Are you a terrorist?

If you're a fellow “survivalist” like me, the Department of Homeland Security thinks you might be.

A disturbing report from Upstate New York says that New York's DHS is putting up signs in local surplus-type businesses, encouraging people to rat out anyone buying “prepper” items.

It's no different thanĀ the video report of DHS trying to confiscate “survival food” that a friend of mine exposed.

Now DHS is tagging people who are buying ammunition, gas masks, MREs, and other goods you might be stockpiling for a collapse.

DHS-Backed Police Asked This Woman To Rat Out Her Fellow Preppers, And She Did The “Right Thing”…

The fliers claim you'll get a reward if you turn in your neighbors to the New York State Terrorism Tips Line to report this “suspicious activity.”

It's all part of the “IF You See Something, Say Something” campaign that DHS has been pushing for a while.

While it's terrifying to think we live in a society where just trying to stockpile supplies could get you branded a terrorist, the fact is, you shouldn't be telling ANYONE that you are a prepper, and none of your neighbors should suspect this fact.

You Want To Keep Your Preps “Covert” Because…

  • People who are desperate will show up at your door after a collapse, expecting you to take care of them if they know you're prepared.
  • In a long-term scenario, you can't afford to let others know that you have what they need, because the more you share what you have, the less you'll be able to provide for your own family.
  • Having stockpiles of supplies and survival food makes you a target for theft and confiscation (thanks FEMA!).

Look, “covert survival” is an art form all its own.

Live it… or you could be on the next “bounty list” as your neighbors turn you in for a quick $500 bounty!

What Common Mistakes Do You See Survivalists Making That Gives Away Their Prepper Plans?

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