All it takes is the wave of a hand…

All of your personal information and credit card details are no longer just yours – and your next bill statement will look a lot different.

If you don't have one of these, you need to get one for every one of your family members…

Especially since this is prime “hunting season” for electronic pickpockets and…

Here's How To Protect Your Personal Info
From The New¬†“Digital Pickpocket Snipers”


We've made it super easy for them…

The new generation of credit cards contain an RFID chip to make purchasing easier and more “secure”.

The problem is, it's also made it easier than ever for theives who carry a digital reader.

All they have to do is get within a few feet of you and this reader can steal your credit-card information right through your pants or purse.

And with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday crowds, you'll never even know you were violated until your next credit card bill hits your mailbox.

Even worse, with all the spending you're probably doing, you may never even notice the extra charges these thieves placed on it until it's far too late.

So How Can You Protect Yourself From Electronic Pickpocketing?

I've heard of one guy who simply destroyed the RFID chip in his cards by hammering a small nail through it.

You can try that, but my fear would be that if you ever try to use the card, the cashier can notice it as “damaged” and it just looks fishy that the RFID chip has visibly been tampered with, you know?

The easiest way to shield your personal information is to simply keep it contained in an “RFID blocker”.

It's like a “tin-foil hat” for your bank account and you can get them super cheap here…

I highly suggest you pick up multiple ones so every member of your family can have one – NOW – while it's shopping season.

This crime is far more common than you think and right now is your biggest threat.

It's a simple, inexpensive way to avoid the expense and hassle of a stolen identity.

Just get these… and know you're safe and protected.

Have You (Or Someone You Know) Ever Had Your Identity Stolen?

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