stock market?

Fear of the virus caused us to break a record for a single-day drop, with even more fall-off the next day.

It's gotten so bad that even the Surgeon General of the United States is urging frightened people to STOP buying masks to prevent themselves from catching the virus.

Now, here is something important:

People who knew what to look for had an early warning about this pandemic scare.

So let me explain – because the reason why isn't what you might think… and it points to what you should be doing to protect your family.

What You Can Do About A Coronavirus Pandemic While Everybody PANICS…

Corona Virus Masks - Flu Masks - Pandemic Preparations
Corona Virus Masks – Flu Masks – Pandemic Preparations

You might not consider it an early warning sign of pandemic, but a little over a week ago, one of my employees told me he couldn't find dust masks.

He does a lot of projects involving grinding and sanding, and a couple weeks ago he went to the hardware store to buy some.

They were completely sold out!

But he didn't get really worried – or bring it up to me – until he tried to buy some online, only to discover the few sellers who had any left had jacked up their prices!

The shortage is all because people are buying up masks, looking for something, anything, that can protect them when they're out in public!

And THAT is why the surgeon general is telling the public to stop buying them.

People are buying up so many masks that now, there aren't any masks left to price-gouge.

They're just gone – meaning medical professionals and first responders can't get their hands on them!

Here's a picture that same employee of mine took just this past weekend:

Empty Hardware Store Shelf
Empty Hardware Store Shelf
That's the dust mask section of a national chain hardware store, where you can buy simple masks for painting and sanding.

Unlike fine-particle filter masks, those simple hardware store dust masks can't do ANYTHING to prevent you from getting coronavirus.

That means that now, contractors – and you and I – can't get dust masks for simple projects around the house…

…all because people are panicking.

Now… think about all of the products you take for granted on a daily basis.

Not just dust masks, but basic household goods.

In Hawaii, a state that depends on imports – on a supply chain for consumer goods – panicking citizens are buying out the toilet paper and bottled water for the same reason they've been buying hardware store dust masks.

And it's only a matter of time before that panic affects YOUR local store – and hits more than just painter's masks.

This is, in other words, the first step in the chain reaction – all of it caused by PEOPLE, not the pandemic itself.

A short-term (or even long-term) “collapse” doesn't usually happen in one giant THUD that wipes everything out in an instant.

Instead, it goes down as a chain-reaction that can be caused by any triggering event.

(I talk about how to prepare for those triggering events in my life-saving survival “manual” .)

When any of these very real events are triggered, they will cause a domino effect that will have a very predictable outcome.

All you need is for something like a pandemic scare to trigger the reaction:

First, people get worried about getting sick, so they buy out the stores of hand sanitizer and dust masks.

Then, they get worried about household goods, so they start buying toilet paper and bottled water.

Then the stock market crashes, like we've ALREADY seen, and people make a run on the banks to take out their money.

Then, stores start closing, either because there's no merchandise to sell, or because the government told them they have to close during the panic (like has already happened in China).

And without the flow of cheap goods from China to our trucking fleets and then to our store shelves, well, things start to spiral out of control… FAST.

You see, most people don't realize just how dependent we are on our nation's truck drivers – and on the supply chain they distribute from manufacturers in China.

That system is critical to our economic infrastructure, and it supplies every single household and business with all the things we take for granted, such as food, water, medicines, fuel, repair parts, etc.

But if those truck drivers have nothing to deliver – or they start getting sick, and spreading sickness themselves – the whole system breaks down!

Once things start to collapse, it will take only days for our country to turn into a nightmare… and it all started with sold-out pollution masks.

So… now you know what a collapse, prompted by a pandemic panic, can look like.

But that knowledge is no good without “action”, right?

Take advantage of my life-saving survival “manual” and let me show you the prepping shortcuts I've learned (the hard way) over the years, and prepare NOW, before it's too late.

I promise this information could save your life (and the lives of those you love).

Don't wait until the coronavirus panic leaves you without the supplies you need… and with you local grocery store shelves empty.

Get prepared now while there's time.

What Preps Have You Taken For Pandemic Infection?

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