You'd have to be living under a rock not to notice that there have been a LOT more natural disasters in recent years.

And every year it just seems to be getting worse… 

… floods in places that used to get 2 inches of rainfall a year… snow in places where there never was snow… “150-year storms” happening every other year.

And Now Weather Scientists Say We're Headed Into The Worst Storms In Our History!

El Nino Disaster Warning

Ok, I'm sure you've heard of the term, “El Nino” before, right?

Without all the technical lingo, an El Nino is an irregular shift in our climate that causes massive flooding… crippling snowfalls… and “super-storms” that literally wipe out entire towns.

This “middle finger from Mother Nature” happens when ocean temperatures increase even a smidgen and throw our atmosphere into an uproar.

And the latest data has scientists buckling their seatbelts…

You see, recent numbers reveal that tropical Pacific water temperatures are SHOCKINGLY hot. 

In fact, in recent weeks, temperatures have averaged over 3 degrees Celcius above normal… for the first time EVER!

Now I suck at “metric math”, but basically that's an enormous shift and scientists are raising the alarm, that…

Over 75% Of The United States Is In Serious Danger This Winter!

El Nino Storms Threaten U.S.

This is serious folks.

These weather patterns are highly unpredictable and could completely devastate areas where people once felt “safe”.

And if you already know the threats you face where you live, then you should anticipate things being much, much worse than you've seen them before.

That doesn't mean you have to be “afraid”… it just means you have to be PREPARED.

Let's face it… no one else around you will be ready, right?

“They” won't see the warning signs you do…

they won't have the gear and supplies they'll need to handle the crisis…

they'll ignore any advice to seek a safer location…

…and I can promise you that there will be deaths from their ignorance!

Look, I don't care if this is “global warming”… or God… or just some weird hiccup in the atmosphere.

The only thing I care about is whether you and those you protect are going to live through it.

Your first priority when where you live is no longer safe, is to have a “Plan B” to get you and your loved ones to safety.

That means recognizing the warning signshaving a plan to escapethe specific survival gear you need to stay alive…and knowing when to “stay” – or “bug out”.

If you've been holding off on getting you and your family prepared for the worst, it's time to stop arguing about what's going to happen and when.

It's happening. It's here. It's time to get ready.