My buddy “Ox” is badass with his Glock 26.

He's super fast on the draw… and when he shoots an entire mag, it practically sounds like a full-auto machine gun.

99% of people who try this will have their shots all over the place – maybe with a few in the “kill zone” of their target.

But at 15 feet, Ox can react… draw… and empty all rounds right in an 8.5″ x 11″ target in just 2.83 seconds!

Yup… all the way from the draw and every single round is a “stopper”, but the funny thing is, he mastered this skill using a set of simple gun training drills he and some other gun- guru's developed.

Here's a quick demo clip to show you…

How To Use A Simple Dry-Fire Training Drill To
Master Rapid Fire Accuracy Like This…

1. Know Your Live-Fire Cadence (First!)

You only need to do this once, but you need to first figure out how quickly you can fire live rounds and get all rounds in your target zone at a specific cadence between shots.

Why's this important?

Because most people start with dry-fire drills first and since they don't have to deal with recoil, they use a trigger pull cadence that's unrealistic, causing them big problems when they try to translate their skills back to live fire.

Start with live-fire and find your current speed.

2. Match Your Dry-Fire Cadence To Your Live-Fire Speed

Once you know what your realistic live-fire cadence for a given level of accuracy, you can match your dry-fire practice to it by using a metronome or watch beeper.

When you practice your dry-fire at the same pace that you are doing live-fire, it will help you smooth your technique FASTER than it would if you were doing live-fire (weird, but absolutely true!).

3. Unleash Your Rapid Learning

At some point in your dry-fire cadence training, you're going to realize that the pace that used to be “pushing it” now seems slow and you're going to feel like turning things up a notch.

That “pull” you feel to go faster is your mastery of that faster cadence wanting to go – go – go.

Let ‘er go!

Set your cadence slightly faster and keep up with it in your dry-fire, but stay in your rhythm – the cadence you use is important for developing live-fire skills when you get back to the range.

How To Shoot 300% Better In Just 21 Days…

Using just that one technique shown above, David was able to win competitions at the live-fire range – and more importantly – feel more confident in defending his family with his handgun.

When he developed this 3-step dry-fire drill, he shot at 15 feet with his Glock 26 and…

… shooting at an 8.5″ x 11″ target, had a cadence of just .17 seconds

… at a 2×3″ target, his cadence is about .3 seconds

… and at a 1″ circle, his cadence is about .6!

Yeah, that's right… a rapid fire 1″ circle… and you can do it too!

Ox developed a set of exercises that guarantees that – no matter whether you're a beginner or an expert – you'll shoot 300% better in just 21 days of using his drills.

I use these exercises myself and they're not only effective… they're a blast to train with!

They're a “must” for every range bag!