We've been talking about the potential for violence surrounding the planned nationwide protests as a result of the Ferguson, MO grand jury announcement over the police shooting of an unarmed black teen, Michael Brown.

The number of cities (big and small) gearing up to stage protests is climbing every day and could quickly consume even your town if things get out of hand the way they did during the L.A. Rodney King riots.

Even though the protests are “planned” to be peaceful, you and I both know that it doesn't take much for angry protestors to get violent when they feel they've been wronged and ignite a full-blow riot.

And even if you think you live in a “safe area”, you could unexpectedly drive into a protest in progress.

Make no mistake, this is a VERY dangerous scenario – even behind the windows of your car – as you'll see in this video footage…

Urban Evasive Driving Tactics During Social Chaos

Actually, you're a sitting duck when trapped in your vehicle amongst a crowd.

Now most people's reaction would be to step on the gas and speed out of a mob to safety.

But real mob attacks have revealed that this is actually the WORST move you can make when surrounded by lots of people running around.

If you were to hit anyone with your car (especially if you were to seriously injure or kill them)…

Your car will suddenly stop and quickly be covered in rioters…

Your windows will be smashed…

And you and your passengers will be dragged out of the car and beaten to death

I've seen news story after news story about exactly this type of a scenario and it always ends in death for the driver and passengers.

Do you really want to see your family dragged out of your vehicle's smashed windows and beaten?

For this reason, you need to include evasive driving in your survival plan.

Now that DOESN'T mean you have to have a fast car and go to bodyguard school.

In fact, in our Social Chaos Escape & Evasion guide, we cover a lot of simple evasive driving tactics anyone can do to survive this type of scenario.

For example…

Here's The Most Critical Evasive Driving Tactic To
Avoid Getting Swarmed (And Killed) In A Riot…

The most critical thing you must know when driving tactically during a civil breakdown is to never stop moving.

That may sound easy, but the fact is, 99% of people WILL stop once they see people in front or behind them – it's programmed into your brain.

The key is to start out super slow so you don't break someone's legs, but gently increase your speed so they have time to realize that you're not stopping and the next move is theirs.

Now this is going to take a lot of control on your part in order to make sure you still have mobility even if you're surrounded with no escape – and without killing anyone and suffering the wrath of the mob – but it can be done and it may be your only escape.

Just make sure you don't stop or you'll no doubt end up like the 2 men in the video.

Master these escape and evasion tactics now… “gear up” with the items we describe… and know with confidence that you're always prepared for the worst!

What Other Evasive Driving Tactics Should People Know?

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