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Jeff Anderson, Editor

People throw around the term “extreme” all the time.

Your day to day survival is one thing.

There may come a time, however, when you face an extreme survival situation that requires you to escape at all costs, and THAT is what “extreme” means.

When you are at the mercy of an attacker or a group of attackers, as the victim of a kidnapping, a hijacking, or some other form of hostage-taking, you’ll have to risk your life if you want to get free.

Captured and held by societal predators, you are never more vulnerable and never closer to a violent, painful death or victimization.

Remember that the most important component of all survival, no matter how bad things get, is you.

Here are three things to remember when contemplating your escape from an extreme hijacking situation.

3 Tips To Escape An Extreme Hostage Situation!

Escape And Evasion: Hostage Escape And Hostage Rescue Tactics
Escape And Evasion: Hostage Escape And Hostage Rescue Tactics

Studies of hijacking and hostage situations indicate that there are certain times when your chances of escape are better than others.

That just makes good sense.

Knowing when to break out, and when to bide your time, is the key to successfully escaping a hostage scenario.

Author Sanford Strong, in the book Strong on Defense, emphasizes that the time to resist being taken hostage is at the very beginning when your kidnappers are the least organized and you have chaos and confusion on your side.

You may not always be able to do that, however.

No matter what, though, here are three tips to keep in mind:

1. Never Go To A Second Location!

If at all possible, you must never allow yourself to be taken and moved to a second location, because this location will favor the hostage-taker(s) and your chances of survival and escape decrease dramatically.

The time to explode with all your might, screaming, fighting, biting, gouging, and going berserk in order to save your life and preserve your freedom, is therefore when the hostage takers first try to capture you.

Do whatever you can, to the absolute limits of your physical and emotional strength, to avoid being taken.

The more noise you make, the more resistance you put up, the better the chances the kidnappers will abort and move on to an easier target.

2. When You Do Make Your Move, EXPLODE!

Your captors might be so surprised that you’ve suddenly decided to resist that they’ll freeze with incomprehension or indecision.

You could gain valuable moments this way.

Besides, failing on your second attempt will certainly make them more cautious of your actions and you may be tied up or locked in a trunk, unable to make another escape attempt.

If you do get away, use your environment as you flee.

If there are weapons like chairs or other objects you can throw at your attackers or leave in your path as obstacles, do so.

3. Bide Your Time During Long-Term Confinement

Hostages who’ve been held for a very long time often start to feel they’ll never escape.

Their captors will relax accordingly, and even though the hostages may have multiple chances simply to leave, they don’t because they think they won’t get away with it.

Use this to your advantage.

There have been multiple, documented cases of this — including hostages kept, sometimes for YEARS in bizarre family child-kidnapping cases, in which the victims were often allowed out unsupervised because their captors thought they were psychologically broken.

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Whenever possible, make your captors feel you've lost the will to resist.

When they do relax, take your opportunity and EXPLODE into action.

These are incredibly important tips for avoiding a kidnapping if you can, surviving it if you have to… and escaping it if you can't prevent it in the first place.

Remember them and be prepared to use them.

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