Last week, my friend (and former CIA Agent), Jason Hanson, gave us some great tactics for escape and evasion – especially when traveling.

I hung on every word!

And now this week, I'm following up with my own tactics you can use right away to escape and evade kidnappers, cartel-backed foreign police, and hostage-taking terrorists.


With the 10 sneaky items I reveal in my own personal “covert escape & evasion kit”.

Get ready to build your own with my step-by-step instructions in this week's podcast episode!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • Hidden in plain sight: How to carry all of your items right in front of people without ANYONE knowing how prepared you really are!
  • 4+ simple “hiding spots” for your escape and evasion kit!
  • 10 tiny “survival items” that will help you escape from restraints and get to safety – even with your attackers hot on your tail!

This is about as sneaky as it gets folks!

And you're going to have a blast creating your own personal escape & evasion kit you'll carry everywhere!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

  • [leadpages_leadbox leadbox_id=1457394c6639c5] [/leadpages_leadbox] FREE “Cheat Sheet”: Build Your Own Escape & Evasion Kit!

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